Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. pridetwo
    Thanks! I've been a lurker for a while, but am happy to share this setup with a deeper review of the sound once I get more listening time in. Definitely my favorite way to listen to music so far, the sound is just a ton of fun.

    One day I'll dig my Kingsound KS-H3/M-20 setup out of my parent's house and do some posting about it. Had a hum issue that I think was related to the ground getting some feedback, and was playing through a terrible ION record player. Now I can hook up the mojo to my phone instead and just use airplane mode, then remember to use a better surge protector. OK now I'm excited about that one again.
  2. anoxy
    Interesting you say this, because after applying your EQ settings, I feel like they are even darker, heavier, and fluffy. Did you do that on purpose? You like that signature?

    EDIT: But I must say, you did a good job with this EQ. It makes these so much more smooth and easy to listen to.
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  3. DiabeticWalrus

    May I ask what equalizer software you are using so I may try those settings as well? Sorry if you mentioned it already. Thanks.
  4. SaddleSC
    Well...just checked the Audeze site and the LCD2C is listed as "Out of Stock"

    I noticed that the price had remained at $599 through New Years and was still available at that price last night (1/2). I am guessing that they will be out of stock for a while and then reappear at the MSRP of $799. It will be interesting to see the pricing when the come back in stock. I am really glad I pulled the trigger when I did, because these LCDs are fantastic. I am tempted to sell my LCD3 because the Classics are so comfortable and so musical...just plain fun to listen to.
  5. X-Frame
    I received my LCD-2C’s last night and am coming from my HE-400i’s that I’ve had for a few years — and I knew instantly they were a noticeable upgrade.

    I am running mine through the Modi 2U / Magni 2U which I hear some consider an amp slightly on the bright side so for me personally it seems to make the 2C’s sound glorious. With the 400i’s already having some treble spikes that forced me to take them off for a break often, I don’t sense anything fatiguing or discomforting for the metal / synthwave music I often listen to with the 2C’s — yet don’t feel like I am missing out on any of the clarity I enjoyed with the 400i’s.

    The comfort is also excellent although I never had any issue with the 400i’s. The clamping force on the 2C’s is more noticeable so I’ll have to get used to that or play with the headband sizing a bit more, but the benefit is the suction creates a nice seal to my ears.

    Overall just 45 minutes listening to them last night I am very impressed all around.

    Regarding the cable that came with these .. there isn’t a way to plug these into a 3.5mm source. Anyone recommend a quality adapter I can get that isn’t a rip off?
  6. MonoOno
    Not sure what has happened but suddenly one side of my 2C has seemingly given out. It is not completely dead but severely lower and muffled compared to the other side. And it just came out of nowhere. Switched cable sides and still it persists so I ruled out it being a cable issue. Ugh, and was just getting to like like things.
  7. DiabeticWalrus
    As far as I know, you'd be the first to report an issue as far as sound is concerned. Sorry to hear about this...
  8. MonoOno
    Yeah, I was hoping it was cable issue but it appears to be the jack as if pull out out the connection a bit the sounds get better. It is also ridiculously cold at the moment in my place so I wonder if that could be a factor.
  9. TokenGesture
    These are actually pretty resolving, not in your face resolving, I mean you have to listen, but the detail is there if you do.
  10. EricDH
    Out of Stock, but you can pre-order, I suppose at the same price, as it is still shown at $599.
  11. Luckbad
    I'm attempting to smooth out the peaks. The place it gets a little darker is at a peak. Most people won't want the extra bass. That's just egregious basshead EQ on my part.

    I think that was Waves F6. Any parametric equalizer should be able to use the settings I provided.
  12. weta
    I’ve been following this thread as I have some LCD2C on order which have been sitting at NZ customs over the break waiting for them to charge me 15% GST, and I’m starting to get cranky! I’ve got what I hope will be a good system, Bifrost plus Lyr 2, I’ve been trying out some NOS vintage Mullard 6DJ8 I think they are, and it sounds amazing with my HD600, can’t even imagine how it could be better than this but am prepared to be wowed
  13. tuby sound
    Would like to know how is the isolation? When you have them on, what kind of noise can you hear from outside?
    Also, how loud is the leaking sound?

    I have 2 babies at home and would like to hear them when they cry but not wake them up with sound leaking too loud lol

  14. jksoon
    Those Mullard 6DJ8 are sweet sounding. It's gonna be hard to find a better sounding tube. Good choice.
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  15. gLer
    Headphones when they’re sleeping are probably not a good idea then :wink:
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