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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. Viper2005

    All Audeze has to do, to make the new headband work, is to shorten the leather strap a little bit.
    HiFiMan had the same problem with their headband straps, and they released an updated strap pretty promptly.  Let see if Audeze will do the same.
  2. potkettleblack
    If you truly love them give them one more chance - I'm sure they will bend over backwards trying to help you. Any more failures and I would part ways with the product and the company all together, until they have built up a history of the LCD range being more reliable.
  3. groovyd
    really hoping they fix the suspension issue and introduce it in vegan at the same time so i can upgrade both of my LCD as soon as they come out.
  4. Jalo
    I went to the Venetian Tower at CES with the specific intent to listen to the DAVE/LCD4 combo. I used my AK240ss with various formats from red book to 24/192 as source. I wouldn't called my listening as serious audition as it is in show condition but I did have a good 45 minutes of quiet time with the combo with my own music. The physical construction of the LCD4 strikes me as well built, beautiful, luxurious, and definitely totl level workmanship. I talked to one of the owner of Audeze there about the issue of the leather band touching the top of the carbon fiber band and I was told that the leather band was made in China and somehow either the specification was not exact or off or they did not anticipate that the leather band was stretched and as a result it became loose or longer than originally anticipated. I commented to him that it should be a easy problem to fix. Just cut half and inch of leather off the band and reattached it back. I don't know if it will be fixed in future production.

    The first thing that strike me with that combo is the low noise floor and the music is very clean and I attributed that to the DAVE. I then compare that to the Hugo that I had with me using the same set up and I notice that the Hugo cannot drive the LCD4. Toward the upper end of my listening volume range, the juice started to ran out and the sound started to crack, I did not notice that with the HEK and the Abyss even though all three totl should really be amped sufficiently.

    The LCD4 definitely retained the Audeze house sound. I thought the presentation is very balance throughout the frequency range. Bass is tight but from recollection of my original LCD2 which I don't own anymore, still not as visceral as the original bass. I discussed this with the same person and was told that after the original LCD2 was made, they were not able to get the same membrane anymore. I thought the mid is very intimate and lush. I could definitely enjoy the LCD4 with what it can offer.
  5. NZtechfreak
    The Abyss, at 85dB SPL/mW didn't break up with the Hugo, but the LCD-4 at 100dB SPL/mW did? Something up there.
    potkettleblack likes this.
  6. paulchiu
    I had no issues with SPL using the LCD-3 with the Dave forefather Hugo.  I would think the Dave has a more powerful amp section.  Yes, that part is a mystery.
  7. bigfatpaulie
    I came here because I was considering getting a pair of 4's...  After having to replace my LCD3's 4 times and reading this, forget it.
    Honestly, Audeze, get your act together.  JPS, Hifiman and others all make reliable planars.  At this point, to me, there is no excuse, especially on $2000 and $4000 headphones.  It's a shame, too.
  8. NZtechfreak

    Strange indeed, I've used the LCD-4 with the Mojo (same output power as the Hugo) with no issues and I believe Macedonianhero also used it with one or both of these without issue.
  9. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Actually I was using the AK240SS (in balanced mode)...could play them quite well. I also used my Hugo TT and GS-X Mk2...all were great with the LCD-4s.
  10. jlbrach
    i never had an issue with my hugo or mojo with my LCD-3 when i had it so i would be surprised if the 4's would have any problems
  11. Rico613
    Consider other high-end audio makers who have "issues".  Head-Amp is notorious for missing shipping estimates for the Blue Hawaii SE -- by YEARS.  JAC Music takes forever with customer support on their superb EML tubes.  Another maker of high end amps is seriously lacking in communication skills.   iRiver makes a great portable amp, the AK 240, and then comes out with an amp, AK 380, that sounds no better for $1,000 more.  So far, Audeze has done an excellent job repairing and replacing their headphones, and that works for me.  Maybe it's just another burden we have to bear in pursuit of the best sound out there !   [​IMG] 
  12. sensui123
    That and 1-2 reported failures with no followups from relatively new members with low post #'s might not raise as big a red flag as people make it out to be.  At least I hope not, mine is on order as my final dynamic/planar purchase b4 diving into electrostat.  It'd be nice since Audeze is on the thread to respond to these "failures" in some constructive manner to let people know what's going on.
  13. goldendarko
    I'm not a new member and I've experienced failures. Still a big fan of Audeze though but it's a very dismal feeling when the headphones finally do go out
  14. sensui123

    Talking about lcd4. I have experienced failure on lcd3 and was taken cared off by audeze with extended warranty also.
  15. potkettleblack
    Did you return yours mate?
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