Audeze LCD-3 like new

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by EDWARIS, Aug 9, 2018.
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    Going to sell my LCD-3. They are at almost perfect condition, like the new one. But there isn't the travel box and the original cable. if you wish I can sell you some aftermarket cable additionally. I would prefer to sell them in CONUS. Price is 1250 USD plus paypal and shipping.
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    can sell for 1150.
  3. Armament
    It's going to be a hard sell without pictures.
    the problem is I never seen this exactly LCD-3. I bought a new LCD-3 this winter at Adorama, then took it in US when I visit Boston for the AFC final game, then bring it home to Moscow - and after month or so one of the ring was broken. I sent it back to US to Audeze for repair, they changed the ring and sent it back to me - but those headphones were lost somewhere in Belgium during this way and I never get it back. So Audeze offered me to sent a new headphones (demo version) and I asked them to sent it to my address in US. But I won't be there till December and decided to sell them there right now. So I can't show pictures of exactly this headphones, only messages from Audeze that they send me a new one. Can sell it for 1100 USD.

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