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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. potkettleblack
    It's the ebony (sorry to answer for him - I'm waiting in the barbers and I'm bored).
  2. Hifi59

    Thanks, then close up of your new haircut will do I guess:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    potkettleblack likes this.
  3. Hifi59
    I am actually waiting on mine to finish being built. As much as I love the LCD sound, l am second guessing my decision on the LCD-4. For the same price or less, I could find a great used pair of Stax 009/amp combo. Aren't these the holy grail of headphones? Why are we paying 4K for the 4s? Granted, the 4s are more gorgeous to look at, but the 009s are not too shabby looking either. Thoughts?
  4. rgs9200m
    This is a major oversimplification. Do some research in the Stax threads here and elsewhere.
    (Just as an example of the complexity of this issue, I kind of gravitate to the 007 vs. the 009. Some others feel the same, some do not.)
    The LCD4 is an entirely different sonic world.
    (I am not saying better or worse than the Stax world. And of course, none of this is objective truth here at flagship levels. Yin/Yang you know...)
    And I always advise anyone without Stax experience to avoid diving cold into a Stax 009 system. Getting it right can be difficult, although very rewarding eventually, but it can make dealing with an HD800 seem like child's play. Actually, the LCD4 is more tolerant of the upstream path, just don't make that path too bright or too heavy with digital glare.
  5. JaZZ Contributor
    ...and some prefer the sonic characteristics of dynamics or planars or diversity.
  6. potkettleblack
    Completely different sound signatures and will really depend on the music you listen to.
  7. Hifi59
    After almost 3 weeks, my LCD-4s are shipping early next week. The wood vendor has been the hold up.
  8. oleWhiskey
    Not what I was told but I just received my LCD-4's today. First impression. Audio is good and flat using a good amp turned up to 93%. The look is beautiful but there are some scratches on the cups per inspection pulling them out of the case. I got white gloves that came with the headphones as well. I don't get the pads?? They are the same LCD pads however, a closer look how they are connected, It looks like Velcro was connecting them to the Driver. But if you look closer. It looks like they used cloth of some sort?? Not a fan of that. with these being $4k, You would think they would implement some new earned connection instead of the tape.



    So I updated my thoughts on the audio so far above. My wife listened to them and does not like them at all...... She even stated they sound very flat and like she is in a inclosed room listening to them. Thats pretty bad coming from someone that doesn't really know that much about headphones. She Loves the HD800S and even kept saying it after listening to the LCD-4. SO $4000 vs $1600

    I am going to have to try different cables and amps to see plus maybe with the natural burn in of listening. They may change. I don't know though.

    *EDIT 2*

    The scratches seems to be micro fibers that I was able to use air duster to gently blow off.
  9. SupaFuzz
    Hmm, wouldn't like that either.  Can you take some more pics of the wood cups?  I like the wood!
  10. dan.gheorghe
    I must admit that I've heard the 009 briefly, but from what I have heard I wouldn't give up HD800 for them, nor LCD-4. But well, indeed lcd-4 belongs indeed to a different sonic world, which I do prefer. 
    As for LCD-4, full review coming soon. What I can tell you now is that I have trouble in finding cons. They sound stunning. From my initial impressions, these are the best headphones I've tested so far. 
  11. oleWhiskey

    What Amp are you using? That way I can find one to test these on. I am not seeing the difference in mine that I have and a pair of LCD-3. like when you hear the LCD-2 vs the LCD-3 there was a marginal difference int he soundstage. SO far I am considering the LCD-3 over the 4's But it may be way to early to confirm that.
  12. dan.gheorghe
    Dac - MSB Analog Dac with quad usb and custom power source (Volent Audio)
    Amplifier - Audio Gd Master 9
  13. potkettleblack
    Genuinely gutted for you. Is that an actual tear in the material? Can you show the pictures of the scratches as well?

    Love the wood though.
  14. oleWhiskey

    Edited my original post about the scratches which ended up being micro fiber that I was able to blow off with air duster.

    Also that is not a tear, that is actually some type of clothes that is connecting the ear pad to the wood. I'm not sure how they put these pads on the LCD-4's
  15. potkettleblack
    Ah ok cool. Any changes in your opinion of the sound?

    Did you hear them before this and before they revised the diaphragms?
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