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Audeze LCD-3 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Jan 2, 2012.
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  1. Tyll Hertsens Contributor
    Sort of, it makes them more useful with tube amps that have higher output impedance. My review is up on InnerFidelity...I talk about it there.

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  2. mowglycdb
    I can notice a bit of loss of bass in the LCD-3 though what's gained in the imaging, soundstage and mids is a good trade ( I fazored my LCD-3 ) and the air in the highs, which I hardly noticed before the upgrade.
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  3. gavtorn
    thanks for the feedback :)  Are you still happy with the bass performance?
  4. mowglycdb
    Yes I am, the bass is tighter, feels like it has better quality though the amount is about 80% (sub-bass) of what it was before. It's still good with bass heavy music.
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  5. gavtorn
    Thanks very much for sharing your impressions!
  6. Chikolad
    This is the link to the article Tyll mentioned (I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules here!).
    Being from 02/2014, my LCD-3s have the fazors installed (judging by what I could feel through the inner cloth) but I'm not sure about the 110 ohm impedance. Is there a way to know what the output impedance is?
  7. Argo Duck
    ^ Borrow a multi-meter. Set the (DC) resistance scale. Measure the + and - of either or both cups (separately). You will get a reading in ohms. It should be close to 110 for each cup.
  8. Chikolad
  9. XVampireX
    Do share with us whether yours has fazors :D
  10. Chikolad
    The fazors are there, you can see and feel them inside the cup. I was just wondering about the impedance :)
  11. Androb
    I'm interested in a comparison vs the sound. Would be fun to turn in my Lcd-3 if it's an improvement!
  12. Chikolad
    One thing I don't like in the comparisons is the reduction in sub-bass. Makes me wonder what my pair would sound like with a couple more dBs under 50hz :)
    BTW there is a difference between Tyll's measurements and the FR graph supplied by Audeze in that in Tyll's graphs it looks like there's a roll-off in the bass, and in Audeze's graphs there's a reduction under 40hz but it looks like it stays flat from there under. But Audeze's graphs don't show what happens under 20hz.
  13. BeyerMonster
    Entirely possible the equipment used to measure this isn't flat below 20Hz. If you're truly interested in this kind of thing, you should probably do some research on how the measurements are made.
    IMO, best way to test this is just listen to the cans.
  14. Mediahound
    I don't think I will go for fazor. My LCD-3 (without fazor) seem just about right in terms of bass and I wouldn't want it any less. 
  15. citraian
    Same here. I have my HD 800s for clarity. The LCDs for me are just about sweetness and lushness :)
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