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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. conquerator2
    I had the original open Ether, but it's been too long to reliably compare, sorry :frowning2:
  2. natto lover
    can vouch for the same with the NFB11, LCDs paired with Audio-gd is a killer combo
  3. Burt Macklin
    Using it right now (got my LCD-2C just yesterday), and it sounds brilliant.
  4. GambL
    Ya, I'd love to see either of these stacked up against the NFB28. Maybe one of you has?
  5. willywill
    There a NFB28 on my local Craigslist for $350 it been for sale for 2 month, thinking of getting it if i can get it cheaper, 1st week of the month make a big dent on my wallet
  6. alan_g
    just thinking about a pair of these to pair with my dx200, do they pair well and does anyone use them for daily commutes??
  7. Seler
    Did anyone try them with Arcam rHead amp?
  8. natto lover
    $350 is a pretty sick price
  9. marcan
    I have an audio-gd he-8 along with a LCD2rev2 and those are made for love. The dark side of the LCD with the extreme precision of the he-8 makes it very detailed without being harsh or fatiguing. Then the power and dynamic of the he-8 completely open the sound. Finally the he-8 has a absolutely killer bass that particularly reveal the LCD great strength: Lows. More than once I had my eyes full of tears listening to those basses.
  10. cpetrillo
    Just got a pair of LCD2C a couple of days ago and have a question about the headband. I thought the idea of a suspension style headband was to "suspend" the the headphones from the leather strap. The leather strap on mine (bought brand new in the box) is too long and allows the metal bands to touch my head causing pain after a while. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?
  11. greenkiwi
    I saw an earlier post about shortening the strap.

    But if it isn't suspending it, it seems like a design flaw.
  12. Brahmsian
    Is the damage inflicted to the diaphragm by the pressure changes gradual and incremental or is it a sudden, catastrophic failure? I'm asking because I take my planar headphones off like regular headphones, shift them about my ears to get them comfy, take them off just as I would a dynamic headphone, and leave them on my desk playing music when I have to go do something and come back. Also, is this something that's only a concern when it's playing music?
  13. natto lover
    More of a gradual thing, but they've improved quite a bit over the years. It was more due to getting too good of a seal rather than passively letting them play.
    Brahmsian likes this.
  14. astrostar59
    I would recommend you kill then volume or pause the music if you take them off. That is what I do. Think of it as letting the clutch out, you need to back of the gas...... or it will over rev. No harm in being careful.

    My Stax 009s used to crinkle if I tried to get a better seal (pushing in on the cups). And my 007s used to do the Stax Fart! Was never happy about that - for material reasons, no the fart noise Ha Ha.
  15. gken92
    Read a couple of good feedback regarding combination of LCD2C with massdrop's CTH. Hoping to read more good reviews regarding this combo before pulling my trigger n ordering them both :D Or should I go for Audio-gd R2R11 instead? (or any other suggestions with similar price point that have good synergy with LCD2C?)

    This will be my first planar Headphones. My past headphones have been HD650 (one of my absolute fav, best mids imo, really like the rolled off but pleasant highs, but alas they simply lack the bass quantity and quality. bought and sold about 5 times in the past decade or so :p ), HD800 (too bright n not forgiving enough for most modern songs), Beyer T1 (treble cannon), Focal Elear (love everything about them when played through Sonarworks True-Fi app except for the unfixable wonky mids, not so comfortable and a driver failure which resulted in a couple of months away for warranty service), Fostex TH-X00 mahagony (LOVE the bass, but mids too recessed for me and the treble too hot).

    Hopefully im going towards the right direction with the imminent purchase of LCD2C. Hoping for a good pair of headphones with good bass response, good mids and non sibilant highs
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