Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
  1. RCBinTN
    Looks like your cable problem is solved, good deal.
    I was about to recommend Wywires Red for a good cable in your price range.
    I've now gone from Alex' Red to Platinum cables, for both LCD and HD800, but the Red is a great starting point...
    Give Alex a call, y'all, regarding any cabling questions. He will likely answer the phone himself.


    ps. I am not affiliated with Wywires, just a very satisfied customer.
    Feel free to PM me with questions or comments.
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  2. hattrick15
    I'm also a happy customer of a Wywires Red cable and would recommend it as a great entry level cable. It was my first upgrade cable I got for my first pair of headphones (Mr. Speakers Ether C Flow). I still use it with that headphone.
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  3. Roybenz
    Yes. Its the same braided cable.

    I did a-b test with the red heimdall h2 cable. And they are very much the same in sound. So i didnt keep the h2 cable. Its a really good quality cable for sure.
  4. seamon
    Audeze will swap your premium SE cable with a 4 pin XLR Premium cable for free. Just contact them. Both cables will be of the same quality, just different termination
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  5. m17xr2b
    One of my drivers died. So much for hoping for a trouble free experience this time.
  6. hattrick15
    Very troubling. How many months old is your headphone? How many hours per week on average do you use the headphone?
  7. ajreynol
    Cool. I contacted them as well as Wywires to see what my options are. Haven't heard back yet, but this seems like the best option. Then I can just get a xlr to 1/4" adapter for equipment that needs a 1/4" single end.
  8. Articnoise
    Oh no I thought it was sorted now!
  9. m17xr2b
    I had it for about a year maybe a couple hundred hours. I'm not that worried and Audeze always had a fast turnaround.
    I don't want to get anyone worried since I know the 100ohm history, these things happen. In the past 2 years my yggy, abyss and PS P5 failed.
  10. Audio-Phile
    So was this a 100 ohm unit? Important to know - those are expected to fail, would be more shocking if it was the 200 ohm version that most are. I can't think of a single confirmed failure of a 200 ohm LCD4 driver - but I think it's expected that given a long enough timeframe all 100 ohm drivers will fail.
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  11. jlbrach
    my 200ohm version failed 2 days ago...just sent it in for repair
  12. RCBinTN
    How old is your 200-ohm version?
  13. jlbrach
    about 6 months or so...sent it back to audeze 2 days ago
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  14. RCBinTN
    May I inquire as to the cables you're using for your LCD-4?
    I have the Wywires Platinum and well-satisfied with the sound...

  15. Audio-Phile
    Very interesting, hadn't heard a confirmed report of a 200 ohm failure before....were there any warning signs?
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