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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. mlxx
    I have the original Burson Conductor so I am in the same boat with the same amplifier section as the Soloist. The specs only say 4W at 16 Ohms for the old Conductor/Soloist so it is hard to tell exactly what it is at 200 ohms with only one data point. However, the new V2 Conductor has more specs listed at the bottom of the page here.. http://www.bursonaudio.com/products/conductor-v2/
    It now has double the power at 8W with a bigger transformer and it does about 0.8W at 200 Ohms. Assuming the V2 is otherwise very similar, the old Conductor/Soloist will be half that so 0.4W @ 200 Ohms. Music can have peaks up to 120dB assuming you listen at 90dB. In theory it should work OK, but will have to wait and see how well it sounds in practice.
    @97dB/mW (from digizoid.com)
    Loudness     Power Needed
    110 dB SPL     20 mW
    115 dB SPL     63 mW
    120 dB SPL     200 mW
  2. MisterMoJo
    Hmmmm.  Not to derail the thread, but I wonder if they will come out with a soloist mk 2 or is the conductor v2 it?
  3. RCBinTN
    Personally, I'm still on the fence.  I love the Audeze sound and would like to upgrade mine to the LCD-4.  But, with the launch issues, I'm waiting - for the mod 2 SQ impressions and reliability data.
    My vent, always IMHO:
    The launch of cutting-edge technology like the LCD-4 involves difficult decisions for the company.  The main decision (I have experienced) is always - we have a great new product that we want to launch, and satisfy our demanding customers - but do we have the product reliability data to ensure we can make a consistent product that won't fail in-use.  There is always a trade-off.  Some customers (posters here) have had a terrible experience and may never buy another Audeze product. Other customers are highly satisfied with the new can.
    To me, Audeze's decision to revisit their design and raw material supply means they acknowledge the original design issue. They are committed to the project and are taking steps to make the product more robust.  The 3-year warranty is very important.  People who experienced failures will get new HP's.  The company is standing behind their product, improving the design, and providing relief for folks who had failures.  I'm not really sure what else they should be doing.
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  4. mlxx
    The Conductor v2 is it, the full Conductor with the DAC they are calling it the v2+ now.
    Good descriptions on the side bar here of each one.. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/conductor-v2-usb-soundcard-8watt-head-amp-preamp#/
  5. DoctaCosmos
    Screenshot_2016-02-20-19-31-09.png i tried
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  6. MisterMoJo
    Hi. I have done a thorough review of LCD-4 Audeze in Spanish. I hope you like it.
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  8. SupaFuzz
    @BALANCEATOR, thanks for your review.  I really enjoyed it!  I also read your review of the LCD-X.  So, in the end, it seemed that you prefer the 4 over the X but considering value, between the 2, 4 and X what would you buy?
  9. inventionlws
    I just sold my X and returned by 3F. I am being a little nitpicking, but these 2 models all have a somewhat rough treble nature, which irritates my sensitive ear after several minutes. I enjoyed the bass and midrange very much though. So here is the question, does the treble on LCD 4 sound smoother? Is it brighter than the 3F or darker? It seems currently the treble quantity is pretty inconsistent, based on the impressions and a few available graph.
  10. SupaFuzz
    Have you tried the Ether, though I understand it to be a bit brighter than the 3F.  Another option is the 3C (pre-fazor).
    The price is excessive. But I clearly prefer the LCD-4 vs LCD-X.
    The LCD-4 is a bit brighter. but still they sound smooth.
    The Audeze not bother treble. Place the pads backward. Sound darker.
  13. dan.gheorghe
    I received a review unit a few hours ago. First impressions? I love them. Can't take them off my head. What strikes me the most is the natural sound they are capable of, but also the very holographic soundstage, incredible textures and very good details.  The sound flows into your soul.
    Really excited about these headphones: 
  14. SupaFuzz
    More details please.  Comparisons to X and 3F if possible...
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  15. Hifi59

    I notice that the wood is not cocobolo . Must be the export wood they are forced to use.. Close ups please.
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