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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. mixman
    Yes but the problem is good tube amps are costly, and the tubes that go into them are just as costly. Inexpensive tube amps will probably not have the same resolution as their SS counterparts, just a different sound.
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  2. Clive101
    I have been reading this thread for a while now @astrostar59 wetted my appetite so I have demoed the Aries Cerat Genus with the Dave-Mscaler Chord Sarum cables.... with the LCD-4 it is the best I have experienced, the source was an Aurender ASC10 ( I now have a Antipodes CX EX combo IMHO miles better ).
    I can only say you if you try the Genus with a good source you will not be disappointed and listening to music will never be the same, I still have the memory.
    I will be comparing with a Woo WA33 before committing to a final purchase...….

    Anyone one what to meet up at CamJam in London...?
  3. astrostar59
    Clive101, I am going on Sunday. Want to meet up?
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  4. Icenine2
    A few writing about tube amps here. I own a Cavalli Liquid Fire Hybrid amp and it performs excellently with my LCD-2's. There's more power than I've ever needed. I owned a WA-22 and Woould (couldn't resist) skip that amp. My Cavalli out performed Woo in every way. I have an audio buddy who owns the WA 5-LE with every upgrade and $$ tubes and the same Cavalli Liquid Fire. He says the LF outperforms the big Woo. Plus you are into the "Tube Zone". I used Emission Labs 5U4G's and Shuguang's. You guys write about driver failure. Tube failure happens sometimes for no apparent reason so you have to stock extra tubes and if using NOS you are SOL. They are expensive and you can easily go off the deep end on $$ for tubes.
    Check out the HeadAmp GSX mini thread. Mac has one and reviewing now. He states plenty o' power there.
  5. marcan
  6. mixman
    For me a tube amp right now isn’t a must. Good tube amps in general are a big expensive especially when you start tube rolling. I think my next step might be a used ICan Pro, then the GSX mini. Honestly right now nothing I have is that difficult to drive which might make either a Violectric V281 or an TOTL tube amp unnececcary.
  7. VandyMan
    In my home office setup, where I have limited desk space, I use the LCD-4 with the Woo WA6 SE (a less-expensive SET amp). It is a very good combination. In my living room, I have a Woo WA5 LE (300b SET amp) with upgraded tubes and it is even better with the LCD-4. For background music while I work, the WA6 SE + LCD-4 combo is very very enjoyable. For "critical" listening, the WA5 does the trick. (With the stock tubes, the WA5 was a bit disappointing.)
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  8. VandyMan
    Also, the LCD-4 filter in Roon makes at least as big a difference as the amp, IMO. It transforms the LCD-4 from really good to great.
  9. JLoud
    I had a WA6se and currently use a WA5le with upgraded tubes as well. Absolutely love the combination. I use Audivana+ with the Audeze Reveal plug-in. It definitely takes the LCD4 to another level.
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  10. JLoud
    The LCD4 and the Abyss TC are my favorite headphones. Very complimentary.
  11. mixman
    With the TC do you even need the 4 anymore, both headphones have lots of impact, with the TC being less dark.
  12. JLoud
    I really like the midrange of the Audeze. My favorite for rock. Also the bass, while different from the Abyss, is world class. Just depends on the mood I’m in.
  13. jlbrach
    lcd-4 for rock is simply fantastic...
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  14. Roybenz
    Do you use it on wet or dry setting on the plugin?
  15. VandyMan
    I use it set to 100% wet.
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