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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. JLoud
    I also have it set at 100% wet. Just seems right. Never really had a complaint before I used the plugin, but definitely prefer it now that I’ve heard it.
  2. Roybenz
    How would you describe the filter? In sound?
  3. snatex
    Here are the adjustments it makes to the frequency response:

    Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 8.47.02 AM.png

    For easy reference, here is the unadjusted frequency response:

    Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 8.52.14 AM.png
  4. marcan
    Never did it for me, my ears tell me it kills the transient...
    0% is the max I can do.
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  5. Roybenz
    Does this mean that the sound gets more natural? Or more "right"?
  6. marcan
    Not really. It makes the fr more even.
  7. Articnoise
    I don’t think they are outstanding. They wanted 350 USD plus shipping back and forth to replace one wood ring on my LCD3. They cover 3 years for the drivers but only 1 year for the rest of the parts.


    Warranty Policy

    Here's a recap of our headphone warranty agreement: We cover 3 years for the drivers and 1 year for the rest of the parts, and this begins from the original date of purchase. Warranty on Mobius is one year for all parts. This is for factory defect only, not wear and tear or cosmetic damage from use. Please note that we consider eartips, earlocks and earhooks to be "consumable items" and offer no warranty on those.

    As long as headphones were originally purchased from an authorized dealer, the warranty is transferable and is valid from the original date of purchase. We just ask for proof of that purchase date by using the original purchase receipt. If no original receipt is available, we use the date of manufacture for the beginning of the warranty period, and warranty coverage is discretionary.

    To obtain warranty service, the headphones must have originally been purchased either directly from us or from an authorized dealer. A list of authorized dealers can be found here: audeze.com/dealers-list

    We reserve the right to deny warranty claims for purchases originally made from anyone NOT on the dealer list, and proof of original purchase is required. Note that we DO NOT allow our dealers to sell on eBay, Audiogon or similar marketplace websites, and we do not provide warranty support for products purchased on such sites, except in the case of products that were originally purchased through an authorized dealer that are accompanied by a valid sales receipt from the original sale by that dealer, or for eBay sales from Worldwide Stereo, who are the only dealer authorized to sell on eBay.

    Not all sellers on Amazon are authorized, but if it says "sold by Audeze Headphones and fulfilled by Amazon" under the seller info, that comes directly from us and is a fully authorized purchase. Keep in mind that we don't currently allow most of our dealers to sell on Amazon, and they still must adhere to our suggested retail pricing policies, so if it seems "too good to be true," it probably is-- proceed with caution.
  8. stickyjon23
  9. mixman
  10. Icenine2
    Right? He's tested it already
  11. sahmen
    This LCD-24 sounds like another new model derived from the 4, like the 4z, the MX4, and the i4... I wonder what it can do that the 4z is not already doing... They also seem to have a new amp for it, The King, although it gets a little confusing, because at the Audeze site, it is claimed that the same King Amp (MK II) was made for the LCD-4... Another strange thing is that the "King Amp" is already listed as an "MK II," although I've personally never heard of the MK 1 version before.

    At any rate, there is some confusion here which would require the clarifying input of @Audeze and @KMann

    Besides, these bad boys certainly need a proper introduction

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2019
  12. mixman
    Now I see and these are now for real. Why would Audeze make such a big deal about the GX yet no mention of these? Hope they cut back on that 1K dip the 4/4z have. I think press is really needed, especially on where these stand in their lineup?
  13. jlbrach
    I have always gone back and forth with the LCD-4 as to whether it requires an external amp with my chord dave and blu 2....the susvara must have the amp and and the abyss tc needs the amp as well...the LCD-4 has always been kind of on the border for me but recently I have been listening to it direct from the dave ad finding the transparency kind of intoxicating..with the amp there is definitely more grunt and all that goes along with it but for whatever reason i am really enjoying it direct at the moment...i happen to like the 4 better than the 4z unless you are using the 4z as a portable HP when traveling etc.....I think the LCD-4 is the most underrated of the very top end of the premier HP's on the market
  14. 801evan
    I'm enjoying perfection with the LCD4 on my Hugo 2. Any quality issues is a reflection of cleaning up the quality of the power and data lines. Hopefully I get to try the Susvara soon to see how it compares.
  15. jlbrach
    I do not think the hugo 2 will drive the lcd-4 to potential....it certainly is usable but if you are going to use the hugo 2 along then the 4z is the better choice IMHO....the dave is capable of driving the lcd-4
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