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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. anoxy
    I truly believe in synergy between source and headphone. It's not only a matter of having enough power...perhaps pinch those pennies for a little longer so you can get yourself something capable and complimentary.

    But what exactly were you expecting out of these headphones?
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  2. willywill
    How you connecting the P50, your digital via usb or optical
  3. Berakotxa
    i was expecting more natural sound. When i listen to a wood kick on the drums it doesnt sound natural for example. when i listen to them at low volume,yes, it sound good. but when i turn to loud leves, it sound diferent. that wood kick takes some metalic color. With other headphones is the opposite, the more loud i listen the better sounds the music.
  4. Berakotxa
    USB. any diference?
  5. gLer
    Like @anoxy said, it sounds like your source is the weak link. It has less to do with power and more to do with synergy, although it sounds like your source is very underpowered, unable to deliver the voltage and current the LCD-2C needs at higher volumes (which is why they sound 'off'). There's no point getting $600-$800+ headphones and then strapping them to a poor, cheap ($100-$200) source. Yes you can get less expensive sources that will play nice with power-hungry planars like the LCD-2, but not many. That's like buying cheap $50 tyres for your Ferrari and expecting it to perform like it should.
  6. sfleming
    Long time lurker here (I've spent the last 20yrs in hifi more interested in developing my main rig and have only more recently come to get into the headphones arena)

    - got on the train and ordered these 1/27, supposed to be in my mailbox tomorrow !

    For cans, I've only got the dt770/80 to compare to, so looking forward to a more laid back presentation, which I'm sure I'll get given the reviews. I'll share experiences with them with my Mojo after a bit.

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  7. Berakotxa
    I have been thinking on something like this:
    But that doesnt seem to be to expeensive for the 600$ paid for the lcd2c. That said, you answered to me question. Thanks
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2018
  8. willywill
    I have to disagree I have a Fiio E18, that thing 5 years old and when I connected the LCD-2C that thing put a smile in my face, it pared very well, bass was good I was in high gain but there still was plenty of power left. I could see myself using a $80 DAC/AMP with the LCD-2C I just need to buy my own 6.3 to 3.5mm adapter.
  9. gLer
    I didn't say you couldn't drive the LCD-2C quite well with a cheap amp/dac, just that the 'good' ones are few and far between. Glad you're getting decent synergy with the Fiio - they make some excellent products indeed at very reasonable prices.
  10. astrostar59
    LCD2 Classic, damb these HPs are so good. I can't believe they are so cheap and can play in the high end. In fact, I like them so much, I ordered the LCD4s. So much for a simpler system. My next task is to try and cobble a way to drive them off my DAC direct. I have an idea how I can do it. I'll report back if it works out.

    But to anyone wanting near highest end sound on a (sort of) budget, these LCD2 Classics are a give away. Maybe Audeze knew what they were doing, and sucked us into the keepers net? Worked for me anyway....
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  11. Rinsushi
    Coming from the DT990s. The LCD-2C are nowhere near sibilant
  12. givemetacos
    I don't know why sibilance was brought into the conversation? I don't remember anyone mentioning that. The person that complained about treble said "harsh highs" I believe, which is not the same as sibilance.

    It is worth showing/mentioning that there might be different impressions of treble harshness due to the driver variances in these units. Here are 2 different LCD2C's measured on the same rig:


    As you can see, the second graph shows around 5dB or so less energy in the 8k peak. That is pretty significant and unfortunately a common driver variance issue with Audeze. I know Tyll just mentioned in his latest Advanced Alpha review that he has 2 LCD2C units on hand and I believe when he posts his review he will include both measurements, so that will be another good data set to see driver variation.

    To address this comment, I actually agree with you. I received my LCD2C in the last few days and have been listening to them as well as burning them in. These aren't my final thoughts in any sense and I am still taking time to decide how I feel about them. But from owning 2016 LCD-2F and now LCD2C, I still stand by my feelings that Audeze never sounds as "natural" to me as Sennheisers, particularly the HD600 and HD650. And I don't think this is a symptom of your amp. I have been listening to the LCD2C on my Magni 3, NFB-11, and R2R 11. They all do the headphone justice and it sounds great on all of them. But being a musician myself and playing in lots of different bands and orchestras as well as attending lots of live classical/orchestral performances, there is just something about the timbre of instruments and vocals that aren't 100% right to my ears. I'm not saying LCD2C or LCD-2F is way off, it is just slightly off, and I can mostly only notice it when I directly compare it to my other headphones that feel more "right" in timbre to me like HD650, Atticus, and Auteur.

    Now with the rest of my initial impressions of LCD2C, I actually think it is a solid headphone all around and one of the best in its class. It actually addressed most my issues with LCD-2F. Comfort is far better and I commend Audeze for working out a better system with the suspension strap. Yes, this feels even much more comfortable that the LCD-2F with Lohb strap. It just feels lighter all the way around. Build quality is also excellent and feels very premium. The pictures don't do it justice, the matte black finish is really great and I overall prefer the look and feel of this to my old Aluminum LCD-2F. I also think Audeze really nailed it with the $600 price tag, though I am not convinced it should be $800 and have mixed feelings about it. Really I love everything about this LCD2C but the sound. I think the sound is very very good overall, but there's nothing about it that blows me away. I think its best features are the very clean and linear sub-bass response and the overall smooth tonal balance. It transitions really nicely from bass to mids to highs without any rough patches or grainyness. I still feel the upper mids are just a bit too dipped and I think that is why the timbre and naturalness sounds a little off to me, but I wouldn't say this is a dealbreaker depending on the music you listen to. I think LCD2C is best at more modern, bass emphasized electronic and pop types of music. I wouldn't recommend it for jazz/classical/orchestral stuff or really vocal heavy/emotional singer-songwriter types of stuff. Basically, I think the LCD2C is really great for people upgrading from mid-fi cans and could be a pretty solid all rounder. I think for people like myself that might have other TOTL cans, the LCD2C doesn't really bring anything special to the table. I'm leaning towards keeping it because it is a solid headphone overall and I don't have any other planars, but I'm still on the fence and I'm not sure how much head time it would get in my collection. I'll definitely keep it for a few weeks at least and I will eventually write up a full review of it with comparisons to lots of other headphones.
  13. I g o r
    Where are those measurements from? Can they be trusted?

    I don’t know why Tyll is taking so long to post the review...
  14. franz12
    These convinced me to pass this iteration.. Search continues...
  15. givemetacos
    Due to the rules of this site I'm not allowed to mention where those measurements came from (hint hint). Yes, they can be trusted. No, the measurements are not from a super expensive HATS system like Tyll's, but generally RELATIVE measurements of headphones measured on the same system are trustworthy as we are not talking about ABSOLUTE values, just comparison values between 2 different LCD2C's measured together.

    If you read/watch Tyll's latest Advanced Alpha review he talks about his delay in reviewing the LCD2C. Basically, he has had a set for a while, but it was before "final" production so he wanted to wait until Audeze could send him a production unit, on par with what we are all receiving, to be thorough and make sure he gets his review right. He now has that 2nd unit and is going to get the review out soon. He apologized for not getting it out before the holiday pricing ended, but he wanted to be more accurate about his thoughts rather than rush it and get something wrong.

    Based on your impressions from the Clear thread and what are you looking for, I would highly advise you to consider ZMF Auteur. It is not as dynamic and energetic like Clear, but instead it is smooth, musical, natural, and coherent. It is literally the most neutral headphone I have ever heard to my preferences. And this includes sub-bass response on the level of planars. I know you aren't a fan of Zach's website, but I urge you to talk to him personally about the Auteur and even just chat with him about whether or not the Auteur would be a good fit for you. He is always willing to talk to people about his headphones and wanting to make sure you are happy with your purchases.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2018
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