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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. erik701
    You can simply ask Audeze via contact form via their webpage. Mine question about type of wood was answered within few hours by Chris.
  2. JohnnyCakes
    good advice, guys, thanks.
    one more question.... do you think the Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies (2nd Gen) is a good pairing with the LCD-4?
  3. bigfatpaulie
    I would totally, 100% disregard anything that the person at Audeze said because he is obviously out to lunch.  They sound like a arrogant snob more than someone educated on Audeze's offerings.
    The LCD4 certainly scales very well and to sound its very best it needs very good upstream gear - like any summit-fi headphone.  That doesn't mean it will sound terrible on something more modest.
    It's too bad that they talked out of of buying wonderful sounding headphone.
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  4. theorist
    Re: the Oppo HA-1 not having enough grunt to adequately drive the LCD-4. Did you try driving the 4 in balanced mode which will normally double the power output available?
  5. Hifi59

    From what I understand over many decades, is that its a good thing to have the volume near wide open. This let's the amp realize it's full dynamic range. Full power at say the 11:00 position isn't necessarily a good thing. The amp needs to breathe! I do understand that some amp makers prefer using Audio tapering so that you get the illusion of power with just small increases of the volume control whereas others choose not to use it, thus you may need to really crank that volume knob for max power. I use the water faucet analogy. Turn it on a lit, get a little. Turn it up more and you get more water. The idea being that the water pressure increases until near its max position. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. Eduardo C

    I think the Audeze guy gave you a good advice. My own experience with the LCD-4 is that indeed it benefits greatly from a powerful amp.

    I have the powerful sennheiser hdva600 amp. I used to drive my hd800S without problems with the gain in the second position (factory default). My LCD-4S sound MUCH better with two additional steps up of the gain switch. This is true even if you don't turn up the volume a lot.
  7. Kiats

    After much bellyaching, I've decided to throw in the towel... Peter, thanks for your advice vis-a-vis the LAu. You are absolutely right: the LAu bosses the LCD 4 around. :)
  8. dan.gheorghe
    I've been reading lots of comments from people that are using schiit amps. I will be getting a lot of "love" because of this post, but that's life.

    Schiit amps have specs that from my perspective aren't good enough to be considered high end. The stereotalk on all their amp line, including their flagship amp is <= 80 db (even 68 for lower range products). That is really poor for 2016. If you have a good dac and good headphones/speakers, you should get something that lets them shine. However, the schiit amps could be good intermediary amps.
    Btw, I am really looking forward to hearing the new Aune X7s which has some wonderful specs and could be a giant killer (I have hope for this product because I absolutely love the portable Aune B1 amp and it shows that this company knows what it's doing). 
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  9. samshaver

    Yeah, then I bet induction cooktops drive you crazy too!
  10. jlbrach
    LCD-4 or Utopia?...that is the question...damn,these are both incredibly good and the choice between them is truly impossible....the fact that they are so different makes the choice even more stark...the Utopia is in your face in a good way..forward and incredibly detailed..relatively narrow soundstage but but realistic with wonderful placement of instruments in space....they are very efficient while the LCD-4 requires dramatically more power and powerful capable amplification will be a must....the LCD-4 has a bigger soundstage,better low end bass and has that audeze sound that is so easy to listen to and is not fatiguing....2 4K HP's and both among the very best
  11. Smazz

    Well said, I agree with everything here. What makes the LCD-4s my choice is the relative ease with longer listening sessions. They are just much less fatiguing for me. 
  12. mulder01
    Comparisons like this make me think I will not like Utopia... Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  13. munce31
    I auditioned both at the recent avhifishow here in Melbourne. My ears tell me LCD-4. Out of the Focal's i'd rather have the Elear over the Utopia.
  14. bigfatpaulie
    To me, the Utopia and LCD4 are both really exceptional.  I don't feel one is better or worse: just better or worse for a specific person.  At this level, it is more about preferences than sacrifices.
  15. Eduardo C

    I prefer LCD-4s. They are relaxed, easy to listen to and they make you forget about such things as sound quality and other technicalities. You just get immersed in your music. They are lush and non fatiguin.
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