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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. kyle_martin
    Was just browsing the Audeze website; looks like they have changed the recommended power requirements for their LCD line.

    The LCD-4 carries a recommendation of >500mW instead of the old 1-4W.
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  2. 801evan
    Came across this when I was doing a word search. I have the LCD 3 with the Bakoon HP01 and it's an amazing pairing. Compared to having the LCD3 straight on the Hugo 2, it sounds like a recording where it seems to have a hard time playing back the music. On the Bakoon, the devices seems to disappear and create this realistic performance. Granted, my IC and Audeze cable is 24awg solid silver and Rhodium plugs that can help in the performance.
  3. llcook51
    Like a TOTL car. Do not use low grade fuel.
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  4. wenbinbin2010
    Does anyone still have a working 100-ohm version of the LCD-4? I was just able to acquire a used pair and there's a definite improvement in clarity and instrument compared to my LCD-3, but the 100-ohm driver failure issue concerns me a lot...I've been handling these headphones like a newborn baby. The price was good enough that I figured I could just have Audeze upgrade to the 200-ohm drivers if these ever failed, and still have paid a decent price for a used LCD-4. But I'm curious to see if all 100-ohm drivers have failed, or if some are still alive and kicking.
  5. PointyFox
    The failure still occurs with the 200 Ohm version. Probably not as often though. Never take them on a plane or ship them via air. Mine (200 Ohm) had a driver fail during shipment via air. The buyer then accused me of trying to get rid of a broken pair even though they were still under warranty. Ridiculously expensive headphones such as these shouldn't break so easily.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
  6. wenbinbin2010
    Welp not really sure how mine was shipped, but it wasn't dead on arrival, so I think that's a good sign? Good to know if I ever want to resell, I'll keep to ground services only with copious insurance.
  7. silversurfer616
    How do you think Audeze ships out worldwide...by ship? Has nothing to do with shipping. Had 3 driver failures so far(had 6 different LCDs) and all repairs were shipped back to New Zealand by plane.
  8. Icenine2
    6!? Wow. My first LCD-2 dropped a driver
  9. pippen99
    And I am on my 3rd LCD(2f, X, 4) without a problem one. Go figure!
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  10. wenbinbin2010
    That's what throws me off. People experiencing driver failures are bound to be more vocal than those who have never had any issues. I've also had multiple LCD series headphones over the years without any driver problems. The only time Audeze has made an official announcement regarding driver problems is with the 100-ohm version of the LCD-4 and then offered free upgrades to the 200-ohm version.

    I'm worried that I just have a ticking time bomb as others have suggested in the past about the 100-ohm version, so I'm curious to know if anyone with the "failure-prone" version has bucked the trend, so to say.
  11. johnzz4
    @wenbinbin2010 - I’ve had the LCD2r2, X, and 4 (100 ohm upgraded to 200 ohm) and never had a failure per se. The 4 is on its way to have the right driver checked since it has a rubber band rattle sound on strong bass notes. I doubt yours is a ticking time bomb, but they added felt between the pad and housing to reduce pressure on the diaphragm when switching to the 200 ohm. I think that’s a pretty good indicator that it was at least partially the culprit. If you don’t get the felt, I would suggest putting the phones on and taking them off very slowly to avoid abrupt pressure changes. I would also avoid moving them around a lot or pushing in on the housing once they’re on your head. I recall the LCD4 without the felt creating a very tight seal which will transfer any movements to the diaphragm.
  12. silversurfer616
    Didn't want to sound negative because the Lcd-3 and 4 are my favorite headphones and customer service is outstanding. Two out of my driver failures were under warranty...no questions asked. One was outside of warranty and rather expensive incl.shipping both ways.
    Also, I am to blame for at least one of the faulty drivers and it taught me a lesson. Never leave the headphone connected to the switched off amp with the volume up...and then switch on!
  13. johnzz4
    Which amp cooked them?
  14. silversurfer616
    I think it was a Burson( which I have sold then...as punishment) but I am also careful when swapping headphones during listening, to turn the volume down before I plug any Audeze into the amp.
  15. jlbrach
    every headphone sadly has problems, thankfully audeze is simply head and shoulders better than anyone else in terms of customer service...truly outstanding
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