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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. Torq

    Call sales, not support and explain your position.
    Follow up with an email to the person you speak to outlining the timeline of events so far.  Include an accurate statement that summarizes how long you've been without your headphones since you sent them for repair.  In this email, ask, succinctly, if they believe this is a reasonable/typical period to repair/replace a headphone.
    (If the unit in question is genuinely available for immediate purchase and delivery either from Audeze or from a dealer then there is no good reason for a repair/replacement to take an unusually long time.)
    Additionally, ask for a specific date when you can expect them to ship your repaired/replaced unit.
    Keep emotion out of the email.  Stick to facts.
    And keep a copy of the email - either from via sent-folder or via CC'ing it to yourself.
    If you don't get a resolution in a reasonable period (a day or two for a solid answer, a week to get a shipping notice), contact a lawyer and have them draft a formal letter on the matter (I very much doubt this will be necessary).
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  2. Torq
    I am finding it rather interesting to see how the synergy between my various amps and my LCD-4 and Abyss are playing out.
    The WA5LE/Abyss paring definitely has better synergy, for me, than the WA5LE/LCD-4.  This has been true, regardless of how I've had the WA5LE configured as well (either optimized for each headphone, or just using the same configuration for both).
    With the Ragnarok, while I still generally prefer the Abyss signature, the difference in how much I prefer the Abyss to the LCD-4 is smaller.
    Right now I'm thinking that, as I move these two amps to the homes they're going to reside in, the Abyss will go with the Woo and the LCD-4 will go with the Ragnarok.
  3. Hifi59

    Burson/Audeze is the answer:metal::thumbsup:
  4. yc1204

    I would say LCD4/V281 is another answer~~
  5. Cosmin Stanescu
    I strongly disagree with this :) Im specifically changing my burson to something like master 9 if i go the lcd 4 path. It may have enough juice on paper to drive the lcd 4 but the sound was thin and flat with the lcd 4, with a good amp it goes from a 2d sound to 3d
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  6. yc1204

    The LCD4 are too picky on amps, even more picky than most hardest-to-drive headphones back in the days. Most amps in Canjam SoCal last month does not able to give the LCD4 a proper drive imo. Including DAVE, WA8, Rag etc.(enough volume does not mean proper control on power). And imho LCD4 doesn't like tube amps.

    The Headtrip were the best amp for the LCD4 to my ear. But for that price i would rather let it go and give amps like GSX or V281 a chance.
  7. Torq

    They are lovely answers ... to questions I'm not asking! [​IMG][​IMG]
    I don't want to give the wrong impression - the LCD-4 sounds absolutely fantastic via either the Ragnarok or the WA5LE, and neither of those amps is going away (well, not unless I decided to go for a WA234 or a Viva Egoista at some point).  But the Abyss/WA5LE combination distances itself quite a bit from either amp with the LCD-4.  Way more so than I would have expected.
    Having heard them, it's no surprise to me why Woo/Abyss demo these units together.
  8. yc1204

    Tried the LCD4 with WA5 single end out in Canjam and didn't impressed me tbh... I would like to try the balance out of WA5 soon if i have the chance.
  9. Hifi59

    I had the master 9 and the Burson sitting next to each other at a meet I held a few month ago.
    The owner of the master 9 listened to both as did I. They were both very impressive. We agreed on that. The Burson was the more energetic of the two and had more bass authority. We both agreed on that. The master 9 was slightly less grainy and slightly more 3 dimensional. We both agreed on that. We both agreed the Lcds sounded better on the Burson and the Sennheisers HD-800 (cork modified) on the Master 9. What else can I tell ya? Again, they were side by side!
  10. Hifi59

    From what I've read on the V281, I tend to agree with that.
  11. Torq

    If you didn't like it single-ended then I doubt using the XLR connection is going to help - it's a single-ended amp and the XLR in/outs are just for convenience.
  12. wdh777
    I'm enjoying the lcd4s. But the leather headband is flush with the carbon fiber top. I would have thought there would be a small spacer to make it more comfortable. Has Audeze come up with a fix for this?
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  13. NZtechfreak
    LCD-4 and CMA800R monoblocks sounded pretty stellar when I had the 4s for a weekend.
  14. draytonklammer
    If anyone is in the Bozeman Montana area I'll let you try my Moon Neo and LCD-4.
  15. jlbrach
    great combo the moon neo 430 and the LCD-4...using mine with the Schiit Yiggy and enjoying it immensely
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