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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. Ronsanut
    I have the Utopia and also recntly had the LCD2C. Definitley better bass on the LCD2C than Utopia, but Utopia is more detailed. I use them for different kinds of music . However I found the imaging on the LCD2C to have some gaps, if that makes sense, so I returned them and got the LCD-X's. I had the X's about a year ago but sold them to afford a new amp, but found myself missing them. To me they have good detail, much better imaging, and a little wider sound stage than the LCD2C's and of course the great bass. I am very intersted in the Ether 2's. I ordered a set and hope to have them soon.
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  2. canali
    thanks for this (and to betula for the contrast of the lcd2c against the focal clear).
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  3. Sound Eq
    just sold my atticus and kept the lcd2c, the atticus was way way too warm and felt congested, I am using ifi pro ican and chord qutest dac, so in case anyone wonders. before owning the lcd2c I owned the LCD X 2017 version, and I miss it and yes it sounds better than lcd2c no doubt. There are some peaks in lcd2c that sometimes makes it not work with every genre especially metal and rock. The LCD2C is sometimes confusing, as you sometimes perceive it warm and at times shouty which is really annoying at time.

    While LCDX works with everything and I am thinking to buy it again, I wish audeze will release a version with less weight within the same price range as lcd x, and keep that same lcd x sound. To me LCD X nailed it in everything except its weight issue. Great bass, mids and highs and good soundstage.

    I also had the lcd2 fazor which as well to me sounded better than Lcd2c but not better than LCDX

    For me the zmf headphones are so so huge and I would have put up with the huge design had it been great sounding, but in the in the end lcd2c won in sound and comfort

    Of course I still prefer hifiman edition x above all, and I upgraded to hifiman HE1000 V2 that will arrive soon. I also heard the ananda but its really peaky in the highs and with metal and rock boy those can be piercing

    finally I am wondering if pad rolling has been attempted with lcd2c and if yes which ones you find to fix some of those peaks without losing the audeze house sound
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  4. phthora
    Thanks for the impressions! You have me intrigued about the 2C and a little miffed about the Atticus (ordered one two days ago).

    Would you say the 2C is worth owning/is different enough from the 2F and X to justify owning it alongside the other two? I am a hesitant to buy the 2C since it would be more expensive new than either my 2F or my X! Hard to mentally adjust to that for some reason.
  5. koover
    You'll love the Atticus. I have both the Atticus and LCD2-C and they compliment each other well. Sure the Atty is lush and warm, but it sounds so good. I just switched over to the suede pads and it does definitely bring out some more treble and tames the midbass. I'm enjoying them A LOT with the pad swap.
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  6. phthora
    Good to know. Thanks! I wasn't terribly worried about not liking the Atticus. But, I did spend a lot of time deciding between the two and, well, my above concerns pushed me to the Atticus. That and it's so different in every way from the headphones I have. The 2C would have been my 5th Audeze purchase! I feel like I gotta spread the love a bit.
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  7. scarfacegt
    Anyone compared the mobius to lcd2c? Wich suits movies best? (When u are using them on an tv or stereo system).I have tried the lcd2c connected to my tv with the chord mojo beetween.Optical cable.
  8. Sound Eq
    I would just buy or own an LCD X and be done with it, for me the atticus is way hyped up, and it always felt congested and too warm period
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  9. betula
    You make me interested in the HEX. (Are we talking about V2 here?) How would you compare it to the 2C, especially in the bass department? I had bad experience with cheaper hifimans, and even more expensive models are infamous for less stellar build quality. Have you tried the Arya?
  10. Sound Eq
    for me yes LCD2c has more bass, but the He X V2 has good bass as well, but what is more important is that Hex as a whole has everything balanced in a great way, the mids of He Xv2 are outstanding and it has nice highs never harsh. It was the main reason why I updated to HE1000 V2 which is even better than He X v2 when I heard it.

    But if people would like to stick to audeze headphones among all the ones I own or owned I would pick LCD x in a heart beat

    For reference I listen to EDM, progressive rock, metal, and synthpop
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
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  11. betula
    I haven't heard the LCD-X but most people I know prefer those to the 2C. They say the X is more resolving more detailed and cleaner with a better balance. Better for studio use. For sheer music enjoyment I quite like the less resolving but warm and ear-friendly sound of the 2C.
    Another thing is the additional weight. The 2C with 500g is already at the upper limit what most people can handle for long listening sessions. I'd be worried the X's 612g becomes really heavy after a while.
  12. Sound Eq
    lcd2c works best with certain genres, while lcd x is simply amazing with all genres
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  13. phthora
    I have an LCD-X and it's the best headphone I own. I bought the Atticus because I wanted something dark and gooey and rich, technical prowess be damned. If nothing else, it will be very different from the numerous planars I have.

    How would you compare the Cascade to the 2C?
  14. Sound Eq
    cascade is close to atticus, but of course atticus is better, as cascade even more genre specific than atticus is

    cascade has its own magic with certain specific genres which surprised me, an example is dead can dance - song of the stars, and as such genres. Sometimes you feel with it a wow factor and other times, you just can not use it with other genres, it is not that great with metal music or progressive rock. I loved the cascade for its sound in certain genres only and portable form factor. But for me to have a headphone that is genre specific does not sit with me well
    Lcdx, HE x v2 and HE1000 V2 can be enjoyed to max with all genres
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  15. phthora
    Well, damn....

    After looking at your profile and seeing a lot of the same headphones as I have and a lot of the same impressions of them, then what you say about the Cascade, and I even listen to prog... I have to assume you're correct about the Atticus too. Hopefully, I will still like the headphone based on one crucial difference between the two of us: I don't mind genre-specific headphones. I think I'll look into the HEK and HEX in the meantime.

    Man, I was really hoping you were full of crap... :laughing:
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