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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. BubbaJay
    It's been a week and I've only listened to the LCD-2C and it is hitting all the right notes for me. I did compare it to my Elear and as we know it is darker but not overly so and while the Elear has really good bass it can't compete with the 2C. Besides the bass, I'm really enjoying the mids because they're full smooth and balanced. Highs are coming through more but I think that's more from me getting used to the signature than any break-in or something.

    On the comfort side, I felt like in the beginning the clamping force might be a bit strong but as time went on they felt better and better and it's now to the point where I can wear them for 3 or 4 hours no problem. The vegan pads are very nice and even though these types of pads normally make my ears get hot I don't have that happening with these which is great.

    Even though we never really get that "end-game" headphone I know for certain that I'm not getting a new one for quite some time. Between these and my Elear I quite content at the moment, plus it's always nice to give my wallet a rest. At the $799 price point, I'd say the LCD-2C is easily one of the best sub $1000 headphones and well worth a listen if you're looking for a new one.
  2. tracyrick
    Can anyone compare the Elex to the LDC-2C? Right now I'm torn between those two. Reading that the Elex sounds different than the Elear, so not sure if the Elear comparison above really makes sense.

    Ideally I'm looking for a fun and revealing phone that's a bit airy like my Sine, but with less high end treble, so smoother. And great and tight bass slam. And wide Soundstage would be nice. The Sine is too closed in. My 6xx are too smooth and laid back for me, although nice for all day listening. I need 6xx, Rev. Fun. Or something like that.
  3. BubbaJay

    Well, the LCD-2C has a more narrow soundstage so that might not be what you're looking for. I was one that always thought I had to have a wide soundstage until I got the Elear which isn't wide but has very good depth and found that depth is more important to me.

    As for the Elex it sounds pretty much exactly the same as the Elear, I know because I've heard them. The thing about the Elear and Elex is they are very dynamic and a bit in your face but in a good way. They also sound their best at a higher volume, where I find the LCD-2C sounds good at any volume I listen to them. The LCD-2C is smooth, vivid with good detail and the bass is tight with great depth. I really don't think you can go wrong with either but if you're wanting a smooth headphone with good bass the LCD-2C fits the bill imo.
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  4. omniweltall
    "Vivid" is a good choice of word to describe the 2C.
  5. BubbaJay
    Has anyone used the new Schiit Lyr 3 with the 2C? I might not be looking for any more headphones but I'm looking to upgrade my equipment. I use the Magni 3 with my Mimby and it sounds great but I'd like to know how the Lyr 3 hybrid sounds, plus it has a sh!t load of power which is always good for planars. If there are any other good hybrids people are using in the same price range let me know.
  6. BrotherKathos
    You might already know about it, but the thx aaa linear amp on massdrop might be a good amp to try. I’m waiting for it specially for my 2C since its got good power in balanced with ridiculously low distortion

    I’m also waiting on my magni 3 to get the volume pot fixed and also have a Mimby on the way to pair with it. Do you have any other dac/amp combos to compare the schiit stack with on your 2C?
  7. scarfacegt

    Gets ghoosebumps everytime i hear the guitar playing :) Its just amazing.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2018
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  8. Slashn77
    ^^ I am also on the fence with whether to get the Lyr 3 or just a Vali 2 with my mimby to drive my LCD 2c’s that I just got last week!

    The L3 is top of my budget especially since I have to add in $100-$150 to get the right tube since this will be my first tube amp.
    I think the powerhouse that the L3 has is overkill for these headphones and the 1-1.3 watts the Vali 2 has will be plenty but I’m guessing the internals of the L3 are far supieror but is it worth 2.5x the price?

    I actually have read a few people say that if you don’t need balanced the L3 is superior to the schiit Mj2 hybrid amp
  9. gargani
    Just listened... yeah, nice one.
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  10. BubbaJay
    You know I don't need to spend $500 on a new amp because the Magni 3 is a great little amp and pairs really well with the Mimby. I don't need the warmth of a tube amp we all know the 2C isn't lacking in that area. If I do decide to get a hybrid I think I'd try the Vali 2 first to see if that would be something I'd like to pair with the 2C and upgrade from there if needed.
  11. chef8489
    I use the Lyr 3 and the lcd2c. I upgraded from the nimby and vali 2 to the LYR 3. I am glad I made the upgrade. I really enjoy this setup with a vintage ken-rad vt-231 and a Westinghouse d getter tube.
  12. Slim1970
    Didn't think I would watch it until the end but I got sucked into melodic guitar playing of Tommy Morello. I miss him from his Rage Against the Machine days. Fantastic video
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  13. BubbaJay
    To complete my Schiit stack (Magni 3/Mimby) I'm going to get the Loki controller. I know it's not something I need but it will be much better than my EQ on the X5II which is what I use the most as my source, plus messing with knobs is always fun.
  14. BrotherKathos
    I hope I don't need to , but this will be the last thing I try(Loki) to get the sound right if I still don't like the magni 3 when I get the Mimby for it. I will be lots more spent total than I wanted, but at least it will be tweak-able and possibly more fulfilling in the long term when paired with different headphones
  15. BubbaJay
    I'm surprised you don't like the way they sound with the Magni 3. The Magni 3 does pair very well with the Mimby so hopefully you'll be good to go then.

    I'm getting the Loki because I really think it's a better way to EQ my music than with the digital one on my X5II or even on my PC.
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