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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. LaCuffia
    Does anybody know whether the pads are leather and similar to the current LCD-2. I don’t if the lower price takes into account other things beside the non-wooden rings and different headband.
  2. I g o r
    They’re the usual leather.
  3. LaCuffia
    I am trying out the LCD-2F now and it sounds awesome. The bass is superb, one of the best I’ve heard. So is the consensus that the Classic is a bit more powerful in the bass and a little less transparent? A lot of people have said how the LCD-2 is a bit dark sounding but I don’t find that at all.
  4. I g o r
    The Classic, if it’s really like the old pre Fazor LCD-2, should have less pronounced highs, especially in the 8-10khz area, the peak is lower. This gives the impression of more bass, but the bass quantity is actually flat, the same as the Fazor edition.

    Transparency should be the same (a lot of people mistake transparency for quantity of highs).

    But since it has less highs, the image is not as good. The Fazor improves the 300Hz square wave, that has a less pronounced second bump. It gives the ear clear edges to get timing information for acoustic localization.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2017
  5. weta
    Mine haven’t shipped yet but I don’t mind because I have a Lyr and Bifrost coming and I’m dying to see how much different they sound with my HD600 compared to the Fulla I have now.
  6. ShamuellJackson

    I saw a shop on Etsy named AmplifierSurgery that had 4ft cord for $75 so ordered those to try them out.
  7. Zoom25
    Just ask Audeze to ship it with a balanced cable rather than the stock 1/4...
  8. ShamuellJackson
    Will they actually do that?
  9. RollTide09
    Just purchased these. Can anyone recommend an amp/DAC setup for under $800 or so? I currently have the first gen Modi/Magni stack with Sennheiser HD650.

    I've been looking at the Bifrost with Lyr 2 or Valhalla 2 but I am very open to suggestions.
  10. Zoom25
    They should. I've asked for that on my order.
  11. Zoom25
    Dangerous Music Source. You can later power it with a LPS and it gets to another level. I've heard from people that have tried it with LCD-2 and LCD-X that liked it. One user has it and preferred it to Deckard with the LCD-2.
  12. EricDH
    My F5 key gets worn out....
  13. REGEN7777
    A week ago i've listened to a bunch of different headphones, Sennheiser 650/660, AKG K712 Pro, HiFiman HE-400i, Audeze lcd2F, lcd3F, and even Audio Zenith PMX2
    Tryed different amps, top-schiit choises and matrix m-stage hpa-3

    And most of all I liked the LCD2F, both sennheisers sounded plastic and not deep, of course, if you listen to them without comparison with Audeze, they seem good ...
    When I came home and put on my lovely Audio Technica ath ad900x, I felt a lack of sound depth, as allways, you quickly get used to good things...
    The sound of LCD3 is more analytical, it's not bad, just more smoothed and restrained, very detailed. But lcd2 was eating me with a head.
    Hifiman 400i - sorry, nothing close to Audeze
    Audio zenith is very detailed and transparent, a little bit magical sound and comfortable to wear, but... I swithed to lcd2 and yes, this is my deep sound. Maybe because I am treble-sensitive and love mid-low frequencies...

    Among the amplifiers, every time I switched, schiit is schiit for me, now i understand why Audeze sells with its headphones an audeze Deckard amp (a modified version of m-stage hpa 3, made in the same factory with changed labels the board and case, the insides actually are 95% identical :))

    Cable was Cardas, I do not remember which one exactly, by the way now one is on massdrop sale, I think for Audeze it's a very good option.


    The only drawback of Audeze headphones is the strong head clamp and weight.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2017
  14. LaCuffia
    If you get the Carbon headband for the LCD-2F, it is a significant improvement on comfort. You don’t feel the weight as much and the clamp force is lessened. Expensive but really worth it.

    With the classic coming out with another suspension type headband, and probably less weight than the wood, my guess is that comfort will be pretty good.

    In listening to the LCD-2, everything else is starting to seem boring. It has such an authoritative and powerful sound.
    lentoviolento likes this.
  15. lentoviolento

    you are right, since when i sold it, i've never tried something like lcd2. aeon open comes close in terms of musicality, it is punchier and more detailed, but not so intimate and airy. we'll see this lcd2c..
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