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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. KenMan85
    I'd love if they did a cheap entry level closed planar.
  2. metal571
    I've encountered a ton of feedback from the community today asking for a passive closed LCD1 so I've passed that on to them. Hopefully that happens, because that would be a mainstream-grade headphone that anybody who isn't even into this hobby could be looking at. Most people on earth have no idea an open back headphone is even a thing, lol
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  3. KenMan85
    You sir are not wrong. Every time I demo my LCD-2C or my hd 6XX. People are confused as to why they "can see the speaker" lol.
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  4. BubbaJay
    I had a chance to demo an LCD-2 with the fazor array and I have to say I like the way the 2C sounds more. Yes, the fazor does make it sound a bit smoother and cleaner overall but I like the darker deeper feel of the 2C a little more. They sound the same as far as detail retrieval and soundstage to me and I like the bass response of the 2C more. I almost went ahead and payed the extra $200 for the LCD-2 before I got the 2C but now I know I made the right choice. I can see why other people would like the regular LCD-2 more but for me the 2C is the better option.
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  5. metal571
    Yeah I compared them side by side and they are super similar, but ended up going with a 2018 fazored model in the end due to the advantages it has in terms of smoothness in the midrange and treble. Other than that they really are pretty much the same.
  6. betula
    I agree, I also prefer the 2C to the 2F. Yes, the 2F is smoother and a bit more balanced, but the 2C has a bit bigger bass which I just love. Overall the two are very close.
  7. phthora
    Interesting. I found dynamics and impact of the 2C better than the 2F, where the 2F had a more neutral and detailed sound. To me, there was enough difference to consider owning a pair, despite having the X and 2F already. Do others find them close enough in sound to be redundant?
  8. jambaj0e
    While I probably wouldn't upgrade from my 2C to a 2F or even LCD-X, I wonder if the LCD-3 is a big enough jump for the luscious smooth sound that I'd take as the Audeze house sound
  9. metal571
    It is, but I'd still buy a 2018 or later one used instead of new
  10. betula
    I love Audeze sound, but the LCD3 just didn't do it for me. Something strange is going on there. I immediately disliked it. While I really like the LCD2C, LCD2, X, LCD4...
  11. xRaptorxPunisher
    Audeze phones sound very different and small updates happen a lot.

    2010-2011 - Very dark, lush, syrupy sound with great bass body and extension. The sound is wonderfully addictive.

    2012-2013 - More treble energy, slightly leaner, not as lush and addictive but the trade off is a headphone with a lighter more quicker sound.

    2014 - worst Audeze I've heard, bass roll off and weird timbre.

    Late 2015 -2016 - I had three units one metal one and 2 Shedua woods. The two Sheduas had different sounds but both had a weird compressed sound, cloudy and vocals sounded really thin and lifeless. Bass was limp but had good extension. The treble on the first Shedua wood had a weird peak while the other was fairly smooth in the treble. The Allu LCD-2F 2016 sounded like the Shedua without the treble peak.

    2019 bamboo - similar to the Shedua(without peak) the mids are weird vocals lack body the timbre is very plastic, similar to the original K701. The bass is more similar to the LCD-2C.

    LCD-2 Classic - to me sounds different to any other of the LCD-2s it isn't lush and romantic and is a more grainy unrefined Audeze but it's very dynamic, quick sounding with great bass impact. It has slightly more body than the fazor variant but is less refined in some areas.

    I wish Audeze would go back to the 2010-2011 type of sound personally and called the LCD-2C the LCD-X2 or something like that because it sounds better than any X variant I've heard and pit on the work to bring back that true classic sound.
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  12. Davesrose
    This seems strange to me, as I've always found an iteration of the Audeze headphone to have strong linear bass onto sub-bass. I've never been a fan of the AKG house sound, as I find them thin sounding (preferring Sennheiser instead...which compared to Audeze are still more focused in mids). I have a 2018 LCD-2f (with bamboo wood). To me it's a good everyday headphone: it does have some more transparency for vocals and acoustic guitars, and I do find it does reach down to low notes for kick drums and other low bass notes. At work, I use my LCD2 CB...which are also non-fazor, but find they are well controlled. They are more recessed in the upper mids, and I can understand why people then say such headphones are more lush. Yet, since the LCD2fs can meet the same sub-bass, I don't find them wanting. For my situation, I find the LCD2 CB to be a good option for work (where I need isolation), and when it comes to open options, I prefer the fazor driver (which doesn't reduce bass, but enhances upper mids).
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  13. KenMan85
    It's startling how many people prefer the 2C sound over the X.
  14. xRaptorxPunisher
    In 2014 when the Fazor models were first introduced they had a sub bass roll off. I've no ideal why. In late 2015(people called these the 2016 drivers) the sub nass was bought back to being linear down to 20hz.
  15. omniweltall
    You know your Audezes very well, mate.
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