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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. WildStyle-R11
    Is it just me or this is the second guy this week to claim this headphone as endgame and left headfi? :D
  2. BrotherKathos
    l’m too fickle to call anything end game. But the lcd2c has a very nice sound in stock form, and is great for eq when you get bored. Happiest with this headphone of all so far, but will still try others as well, just to see. Just like with anything, when you think you’ve reached perfection, something is probably wrong.
  3. WildStyle-R11
    I'm not going to be the fool to call it an endgame... However so far, nothing in particular about it annoys me... And at the same time as we have mentioned it before, what else is there? So when you think about it like that and look at the pile of unused headphones, it's easy to see why people would call it that.
  4. BrotherKathos
    l still go back and forth between multiple headphones. Most use is lcd2c, then hd6xx, and he-400i. Been listening to the 400i today. Wanted some bass light today for classical and reading. Got them hooked to a modi 3 and jds labs eL amp with a emotiva big ego serving as a usb to toslink converter. I’m probably going to get the Focal Elex as well soon just to see.
  5. tracyrick
    I've been going back and forth between my LCD2C and HD6xx for many days now. I'm at the point where I can't find anything better about the HD6xx - they may be completely obsolete for me. At first I found them to be very similar. I still think they are somewhat close, but now I can notice a veil more with the HD. And I'm starting to like the treble with the LCD better also. And the soundstage is wider or deeper or something like that. And of course the LCD bass rules. So I'm curious, what sound do you go back to your HD6xx for? Is there something better, or just different, that you like with the HD vs. the LCD?
  6. BrotherKathos
    Its just a different flavor of the moment really. I think the lcd is the better overall headphone as its got the best bass, the cleanest treble, and the biggest sound stage between the two, but the hd6xx is more relaxed if i had to put it in one word. The treble is relaxed, the bass is relaxed. The sound is closer in, and the weight of the phones themselves is more relaxed. They are good for bedtime listening for me as i can lay back on my pillow and chill and read, where the lcd2c is a little too much for me in that kind of mood.

    Even the hifiman he-400i which is not really a favorite of mime has its elements that shine. Particularly when listening to music at lower volumes as the treble and mids are more prominent and bass is just defined enough to get the gist of it without really blasting you. l treat listening to music like eating a meal. Even the best meal will get boring after a while, so i just switch around to spice things up. Just my fickle nature in play.
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  7. BrotherKathos
    From what I’ve read and watched from reviews the focal Elex has a massive sound stage, and from its measurements its basically a hd650 with more linear base and flattened treble where the 650 has huge dips. Other than those two things the response curve is almost identical between the two. So I’m eager to try them. From reviews they are just as good as the $4000 utopia and even prefered by some over the utopia. Seems like an interesting product if not all hype. Will also be interesting how they stack up against the lcd2c. The ld2c has flat bass and elevated 1k mids to a bit past that response then a dive until treble picks up. The elex is flatter throughout the range with less upper mid drop and basically the same treble response as lcd2c.

    Anyone here ha e any experience with these two in comparison?
  8. omniweltall
    I tried the Elear, Clear and Utopia. The Utopia is probaly the only headphone I know that can match hd800's details. It is like a super HD600. Curious to try it with a good tube amp. The Clear/Elear are a step below that. I'm guessing the Elex is closer to the Clear/Elear.

    They are all dynamics. So they wont have the 2C's planar bass weight. They have great detailed bass, but just different sound altogether. Depending on preferences.
  9. BrotherKathos
    Fom the reviews i’ve seen the elex is closer to the utopia than the elar or clear. Just not as bright supposedly. From the design of the driver it seems like they should be capable of moving more air than planars, just not having near the control due to the superior nature of the thin planar membrane.

    The only thin that keeps me from them, is the possible brighter sound that i typically dont like. My 400i is a bit too bright for me, but the elex is supposed darker than those with better bass, whick is how i eq my 400i. I need another pair of phones for another location and am debating over what to get. lcd2c is off the table due to the ergonomics, so its either elex which are considered more comfortable or another pair of hd6xx
  10. gargani
    Your initial impression of the lcd2c isn't surprising to me. I also own the fidelio x2; and they definitely have a fuller bass than the lcd2c.
    The bass on the lcd2c in comparison is more linear, tighter and some would say better technically.
    There are some people, and I'm one of them, who enjoy the fullness of the bass on thex2.
    However if you have access to eq, and bring the bass up about 3db to 4db, from 20hz to 100hz, on the lcd2c, you can add more bass without adding distortion.Although that does change the overall tonal balance, somewhat.
  11. omniweltall
    I used to like the X2 a lot for watching movies. It is a well-built headphone, better than a lot of more expensive cans nowadays. Very comfortable too. My ears could get a bit hot due to the earpads though.

    In terms of sound fidelity (technicality), it is more in line with AKG K7xx (7XX, 701, 712) level. The 2C bass will destroy the X2 bass with no mercy. But I prefer the X2 to any AKG I tried. Just that it has a v-shapred tonality that some people may not life. Great for movies though.

    The 400i and 560 ARE bright and peaky LOL. It doesn't even have a good planar bass. So far, nothing from Focal will be like that, even the Utopia.

    I thought you already have the 2C? You were considering to get another one LOL? I don't suggest you get another 6XX, if you already got those. I think it is better if you go for the Elex. It gives different enough flavor for you to diversify. If you have to get another Senns, try the HD600. I prefer HD600 over HD650. But Elex is better for your case, in my opinion.

    Maybe the reviewer meant tonality wise, instead of technicality? I would put the Elear and the Clear in one level, technicality wise. But tonality wise, Elear is crappy. Much prefer the Clear.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2019
  12. endlesswaves
    My 1st audition with the LCD2 is with the IFI Micro Black Label. Impression was so so (limp to be exact). Not sure what went wrong. The store manager restarted the Imac that was connected to it and the results were the same. The store manager tried them himself and mumbled something about synergy. I left the shop disappointed.

    After that I auditioned the LCD2C with my Shanling M3s during the pre-order period and was impressed and ordered one on the spot. Got the Massdrop SDAC + LCX now and can say I like this combo a lot.

    Now thinking of a R2R DAC + THX 789 or Monoprice Liquid Platinum. Any suggestion?
  13. omniweltall
    I also think micro BL, micro iDSD and the iCan SE all feel a little dull and soundstage is compressed, especially compared to good desktop gears. Not surprised it is not a good match with the 2C. But I prefer the micro iDSD & Black Label compared to the Mojo for my HD650/800.

    I think the R2R+789 would be a great combo for the 2C. I hear good things about the Liquid Platinum, but for the 2C, I don't think it will be worth it over the 789. The 2C and 789 are very good pairing imo.
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  14. betula
    2C is my temporary endgame as well. True endgame doesn't exist. Enough to see how often new headphones come out.

    I am still interested in trying other headphones but nothing beats the 2C under £1000 for my taste and purpose.

    Relaxed but big and authoritative sound. Warm but quite neutral. Simply awesome bass. Paired with a good desktop amp it is hard to find better without spending 2-3 times more.

    I am interested in the Aeolus, Ether 2 and Empyrean at the moment but all of those are much more expensive.
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  15. joeydgraffix
    I'm thinking of maybe putting my Opus 1s for sale and maybe looking for a FIIO again
    Did you end up getting a new cable to plug the LCD2C’s into that Massdrop SDAC?

    I’m debating on selling my Opus and XDuoo now..I think I may need to go back to FIIO since I think I enjoy a sound I can color and have fun with, but I do love the way the Opus sounds.
    I tested out the headphones last night and I am wondering if I’ll be able to get used to the weight and the sealing. I feel like my ears have that popping effect with these headphones.

    I was surprised that last night with my portable setup that the music that wowed me the most was Trap music. With the laid back sound of the Opus and the same feeling a bit with the LCD2C”s I thought something like Trap music would suck, but alot of songs had that quick and holographic sound to them. Some songs where like listening to them in a completely different way ( especially with songs from The Doors). Going back and forth with my x2/27s I saw the huge differences that I didn’t when I first posted. The x27s sometimes have a more exciting sound along with the soundstage but I’m guessing thats more due to the pairing of the mp3/amp and maybe quality of the song. Most of the times going back to the x27s had them feeling very thin and like a cloth was over the speakers.

    But thas on the portable setup, as soon as I went back to my Imac the x27s can’t come close to the LCD2C’s. All I did was just a tiny bass boost on my imac with an equalizer app and I am still amazed by how completely different the LCD2C’s sound. It really sucks that the Opus 1s’s EQ is pointless in my opinion.
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