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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. Sound Eq
    although i love my lcd2 which i bought for only 700 usd, i will never ever buy into headphones that are above 1k

    4k is a price i would not spend my money on headphones, well it does not mean i wish to own the lcd4 but for that money i can buy much more important things than headphones to play music
  2. aqsw
    As much as I like my LCDs, that is just TOO much money.[​IMG] Stax SR009s are less.
  3. potkettleblack
    One thing Audeze can do and that's musical. The x's and the 3's are the most musical headphones on the market imo, and I'm typing this just travelling back from listening to the he-1000's for 6 hours.

    If Audeze can keep the house sound and make them technically on par with the 1000's or close to the sr009, then I'm sold. Even at that price.

    For those who haven't heard the 1000's - do! Because if thats what a planer magnetic headphone is capable of, then the 4's could be something incredible.
  4. Mediahound
    I noticed (at least from what they list currently on their website), these don't seem to come with a balanced cable? For this price, I wish they would include that like they did with the LCD-3.  I hope I'm wrong though. Their website listing for them looks a bit preliminary right now. 
  5. Rico613
    Yes, don't forget to add $500 - $1,000 for a cable upgrade . . . LOL . . .
    (unless you have one from your LCD3 that will work)
  6. Mediahound

    Indeed, pricey for sure. I'm an Audeze nut so will probably save up for these but it's a hard sell for sure. 
  7. Rico613
    LCD-3 already beats STAX 009's on the mid and low end - properly amped of course.  I'm thinking the LCD4 may beat it on higher frequencies as well.  IMHO of course  . . .[​IMG]
    Fifinder likes this.
  8. jlbrach
    i own the LCD3f and love them,i cant imagine spending twice as much money on a new model....will it be better?perhaps?
  9. potkettleblack
    I think it's safe to say it will be better - its just a case of how much and in what ways.
  10. raypin
    mmm....and that's how it starts. The next chapter in your thought process is: I just bought the LCD 4! oh brother!

    Argo Duck likes this.
  11. raypin
    mmm.....sell your LCDs and buy the new one. This is what Audeze wants you to do. Follow Audeze. You are a drone. You have no choice. You will feel a lot better. LCD 4. Remember that. L.C.D.4. .............lol! Seriously, I have half a mind to sell my LCD X and LCD 3F to get this new Audeze TOTL. Gotta' keep up with the arms race.....lol!
    Uriel41 likes this.
  12. groovyd
    If these weight significantly less then my X/XC then they have a buyer of both.  Assuming this also comes in a closed variant?  Headband looks awesome.  In any case I will certainly be a buyer of a headband upgrade for my X/XC in the meantime.
  13. Mediahound
    They're up on Audeze website now:
    Also see the impressions thread (not that anyone has them yet): http://www.head-fi.org/t/782512/audeze-lcd-4-discussion-impressions
  14. bfreedma
    Early reports are that it weighs around the same as the LCD3, so about the same as the X and slightly less than the XC.  No reports of a closed version.
    The product page is now up BTW
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  15. bfreedma
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