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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. johnzz4
    Just got the shipping notification on the LCD-4 - it will be in tomorrow! Not often I have these glimpses of anticipation that resemble Xmas morning as a kid.. probably because they're so much more expensive now. :rolleyes:
  2. potkettleblack
    Nice. I stalked your profile and noticed that your preferences are electronic and dubstep. Would love some comparisons with your LCD X 's for these genres when you get chance.

  3. johnzz4
    I'll definitely provide some thoughts.  They have to be a decent step up in those genres for the 4s to stay in my possession after the 30-day return window.
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  4. johnzz4
    Has anyone noticed these change at all as they get some hours on them?
  5. johnzz4
    So, I've had the LCD-4s on my head for about an hour now going through primarily EDM on Tidal balanced  through the Audio-dg M11.  First descriptors that come to mind are resolving, best Audeze bass to date, and refined treble.  That said, unfortunately, I'm pretty sure these won't be for me.  The tonal balance compared to the X is completely different.  For LCD-3 lovers, this is a logical, big step up.  For those that have become accustomed to the tonal balance and spaciousness of the X, it's quite possibly too far of a departure.  Audeze really put a fork in the road when they released the X, and I was hoping the LCD-4 would be the convergence of the LCD-3 and the X plus some - instead, this appears to be the 3 on steroids.  I have high hopes for the 4s with genres that the 3 excels at such as jazz, blues, etc. (anything that benefits from that syrupy mid-range), but even if it does prove to be great in those areas, it represents too little of my listening time.  Alas, it seems as though I must wait to see if Audeze releases an X2 or perhaps explore the HE1K to seek out the X's successor.
    A couple other things - I have the ifi iUSB 3.0 in-line to clean up the USB signal and Supra USB interconnects.  Another thing to keep in mind is that these haven't been broken-in at all - though this seems extra controversial when it comes to planars.  Anybody notice the sound change over time?
    Sign me up for one of the headbands though.  I'll update if the impressions change as they get more head time over the coming weeks.  Of course, this is all IMO.
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  6. RCBinTN
    I've heard the new headbands will be available in late January from Audeze.
  7. DWbirdseye
    Hi - could someone whose owns the LCD-4 and who has also owned the more recent LCD 2 and or 3 models confirm that the Carbon Fiber Suspension Headband is more comfortable. Does the carbon fiber suspension piece actually aid in comfort or distribution of weight? Thanks
  8. Viper2005

    It's a little better but still not great.
    I wish they made the leather strap shorter, I can feel the carbon fibre band when I wear it, as the strap stretches and then comes into contact with the center of the carbon fibre band, which creates a pressure point.
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  9. DWbirdseye
    Thanks Viper 2005.
  10. johnzz4
    It's my first day wearing the headband (so it hasn't had much opportunity to stretch), and the heather strap is already in contact with the carbon fiber.  I can definitely imagine a hot spot forming with ANY stretching of the leather band.  Not sure why they wouldn't just make the leather band a half an inch shorter.
  11. Stereolab42
    Well that sucks. What's the point of it then? Guess I will save myself a load of money and keep fidgeting with those eBay straps...
  12. NZtechfreak
    I found the carbon fibre strap decent, on an LCD-2 say I think it'll be noticeably helpful, the 4 though is roughly the same weight as the XC, pretty difficult to significantly ameliorate the effects of that much weight.
  13. Stereolab42
    I find the weight of even the XC just fine provided it's distributed evenly, a hot spot of any kind is unacceptable.
  14. groovyd

    I'm also waiting on the X2 :wink:
  15. rgs9200m
    What an incredible headphone. I was going to say it's all about that bass, because the bass is a real thing of beauty, enough to turn anyone into a basshead. 
    But more so, this phone focuses images into big living breathing lifesize objects in the right proportion, each in its own space with air and placement-feel around it.
    And all I can do is focus and concentrate on the intensity of all. 
    Overall, it's just a beautifully compelling sound with fleshed out musical elements that are each nicely 3 dimensional with no raspiness or dryness at all. And there is none of that sort of jazzy sound that some headphones (and speakers) have that sounds unnatural and thin to me. And it's a big sound in a big space.
    But this phone is not for the extremely faint-hearted who crave a totally dark sound. It will shout if there is a lot of digital glare. You may say You're gonna need a bigger DAC, as the saying goes.
    But this problem is not frequent, even with old recordings.
    So don't let that deter you, because when everything lines up, which it usually does, there is sweetness, detail, smoothness, impact, liquidity, and that profound wonderful bass. 
    And those images, like big organic colorful balloons that are so tangible I feel like I can hug them.
    After listening to a favorite song, it's like a memorable experience.
    It's just amazing, way ahead of the other LCDs I have owned (2 and 3).
    Chain for me: Windows PC --> Tidal  --> Chord Hugo --> Rudistor RP010B --> Balanced LCD4.
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