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Audeze LCD-4

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by matias, Sep 28, 2015.
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  1. potkettleblack
    How much?
  2. NZtechfreak

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  3. Focker

    Nice...im really excited about these...and also love hearing from other Maggie lovers on head-fi!
  4. bmichels
    I wish the LCD-4 was not so heavy. I listened to it and liked it's sound, but boy...i felt it was so unconfortable (personal taste)
    Indeed, I sold my LCD-X just because it was too heavy and therefore uncomfortable (to me), and now the 4 is...heavier :frowning2:
  5. Rhamnetin
    You may have to switch brands, which is a shame since Audeze headphones have a unique sound that you can't get elsewhere.
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  6. bmichels
  7. moopster
    This is so specific, I just had to give it a listen on my LCD-4. On Linkin Park's Living Things Burn it Down track, the section you describe, I hear softly in the background the sound of a small cymbal, a bit like the sound of a shaken tambourine, up relatively high and to the left.
  8. obsidyen

    I can hear that sound even with Oppo PM-3...
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  9. Hi-Phi
    What's the quoted weight? 
  10. mochaultimate
    I hate to say this, but that's exactly the reason why I sold my LCD-XC. I dearly wish these headphones were not so uncomfortably heavy..
  11. NZtechfreak

    Why hate to say that? Valid criticism.
  12. groovyd
    Once I have my neck surgery (bonding c5-6) next saturday (and after the year of recovery) here's to hoping I no longer have weight issues with the LCD-X/XC...
  13. mikemercer
    I wanted to respond in this thread, thinking it maybe appropriate, to a bunch of messages I've received (emails, PMS, recently a comment on Instagram) about my remarks re: the LCD-4 I heard at CanJam at RMAF. I posted a few thoughts in the CanJam Thread here on Head-Fi...
    Now - after YEARS of hard-core Audeze evangelism, because I've genuinely loved their headphones, after all - the LCD-3 (OG version) pretty much single-handily turned me into a personal audio phreak and die-hard HeadFier - I published a couple of sentences expressing my skepticism about the LCD-4 I heard at CanJam at RMAF. Now, never mind the fact that I peppered that with something like "but I'm very eager to spend more time with it." And I spoke about it's potential - I can't even get my hands on one for review.
    I wasn't taking this personally, and maybe I shouldn't - but I keep getting pinged about it, and when I look at my reference stack of cans and see all my Audeze LCD-series sitting there, I wonder: Could they be that petty - to keep it back from me because of my stated skepticism? Shankar and I spoke about the 4 at CanJam at RMAF - and, from my lips to Gods ears - I didn't think they were going to start shipping the thing right away!
    We spoke about the tonal balance being off, and I also told him I thought they could squeeze a helluva lot more performance out of a thinner diaphragm+greater magnetic force! And at 4 Grand?!?! But I heard one last weekend that BLEW MY MIND. That also saddened me, believe it or not, as I've been an Audeze Devotee, and a proud one (even risking my journalistic integrity in audio - because I genuinely loved every Audeze headphone - and so people thought me a shill, but I was glad to share my enthusiasm for Audeze) and here is their ultimate statement, and I can't listen to it and write about the experience. The excuses are unfortunate. I've heard about the LCD-4 failures, but from this thread it seems there are units out there making great sound too. I'm also unhappy, to say the least, about their seeming lack-of-responsiveness here on Head-Fi lately!!
    I'm so freakin' sorry to those of you who are wondering why I haven't followed up on my LCD-4 impressions!!!! I met a couple Head-Fiers at the Questyle Event hear in LA weeks ago that asked me about it - and Mark Cohen from Audeze was there!!!!  So was an LCD-4, but again I wasn't impressed with that unit, not comparatively, to all my existing LCD-series headphones at at $4,000! But the one I heard last Saturday (unfortunately not on a system I knew) peaked my interest. I was psyched to read some positive comments from LCD-4 owners here, and how much Jude likes it in the Buyers Guide. I'm hoping to get an LCD-4 for review, but until then - CANT do Impressions on something I don't have!! But it looks like people buying it are happy.
    I'm also a Maggie-Lover BTW (sold mine, but will own them again) for the Head-Fier on here that said he enjoyed hearing from other Maggie lovers about Audeze. That's part of the reason I fell in love with their planar cans: They felt like I was listening to my Maggies anywhere I went...
    So in the meantime it's nice to hear from people that have it!
    I'm still LOVIN my LCD-2F! And the rest - but gotta admit I'm really curious if the LCD-4 will force me to sell things to get one!!
  14. potkettleblack
  15. Jones Bob
    No surprise.
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