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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. Zoom25
    I know. I've been waiting for that JBL boomerang picture to change.

    He posted on the third most recent article (last Friday) that he'd have it up by next Friday. It's already been next Friday. Unless, he meant this coming Friday. As you can see, I've put some thought into it.

    No pressure, Tyll.
  2. LaCuffia
    From reading his old review of the LCD-2 it seems he loved them back then so the review should be positive - the Acoustic Research got a decent review and he thought the Classic was “significantly superior.”
  3. Venture Guy
    Well, I am hoping that it is an LCD-2 with the updated diaphragm... the warm sound with more detail across the board and a touch more on the high side.
  4. ToroFiestaSol
    I want an unicorn LCD-2 but is impossible to find due to the massive unit to unit variation of the Pre Fazor Audezes (that's the reason of the "unicorn" name).
    If the new one is close to the unicorns, I'll buy one ASAP, something like that has been on my "want one even if I have to wrestle a whale" list for years.
  5. LaCuffia
    I believe it is the updated diaphragm but just without the Fazors. I never heard the older LCD-2 but this version might not be an exact replicate in terms of sound. Perhaps better, who knows...
  6. gLer
    You mean like my 2016 LCD-2F? :wink:
  7. Standardsixty3
    I've been in the market for used LCD-2's for months now. This is making an intriguing option to get something new with Max warranty at pretty much the same price.
  8. knopi
    I do not know guys :upside_down: I had in past this beauty LCD2rev1 one of the first versions. I loved them but the sound was really too much dark, was not easy to find good synergy for it. So why someone would want as that warm headphone, I think present versions would have better overall tuning, actually would be sad if not. But just my opinion. 8196382_l.jpg
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2017
  9. Standardsixty3
    So your vote would go toward trying out the Classics for a more refined tune? I'm torn here, lol.
  10. knopi
    No classic is classic people evidently call for it :grinning: but many people here say "what if it will not be the same as previous becouse of newer driver....", I think if it will be (a little) less warm it will be sure better.
  11. Standardsixty3
    Ah gotcha. I was leaning that way myself. It's hard to turn down the brand new option on anything :)
  12. LaCuffia
    My guess is that it won't sound the same as the original LCD-2, as the implementation of new technology and design, even without the Fazor system, will result in a slightly different (and perhaps better) tuning.

    Any idea of when this will ship? Mid-December is this Friday. I
  13. Standardsixty3
    So maybe this will bring a little of the best of both worlds in terms of warmth and clarity? That would be pretty compelling.
    knopi likes this.
  14. Taylor Smith
    I tried asking for the same thing over the weekend. They responded they won't ship with a requested balanced cable anymore due to the the recent cable upgrades made to the LCD line. I'm not sure if you had a different response, but there reasoning was that their data showed only a small fraction of their userbase uses balanced, and their upgraded cables increase the durability, performance , and reliability. So anyone take that as they will.
  15. boostergold90
    "This week", according to their Twitter.

    Of course, I went with ground shipping, so I'll be a few days behind everyone else. Because, you know, $600 for headphones is fine, but that extra $15 for shipping is just robbery. :beyersmile:
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