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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. Tersi
    I have to recommend the Dekoni Audio Velour pads for these, it just takes them to another level.



    Amazing pair of headphones. Pairs well with Chord Mojo also.
  2. X-Frame
    I am very interested in this, however it would be my first time with a more complicated earpad replacement that is not pop-in and out. I have recently give Audeze Reveal 100% Wet more time and really prefer it to the stock sound. So if these pads help make Reveal less needed that sounds great to me. I listen to mine through a Deckard.

    I assume if I do something that messes up the stock pads I can’t even buy new stock pads from Audeze? Just in case. I don’t see replacement pads for these as an option on their website.

    Also — is there any sound difference between the Elite Velour vs. the Hybrid pads?

    The installation seems easier though. I watched this video today:

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  3. BrotherKathos
    This measurement shows the LCD-2C to be mid-centric

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  4. BrotherKathos
    Is this the measurement you are talking about? If So it explains why my eq helps as even though its targeted at 2k, it will pull down all frequencies around it as well as any eq does.

  5. gargani
    Yes, That's the graph , the graph at Rtings shows very similar measurements as well.
    Reducing 2khz. will probably work, for the reason you stated.
  6. snellemin
    My daughter getting her morning music fix with the LCD.

  7. omniweltall
    Nice setup.
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  8. omniweltall
    That measurement looks dark. Thank God mine has more treble than that.

    Btw, sorry for not being clear. Mid is quite wide. I just meant the 2C is not upper-mid centric.

    That is what I meant also when I tune up the 2khz
    I wanted to bring out more upper mid, but was being careful not to further raise the 1khz area. The Loki has limitations with the 2C. There is no best spot to raise the dip in the upper mid. Same thing with you; you try to tune down the 2khz and end up further recessing the upper-mid as well.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2019
  9. joeydgraffix
    Finally got my LCD-2C’s in today.

    Maybe I just had way too much expectations going into these but I wasn’t blown away like I thought I would be. They seem a bit bright and bass is very hit or miss. To get the bass volume I want I have to turn these way too loud and blow out my hearing.

    Maybe its not a great pairing? I have the Opus 1s to the XDUOO-XD05. The xd-05 on high gain kicks up the bass but the sound quality really takes a hit. I may have to save up for an IFI Black label amp along with maybe getting FIIO again even though I think the SQ on the Opus is much better. But at the volume I listen to these at they aren’t wowing me like crazy over my Fidelio x2/27’s.
  10. betula
    IMO you definitely need something more substantial than portable gear for the 2C. They are another dimension compared to the X2.
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  11. BrotherKathos
    Does seem like a strange pairing to be using two portable dac/amps together. I’d suggest getting a dedicated setup. A very cheap setup with power that meets manufacturer specs is the schiit asgard 2 amp paired with the modi 3. $350 total and will drive the LCD2C well. Keep it on low gain for a bit of a bass boom and soft treble, and high gain for punchier bass with more promeant treble. Or just get a schiit loki and adjust to you preference with current equipment. The LCD2C is not going to blow your ears out with bass in stock form even with super powerful amps unless you just crank it way too much. They just represent bass in a more linear and even manner so you can hear all the lows that many phones roll off. They are not like beats by Dre. The loki will help soften mid range as well as treble with its adjustment and i find it nice even with decent amps and dacs in the chain.
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  12. joeydgraffix
    I got the XDUOO cause the Opus 1s just didn’t have enough bass for my liking. My only problem is that I was looking for a portable setup since I mainly enjoy my music in my bed or sitting outside in the warmer months. For whatever reason I hate sitting at a desk listening to music. With my FIIO x7 and my x27/x2’s I could get some really incredible bass, I kind of miss that player for sure and really wonder if that would help out alot.

    The linear bass the 2c’s put out I guess reminds me of how my Opus 1s seems to put out the bass as well. I don’t like the Beats by Dre headphones but I do like my x27/x2s sound but I did want more sound quality.

    Maybe for portability I chose the wrong setups and cheaper headphones may actually be better? Going back and forth a bit today the x27s seem to have more bass,widersoundstage but the 2c’s sound quality is much better.
  13. WildStyle-R11
    Oppo HA-2 Can drive the 2C to enjoyable levels and then there is the bass boost option. Or do like I do and just have a really long cable that you can lay in bed while it is plugged into your main setup.
  14. joeydgraffix
    Oh wow. I just hooked my headphones with the xduoo to my iMac, loaded up eqmac2 and ok now I'm seeing the magic.

    The separation and bass really stand out and it's really night and day with my portable setup. I can't imagine how a really nice desktop would sound now.
  15. migasson
    These are amazing, as LCD I’ve had, or tried.

    All this discussion of pad swaps, stuffing in straws, issues with the frequency response, makes my head ache! Lol. I’m enjoying mine stock, out of a Burson Soloist MK2.

    As such, I’ve moved on from looking at other combos, as I’m happy. I’m now concentrating on the front end, turntable/phono stage - enjoy your discussion folks:)

    And a goodbye to headfi!
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