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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. Aliv3
    Some questions,
    do I just need this adapter to make them balanced? Or do I have to change cables aswell? Where can I buy this adapter? After testing it leave feedback if you do not mind.
  2. endlesswaves
    LCD2C comes with dual 4 pin xlr to single ended 1/4 plug. To use LCD2C with WM1A balanced you need:
    1. Get an aftermarket cable (Norne Audio or Toxic Cables are among the best value/performance IMO) terminated with 4.4mm plug.
    2. Get an aftermarket balanced cable terminated to 4 pin xlr (male) and get a 4 pin xlr (female) to 4.4mm (male) adapter like mine (custom ordered, you can email the 2 cable makers I mentioned above).

    I went with no. 2 as I have a desktop amp and got that adapter just to test if WM1A can drive my LCD2C. It needs high gain and DSP turned on to sound on par with Massdrop SDAC + Liquid Carbon X. Not recommended as battery drain was noticeable.

    IMO best get a desktop amp to pair with your LDC2C.
  3. betula
    If anyone was wondering whether removing the grills and the filth under the grills make any difference in sound, let me tell you it does not make any difference.
    Out of curiosity I thought I give it a chance as it might improve soundstage or airiness (like it did on the 400s). It doesn't make a difference on the 2C. Pointless mod that you can untick from your list.
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  4. betula
    I know the 2C has one of the best bass presentations in the industry, but what I am experiencing now was a surprise to me as well.
    I was lucky enough to have a live chat with Sync24 one half of Carbon Based Lifeforms. At the end of the chat he gave away a few codes for free downloading his new album "Omnious".
    At the moment I am listening to the second track called "The morning before it all happened". I never thought sub-bass rumble can physically shake your headphones. This bass rumble literally tickles my spine. Extremely joyful. :) Especially that this was a direct gift from the artist himself. What an evening! :) Long live CBL and Sync24! :)
  5. BrotherKathos
    Nice! Enjoy!
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  6. BubbaJay
    These have to be one of the best headphones for electronic music you can get. I know a lot of people think a V-shaped sound sig is best for edm but I totally disagree. A well balanced hp with some warmth and deep bass is what I'd consider being ideal for electronic music and that's what you have with the 2C. I mainly listen to tech house and techno but I think the 2C is even better for trance. You don't want a bright loud hp with trance because it will just make the music sound harsh. The 2C presents it in a smooth and creamy way that makes it more enjoyable imo. I've listened to more trance over the past week then I have in the past year just because it sounds so good on this hp.
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  7. WildStyle-R11
    To be fair EDM sounds good on just about anything. :D I really don't own many headphones or speakers, where I can say "Oh, EDM doesn't sound good." Can't think of a single one. ^^
  8. betula
    IMO bright headphones are not really for EDM. As @BubbaJay said you want something smooth(er) and warm(er). EDM treble can be piercing and you need detailed and well-extended bass. The 2C is perfect for EDM.
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  9. Tonza
    How easy are the stock pads to remove on these? Can they still be reattached later? I know they use adhesive so I am a bit hesitant to try the Dekoni Velours.

    The measurements and impressions of the Dekoni Velours have me interested in trying but don't want to destroy the stock pads.
  10. Lohb
  11. Fegefeuer
    Graf Betula,

    have you tried the Dekoni Elite Velour Pads? I've seen measurements of them, curious to know if you tried them and if you felt that they (positively/negatively) changed for you.
  12. tracyrick
    Can anyone do a direct comparison to the Sine? I know that means open vs. closed, but the Sine is what I'm considering upgrading from.
  13. betula
    I haven't tried them and I am not too interested in trying them. I am quite happy with the stock pads. If it was an easy clip-on system, out of curiosity I would try other earpads too, but I wont bother with glue. Especially when I am happy with what I have got.
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  14. BubbaJay
    The Beyer DT900 sound horrible with edm. The mids are sucked out and sound to distant and the highs are downright annoying. The HD800 isn't very good either because of how clinical and cold they sound.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
  15. BrotherKathos
    dt 770 pro 250 ohm also horrible with edm
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