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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. gLer
    My suspicious mind reckons he found a critical design flaw that’s forced Audeze to quietly halt shipments and fix all their current units before sending them out - and before he publishes his review.

    Or I’m just being paranoid.

    Either way we’ll soon enough.
  2. LaCuffia
    Not holding my breath - more likely there will be no shipping updates today.

    So do you speculate that Audeze told him to hold off on the review? I am not even sure Tyll even has a pair. Maybe they delayed the shipment to him.
  3. LaCuffia
    Hard to believe a critical design flaw would slip though the engineering team and only Tyll would have spotted it. I know he's like a headphone guru but that's a bit much.
  4. Nathanl
    He does have a pair he mentioned in it the ARH1 review when talking about bass.
  5. meringo
    Yeah, I don't really mind if it's another month, but I wish they were a little more transparent. Don't announce within the week and then stay silent the whole time.

    Now I've got this new Massdrop + Focal colab that was just teased on my mind. Hopefully Audeze ships the 2Cs before that drop hahahaha
  6. Nathanl
    Received notice from fedex that the shipping process has been initiated, I paid for overnight and will be getting them monday :frowning2: oh wellll
    wazzupi likes this.
  7. gearofwar
    By any chances, have you owned Elear before? I did and sold it few weeks after.
  8. LaCuffia
    Just got my FedEx notice too for Monday delivery.
  9. meringo
    Not owned, but I auditioned them at a store once and walked away pretty impressed. If they could make that headphone a bit more affordable, it would be an even bigger hit than it already was.
  10. Taylor Smith
    I'm guessing the expedited shipping orders will go this weekend and free ground US shipping next week.
  11. King CATalyst
    Can anyone compare lcd2 pre razor to aeon flow open? I have a pair of afo and was curious if lcd2c would be a good side grade or just to similar to own both.
  12. wazzupi
    Why would they update my shipping to awaiting to be shipped on monday and not ship it soon.
  13. Nathanl
    because they purchase/print their labels at the warehouse and get them ready for pickup by fedex.... it simply creates the shipping info &notice
  14. wazzupi
    i'm responding to the guys talking about delays/month waits.
  15. Taylor Smith
    Mine has said 'waiting to ship' since November 16th, so it's just how they process the labels/ order in their system. Even if there was a delay for some manufacturing issue, the invoice would still show the previous update. But now we know people's overnight orders are starting to ship
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