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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. goldendarko

    it was a few months ago, around Christmas i think
  2. oleWhiskey

    Ahh okay. I knew they were selling the king $1000 cheaper but not the lcd-4.
  3. DivergeUnify
    ? Link?
  4. oleWhiskey

    I actually spoke with I believe was the Mark Cohen from Audeze when I was asking about the LCD-XC's and 4's and The King and he was the one that said that the LCD-4's now have the impedance of 200 ohms. I have spoke to him twice so far and I'm and for sure he said they have been updated 
  5. oleWhiskey
    I know the site has not been updated with that info either because I was calling to still see if I could get the king amp for the indiegogo price of 2995 since the link is still up on the site
  6. schugh
    I haven't found a buyer for my LCD3Fs for some reason and so I've been comparing my just arrived LCD4s.
    Without getting into much details I am not getting bowled over by the LCD4s at the moment.
    I think I think in my case it will take a few months to understand and appreciate the differences (maybe). Unlike a lot of you here my ears aren't as "trained" or whatever the expression might be.
    Unlike the differences say from my HD800 and PS1000 and the LCD3/4 where the differences are obvious, here the differences are very subtle in most cases to my ears.
    Maybe my expectations were just too high and unrealistic.
    Though I am wondering if my excellent Bryston BHA1 might be holding them back and wanted to ask why the LCD4s seem to be so harder to drive then my LCD3F.
    Now my LCD3F did start as LCD3C and were updated to an LCD3F last year summer after a driver failure. Is there a difference in impedance between an upgraded LCD3F and the 4s.
    Starting at 6 I never really go above 9 with the LCD3F on the Bryston. With the LCD4 depending on the recording, I am anywhere between 11 and 3.
    -- Sanjay 
  7. oleWhiskey
    The depending on when you got your LCD-4's. They updated the ohms to 200

    Plus I was told it was best to have an AMP that had an output of 2-3 watts
  8. RCBinTN
    Thanks, this is news at least to me.  They must have redesigned the drivers.  200 ohms is way different than where the LCD-4 started out...wasn't it around 45 ohms?
    And regarding the BHA-1, with my LCD-X, I never go above about 8:00 on the power dial.  For my HD800 at 300 ohms, never past 9:00.  That amp has plenty of power.
  9. oleWhiskey

    I thought it was 100 but I could be wrong
  10. ArthurPower
    Yes, they were 100ohms. That's what it still says on their site.
  11. oleWhiskey

    Check the Audeze site now. Definitely updated - https://www.audeze.com/products/lcd-collection/lcd-4

  12. mowglycdb
    Then they should also update the sensivity, else, it means the sensivity went down by a half.
  13. MacedonianHero Contributor
    I think you're mixing up impedance with sensitivity. Just (IF) the impedance went up to 200 ohms...that says nothing about sensitivity.
  14. Articnoise
    Most, if not all amps, have more power on tap at 100 ohms vs 200 Ohms. Meaning less headroom on 200 Ohms, if everything else is kept equal. 

  15. RCBinTN
    Yea, I agree the move from 100 to 200 ohms shouldn't affect the SQ, and will probably be a more robust planar driver design.  It may slightly affect which amps work best with the HP's.  
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