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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. betula
    Keep the stock cable. Upgrade cable must be the very last addition to your perfect system.
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  2. snellemin
    The stock cable is very good. I chopped up the end and made it balanced.
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  3. canali
    you and i are in the same boat, bud...in a few months (rehab from car accident taking up my funds)
    i'm looking at either the chord qutest or gumby/multibit dac with the cavelli liquid platinum hybrid amp
    to replace the mojo.
  4. betula
    Either way you two are heading to the best of the best. There is not much left after getting these amps/DACs unless you have got 1000s to burn and play with.
  5. canali
    thanks Betula...as always thanks for your imput (suggestions made earlier)
    ...is appreciated.

    what will be interesting is how is how i implement my digital: as
    all my music is thru Roon Labs and Tidal...so i have a music server.
    could go usb or spdif...we'll see.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2018
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  6. gargani
    I agree with your assessment of the bass on the lcd2c.
    I have the Philips FIDELIO x2, which have a more elevated mid-bass.The bass on the lcd2c is leaner, more linear and tighter than the bass on the x2.
    The x2's have more fullness and punch in the bass; although, the lcd2c extends more in the lowest frequencies, from 20 Hz. to 40 Hz. ( that is to say, they can reproduce those frequencies louder than the x2)
    The x2 bass is more in line with the Harmon Target Curve. The lcd2c is more in line with the Traditional Flat Response.
    Both good, in different ways.
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  7. canali
  8. newaudio46
    Let us know how you get on with it. I’m going to pull the trigger and go with the lcd2c and mojo
  9. endlesswaves
    Sorry I have to disagree IMHO. I think the stock cable is holding the LCD2C back. Switched to Norne's Draught 3 now and very happy with it.
  10. nicknack40
    The stack LCD2C stock cable is very good. I had to change mine cause the length was short for me otherwise i would of kept using it. Magic cables IMO do not change sound
  11. Terozzzz
    Got my LCD 2Cs and yup, no brainer for the price.
    Working very well on my AUNE x1s (50% of volume is killing me) but now im wondering if better AMP will give me more resolution/imaging on these and how much i need to spend on it ?
  12. tracyrick
    Got the B stock version on sale. Couldn’t resist the value. So far can’t see or hear any defects. Have no idea why my pair were called B stock.

    3 days of listening so far. Doing a lot of back and forth with my HD6XX. Have to turn up the volume a little each time for the HD, and then down again for the LCD. Listening to Rush, Joe Satriani, Dream Theater, Metallica, Tool, Yes, etc...focusing on the best mixed songs and mostly bass parts. All FLAC files, ripped with EAC. Fiio X3ii > Magni 3.

    Day 1 didn’t go well. I was disappointed. I was not blown away. I thought I was hearing better or deeper bass. I thought the imaging was different. But it was hard to tell. And the veil was really bothering me. Where is the treble? I didn’t think they would be THIS dark! And how are these better than the HD6XX at 4x the price?

    My goal in buying a more high-end headphone was to get closer to perfect. Less flaws, more pluses. My Sine’s were tuned too strongly for treble. Earlier lower end headphones had all sorts of issues. How have I gotten closer to perfect?

    This review helped: http://www.basshead.club/audeze-lcd2-classic-review/

    And then today I made a breakthrough. Getting easier to convince myself to keep these. I guess for dark headphones it takes a while to get it, even though I already owned the HD6XX...It also helped when I turned the volume up more for both headphones. Some of the differences of the sounds were more apparent:

    HD6XX - Duller, more veiled, tighter sound, more rounded off, more subdued, missing nuances of tone and clarity, muddier.

    LCD-2C - More resolution, clarity, detail, accuracy. More open, better imaging and soundstage. A little more airy and at the same time more in your face.

    I found a great example song today: Dream Theater’s “This Dying Soul.” The entire Train of Thought album is well mixed. Here’s the easy compare: Listen to the opening double bass drum by Portnoy with both headphones. Really turn it up. With the LCD, I hear more detail in the drum sound. And the music that ramps up from there is less muddy. The HD definitely have less resolution - closer to dull thudding noises than actual bass drum kicks. Like comparing a crappy MP3 file to FLAC. Details of what those drums REALLY sound like are getting missed with the HD. And I only just learned that by listening with the LCD. Of course, it’s all relative. The HD are not bad on their own, but when you directly compare, they are the lesser headphone.

    Bonus song: “Honor Thy Father”, same CD as above, drum intro. Definitely better with the LCD vs. the HD.

    Yes “Lightning Strikes” from “The Ladder” - Another well mixed CD. This song ramps up with some airy acoustic guitar and vocals, and then some good bass. LCD shines over the HD.
    Tool “Sober” - Great bass guitar and drum intro and well mixed. LCD wins.
    Geddy Lee “My Favorite Headache” - Opening bass line has more resolution with LCD.

    If I had to recommend a headphone to a friend for casual listening, I’d point to the HD6XX. I’d say the value is crazy good and the sound is relatively close to the LCD-2C. For critical listening - for audiophiles who enjoy geeking out on subtleties of sound - I can see how the LCD is better. But I still wish it was more better!

    Next: Want to find some songs with true LOW bass. Also, I’m wishing the LCD-2C was a little closer to neutral, i.e., more treble. I know I don’t want a fatiguing, more bright headphone though (e.g., Focals). So I’m trying to make these work. Wondering if the Loki would help pull more treble into the sound? Or why do I need the LCD if my HD are so close in sound? Should I have tried out the closed back version, that might have a little more treble? Except the value of getting these B stock was so good vs. the price of the closed back right now. Etc...
  13. Terozzzz

    You tried the reveal app from Audeze yet? That helped me alot. Ofc it is in ROON already and i like the sound now better.
  14. omniweltall
    You are pitting it against a tough can. HD6XX punches well above its price point. Put a good system behind it and it scales.

    But it will still lose to the 2C in terms of macro dynamics and bass quality.
  15. Sonic Defender Contributor
    @tracyrick try cutting a little bass with a well done EQ adjustment. By de-emphasizing the bass a little, especially mid bass you will hear more air, typically anyway. Case in point, recently purchased the new Sony xM3 for portable use, which is most of my music listening these days, so important to me. At first I was going to return them as the bass was just too overblown and I love bass, I consider myself a modest basshead (but not to the point where it obscures detail). I decided to experiement with some equalizing via my Onkyo HF Player which has a pretty solid equalizer built in. Night and day difference, stunning difference. I had to cut away about -4db at close to 200Hz, another cut of about -3db at around 125Hz and finally a cut of about -1db at around 60Hz. Once done, man does this headphone sound amazing. I absolutely love the sound, still plenty of bass, but now it seems tighter and more articulate, no intruding the way it used to. Sometimes you subtract to add.
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