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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. Liu Junyuan
    LCD 2C remains an awesome headphone...
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  2. Lohb
    I really liked it over 2CB...2CB kind of raised on both ends, but 2CB came across as less laid-back.

    I guess many would like a 3C as well in the same format.
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  3. Tchoupitoulas
    I don't see the LCD2 Classic for sale online through retailers, only from Audeze itself. For those of you in the US, where are you buying these? I'd like to give them a test drive, and I'd prefer to purchase them from a local dealer (if the test drive goes well).
  4. phthora
    They go out of stock occasionally on Amazon. They'll be back. I'd recommend waiting a few weeks to see if you can catch a Black Friday deal on them. In past years, Audeze has at least offered B-stock units at discounted prices and sometimes great deals on new gear too. Your patience might save you a couple hundred bucks. Worth a shot.
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  5. Tchoupitoulas
    Thank you, I really appreciate the reply. You were reading my mind! I was thinking about doing some Black Friday sleuthing for these and was a bit disappointed to see so few dealers having them for sale online.

    To judge from the listings on devbrada classifieds, relatively few used LCD 2 Classics go up for sale. I wonder if this means there are many happy owners, or if they scratch an itch very well and people don't feel the need to replace or upgrade them all that often?
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  6. phthora
    Honestly, I'm not sure what their upgrade path would be. I've never heard another planar that has the impact of the 2C, and I've certainly never heard a dynamic that has the bass linearity, extension, and texture of the 2C. That uniqueness combined with the fact that they live up to their (somewhat understated) hype probably makes it difficult to want to sell them. Can't imagine many people were disappointed or feeling misled upon hearing them for the first time. People have sold them, of course, and you can find used for $550 to $600 pretty regularly. They just get sold very quickly.

    Give the deals thread a sub, and whatever Audeze deals pop up, you won't miss them:
  7. KenMan85
    finally installed the fazors . Treble came to life. very happy. No loss at ALL in the bass. a much more full and rounded sound. Very pleased. Surprised something so simple could make a notable changes as such.
  8. RenEh
    Did you follow a guide, and if so can you please share the link? With a 3D printed fazor, would they sound the same as a real LCD2?
  9. KenMan85
    their is a link in the thread for a .OBJ file for 3d printers.


    The under the grill fazors can use the existing nuts/screws.

    Under the cups. Audeze didn't include any screws. so i used sticky tack / UHU adhesive.

    It was fairly simple. Headphone sounds much closer to the 2f. Much more rounded sound. Less dips in treble. The bass is still the 2c bass. I find it a nice hybrid sound.
  10. RenEh
    Thank you!
  11. Carlsan
  12. KenMan85
    those are my fazors. from the link i posted earlier. printed cost me 3 dollars CAD . or about 2 dollars USD

    *Edit, you need FOUR , 2 for inside cups, 2 for outside. not sure what this ebay seller is selling but i'd pass.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
  13. RenEh
    Any recommendations on where to get them printed in Canada?
  14. KenMan85
    well I know I got mine done for 3 dollars at My Local "edmonton public library"

    however i am sure if you google local 3d printing you'll get something too.
  15. RenEh
    I’ll try the library, thank you!
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