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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. betula
    IMO in quality the the 2C kills the X00.
    Mojo does a decent job with them but a full size class A desktop amp will lift it to another level.
  2. WildStyle-R11
    At this point in time, I have decided. Or so I think. :D That I will not find an overall better headphone and I'm pretty happy with my setup. Marantz SA8005 into Loki, that goes to HA1, which then goes either to my speakers or my headphones. Loki being the piece I would take out of the equation, but I am a bass head... So yeah.. The idea is to patiently wait for a wireless headphone. Since only upgrade would be going to a higher priced headphone, which don't offer things I want. It might change in the future, but who is to say I will like it more?
  3. betula
    True. You make me try that Loki :).
    I am very happy with my present setup. The happiest I have ever been. But you still don't go blind and look what is out there... Ether2 for example is quite appealing. AFO and AFC was just not for me. I need that Audeze bass authority and slam. I am happy with my setup, but always wondering if there is anything better out there for my individual purposes. (Perfect bass, alive mids, gentle treble with the greatest resolution and soundstage possible). :)
  4. koover
    Until you start getting into headphones like the Utopia, Abyss or a Stax system, (very expensive) the LCD2-C checks off a lot of the boxes that I look for in a headphone at a price “I” want to fork out.
    For the money and what it offers, it’s a pretty solid headphone and a GREAT bang for the buck.
    But then I can start talking about ZMF which I personally think is the best overall bang for the buck to my ears. I’m not taking anything away from the LCD2-C but the ZMF housesound is more in my musicality wheelhouse. I still won’t get rid of the classics though (have had plenty of trade opportunities) as it definitely has a place in my stable of headphones which is too many.

    @betula, have you listened to the Eikon or Auteur?
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2018
  5. WildStyle-R11
    Loki is nice and clean for bass up to a point so, if you can add it, try it.

    The thing is, if you are not wondering what is out there, then you have hit the jackpot. Those being my speakers. What I seek from audio equipment is similar. Bass that is from 0-to whatever it needs to be and so that I can feel it without it being overbearing, Natural sounding mids with smooth but Energetic treble. Plenty detailed and dynamic, yet not annoying.
  6. betula
    I am with you. I have been on the edge many times buying the Atticus (which I think I'd like more than the Eikon or even the Auteur). What made me stop is the extension to the lowest notes (20-30Hz.) Which is better on the 2C.
  7. koover
    I don’t know man. The Atticus has some insane sub bass but it has that midbass presence that masks some of The sub bass. Track dependent and how’s its mastered, I’m floored at times how the sub just slams you face first into the pavement. I love that headphone.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2018
  8. betula
    We are looking for the same sound pretty much. I did have setups which made me happy for 18 months without looking for better. But eventually you do want to check out what improvements have happened in the industry. And the industry is improving faster and faster as the market grows.
  9. betula
    I prefer the flat bass response of the 2C. Good sub extension and no mid-bass hump. For these reasons I think I'd prefer my 2C to the Atticus. But I sill loved to hear the Atticus.
    koover likes this.
  10. WildStyle-R11
    True, I have had plenty of headphones for a longer time and quite a few for a very short time. The thing is, that was Mid tier. This is borderline mid-high end, I don't want to side grade anymore, I want to upgrade! Or improve other aspects, such as wireless - ness... At the same time, this is where money becomes the hurdle and you have to ask yourself "Can I not live with this?". But I Digress, I will live with this, because I have too many headphones lying around. The 2C stand atop all except my speakers and does not annoy me, which should be good enough.
  11. betula
    IMO HQ wireless technology still has a few years to catch up with sound quality what today's open back headphones offer with a decent amp. I own Sony M2 wireless which does LDAC, pretty much the best wireless sound available. It is ok, but nowhere near to a wired desktop setup with full class A and LCD2C.
    In fact I wonder if wireless technology could ever catch up with the improvements of wired high-end stuff.
  12. WildStyle-R11
    First order of business is to make an open back HOME wireless headphone. Yes there are those cheappy plastic senn ones, but they are well **** by default. As soon as you mention wireless everyone is like "Open? Why?" "It would leak sound when you are out and about" You know, it's like Mobius why the hell on earth would you go out with them?

    Wireless tech is catching up. Like mice, I got G603 lasts 11 Months on 2 AA batteries, no difference in performance to wired. Slowly but surely. Meanwhile audio wired tech is at a stalemate. Unlesss you want to pay 10k for a 0.5M wire that supposedly improves audio. (written in small print by 0.0000010%)

    My need list for wireless headphones is DOCK stand to charge them, plomp them on for a minute or two and you can last longer, dock can also serve as everything else receiver, controls, ETC... If someone would actually make a damn wireless headphone that is open back for home!
  13. betula
    I visualise a few more years of waiting time for this mate. The trick is wired technology improves with wireless technology. Wired will always sound better. Can wireless catch up at some point? I am pretty certain it can. But we probably have to wait much longer than we think now.
  14. WildStyle-R11
    I don't expect it to happen overnight. But someone has to put in the effort to try. Why Logitech dominates Wireless peripherals? Because they are actually the only ones trying. You can tell that no one is trying, mid tier headphones cost upward of 500£ . Yet any given wireless headsets or headphones cost only upwards of 300£. Deduct wireless tech about 50% of the price and voila a cheap overpriced headphone. Either way, the wait time is most certainly there. Without any effort it will take much longer. People are obsessed with N.Tesla these days, it's the right time to strike wireless market and market it with Tesla, as if he had anything to do with it. :D
  15. betula
    This market is experiencing a boom. And this boom is just about to get bigger. We are living exciting times. :)
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