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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. Nautrachkfriend
    Interesting...I was hoping that they would come with leather, (as it said before) but if it comes with leather-free earpads I also wouldn't be too dissatisfied.

    I guess we'll see when people start getting a hold of the LCD-2C's. - If they could get them out tomorrow I would have my pair Friday (overnight shipping) to confirm which earpads they sport..
  2. boostergold90
    Curious about the case as well, as I thought Audeze's site plainly said no travel case included.
  3. LaCuffia
    Not even an adapater, geez. So the pads are not the same as the current LCD-2. I don’t care much if it’s real leather as long as they are comfortable but it sucks that they clarify these things after taking preorders. I knew it didn’t come with the travel case.
    anoxy likes this.
  4. mtmercer
    Does anyone know the size of the LCD2 pre-fazor soundstage? Also how did the LCD2 pre-fazor compare to the LCD2 w/ fazor in general and soundstage specifically?
  5. anoxy
    bout 2.5 meters Kappa
  6. Nathanl
    You think they would have shipped the damn things by now. I ask when they said direct orders late this week and the rest next week.
  7. Alchemist007
    They are protein earpads. No idea how that feels/sounds myself.
  8. Zoom25
    Protein? Is that something new? The one on the website looks like leather. Is that actually the protein?
  9. LaCuffia
    Protein leather - usually more durable and easier to care for...I guess it’s entirely new for their headphone line. No idea how it will feel or how it impacts sound. Probably a negligible difference with original pads.
  10. Zoom25
    Protein leather....leather free...I don't compute.

    Will the protein be made from isolate or concentrate?
    anoxy and meringo like this.
  11. blargman
    Protein Leather is synthetic leather made with a special type of resin as well as egg shell protein.
  12. gearofwar
    Wondering if anyone here has a comparison between this and Aeon Flow open. Thanks in advance
  13. BB 808
  14. LaCuffia
    Nobody has them yet so can’t make comparisons but the Aeon open would be a direct competitor.
  15. gearofwar
    I was hoping that someone who's gone to the last canjam could shed some lights on this
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