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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. BrotherKathos
    That’s why i always taste the food before making any additional changes. I did not add the pepper until after i had a chance to take a few bites. The dish was much improved after its addition. Eq is even better since its completely reversed by turning on and off, where in dining you need to be even more careful since adding things to your food can end up ruining it.
  2. betula
    You are teasing me here @omniweltall. All I said is first you have to experience the food as the chef intended it to taste like. Think about it, put your experience into perspective, evaluate it. And if you are not happy at the end of this process, add your own ketchup to your own taste and be happy. Being happy is all that matters in the end.
    omniweltall likes this.
  3. BrotherKathos
    Yeah, Chefs really do hate it when you mess with their creations, but hey we all have different taste. Even the best dinner can’t satisfy everyone.
  4. betula
    Same with sound. Just be careful. But as long as you enjoy it it is fine. :)
  5. BrotherKathos
    All these food analogies are making me hungry hehe.
  6. omniweltall
    I'm not the Michelin type anyway. I'm more of a burger and pizza kinda guy LOL.

    All these food talks making me hungry! Cut it off, guys.
  7. betula
    LCD2C is the entry level of Michelin dining in audio world. But you are right. I might just go and reheat my king prawn stew from yesterday and forget about headphones for half an hour. :)
  8. omniweltall
    Im calling macd!!
  9. BrotherKathos
    ahh you! really making me hungry now. I really need to go to the store. out of everything.
    betula likes this.
  10. newaudio46
    I know you have all gone to get a pizza and a burger but when you come back would you all be able to help me with a question I have about the lcd2

    I’m looking at scan in the U.K. and I can see they have three different models of lcd2 for sale. From what I can tell they all have the Fazor in them.
    I’m just wondering why the top one is more expensive


  11. betula
    What is the question?

    Do you want bamboo, shedua or aluminum LCD2? Or do you want the LCD2C?
  12. newaudio46
    I’m wondering why the first one In the links I put up is more expensive then the others, is it the fact that it’s a latest model of the two c and the other are the older ones.

    I’ll make my decision tonight regarding 2c or lcd2f

    The the above essentially the same headphone, just different finish ?
  13. betula
    Biggest difference is the fazor technology. More bass, more warmth without the fazor, more neutrality and more precision with the fazor. Pick what you like.
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  14. gargani
    The first link is for the bamboo earcups. The second is for the shedua wood earcups None of them are lcd2c, which doesn't have the fazor.
  15. Sound Eq
    hi everyone, how about we all share our fav eq dial in, i followed metal 571eq but still find more is needed, i still feel the mids are not great and highs are a mess

    Last edited: Dec 18, 2018
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