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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. potkettleblack
    That head strap better do its job then!
  2. Rhamnetin
    Yup, as long as it's a suspension headband with a good adjustment range then weight shouldn't matter too much.
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  3. FloRolf
    i mean, it's gorgeus and probably also sounds pretty but for 4k$/€?
    Nah thanks. I'd rather buy a he1000
  4. bfreedma
    Hopefully it will, though I'm in the minority of people who have a good enough fit with the LCD3 to not notice the weight.
    Either that, or the fact that it weighs quite a bit less than my hockey goalie mask.  Maybe I'm just desensitized after wearing one for so many hours over 3.5 decades....
  5. barid
    So, these look cool and all, but sadly I'm priced out of this headphone market.
    I've thrown more money into this hobby than I ever thought I would and while I've loved it, as some previous poster noted on a page or two back, "this feels like an arms race".  What was really great for me about this niche industry was the variety and affordability comparatively to full range speaker setups.
    I hope these are great and more power to them if the industry can keep selling the increased prices.  Unfortunately I cannot keep up and am priced out of the high end.
    Also to the person saying the price increases will keep coming across the industry....possibly, but I feel like we're reaching a peak now or soon.  I mean aren't some of the main reasons people use hi-fi geared headphone setups in these price ranges because they either don't have room for a full-range speaker setup or can't bother/wake people late-night?  Once you're into these prices I think people just move to speakers...
  6. potkettleblack
    It's the surface area that's an issue for me with the bumps just like everyone else. I hope (for others peoples sake) they make one for all models.
  7. raypin
    mmm.......love the new Audeze 30 day, no risk, no penalty program for their products. That speaks volumes about their confidence level (in the quality and performance of their headphones). Good job, Audeze,  for raising the bar in customer satisfaction.  No need for tours or loaners. I hope this applies to their international customers as well. Kudos!
  8. bfreedma
    Many people have thought we reached the price peak with each successive generation of flagship headphones.  As long as they sell, we haven't gotten there.
    I probably have too many existing lumps on my head to notice [​IMG].  That said, I would buy the new strap for my LCD3 the minute they go on sale - I'm sure it would be an improvement.
  9. Mediahound

    I wonder if we will be able to buy b-stock returned ones?  :)
    I imagine a lot of people may have buyer's remorse in spending that much money and end up returning. 
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  10. barid
    True.  I remember when I saw the price of the HD800 and thought that was ridiculous.  Now its like the "cheap"  flagship option compared to the new contenders.
  11. MrBucket
    No more balanced cable in the box? 
  12. Shembot

    I have some buyer's remorse in that I literally just bought an LCD-3F and now the LCD-4 is out and sounds like it's going to be a vast improvement. Curious to hear from the CanJam attendees just how much better it is than the LCD-3F and all the other flagships.
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  13. potkettleblack
    No. Which is quite pathetic. Audeze should also include their best cables with their flagship at this price.
  14. bfreedma
    Must be trying to keep the cost under $4k.....[​IMG]
    I have a feeling the balanced cable will be included when the LCD4 is actually released.  It looks like they put together the web page without too much review - note that the page, under the button to click to sign up for info says: "Brand new! Coming very, very soon. Sign up for the latest information on these new Audeze microphones."
  15. potkettleblack
    And an Audeze cap, beanie, pencil case, signed tub of wet-look hair gel, the guy that does the wood work for Audeze, the guy that does the wood works entire wardrobe of chequered shirts, a pair of hd800's, a deckard, vegan pads in all colours, headbands in all colours, Jude's reading glasses, tylls best Hawaiian shirt, hifiguy's dog and a few other things
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