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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. JKDJedi
    Looking forward to your impreimpres on the both!
  2. Voxata
    My LCD2C delivery got bumped up to today :)
  3. YtseJamer
    The LCD-2C Reveal preset is now available on Roon.

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  4. franz12
    $600 and 30 days return policy is pretty much tempting. But if they increase the price to $800, it will face steep competition with aeon open and focal clear which goes around 1200. Not sure clear deserves the extra 600 to lcd2c though
  5. ArtemMoshkovich
    If you can, share your feedback on 100% Wet running on Tidal HiFi/Masters tracks. I know Roon doesn't yet do the first MQA unfold, but it would be great to hear if the 2C benefit from 100% Wet on Tidal tracks.
  6. pwjazz
    I have an LCD2C and I've tried the Hifiman HE-560. I ran both through a Magni 3 amplifier (high gain for HE-560). From all the reviews, I expected that the HE-560 would be kind of like a planar HD800, having:

    1. More neutral tuning with perhaps somewhat bright treble than the LCD2C
    2. Larger soundstage and maybe better imaging than the LCD2C
    3. More detail/resolution than the LCD2C
    4. Better match for classical music (especially with strings and orchestral stuff)
    5. Better comfort than LCD2C

    Maybe I had a bad unit, but I tried the HE-560 with both the stock pads and with some ZMF ORI Lambskin pads, and they just didn't do anything special for me. The tuning is definitely more neutral and treble is brighter, and their lower weight and non-sweaty earpads make the HE-560 more comfortable, but that's about it. The LCD2C were better in every other way and I found them more enjoyable across every genre I tried. The HE-560 were particularly disappointing with orchestral music, as they seemed more congested than the LCD2C and the timbre of high strings like violin sounded kind of artificial. Using the Roon preset for the LCD2C brightens them up nicely when I want that kind of sound, and with or without the preset the LCD2C bring out a pretty incredible amount of detail, have very natural timbre and do a pretty good job with instrument separation. On top of that, the bass on the LCD2C has more impact and better resolution than the HE-560, though I will say that the bass on the HE-560 extended very well. Really the only pleasant surprise about the HE-560 was the fact that despite my being somewhat treble sensitive, their treble wasn't painful to me.

    The HE-560 is known for being power hungry, but the Magni 3 is a pretty powerful amp, so if that's not enough to bring out the best in them, I don't know what is.
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  7. YtseJamer
    Sure, I will try to share my feedback later next week.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2018
  8. Voxata
    My comparisons are not mirroring this personally. I'm using Bifrost Multibit+Jot and Ifi iDSD BL. I find the LCD2C a fantastic listen. It is warmer than the HE560 for sure with a meatier midrange and more fleshed bottom end. The treble on the 560 I find more airy and revealing. If I could have the low/mids of the 2C and highs of the 560 I'd be blown away. The 560 hits harder, while the LCD2C goes deeper and has more layers. The LCD2C gets congested much easier than the 560, as the LCD2C is with its thicker sound. I've owned a Magni 3, and the Jot has been much better BAL to the 560 in terms of technical ability. YMMV - I may be keeping both of these headphones. The 560 is more of a detailed stripped back listen. The LCD2C is a very enjoyable experience, MUCH easier to amp however is more 'veiled' in comparison with rolled treble. More suited to a relaxing listen.

    The LCD2C treble is rolled and sounds a bit V shaped with what treble is there being more forward than the 560, I'd call the 560 more linear for sure.

    560 with stock pads has a brighter presence especially on strings, given that 'artificial' but wickedly detailed presentation. Focus-A pads resolved this for me. LCD2C has a lot of reverb, 560 is MUCH cleaner. More detail present with an 'out of your head' experience on some sounds.

    Dear god the 560 feels much cheaper than the LCD2C :)

    Last edited: Jan 27, 2018
  9. franz12
    Sounds like your taste matches to focal clear. Try it. It has adequate bass with clear high. It sounds very life-like. Never congested with extremely high resolution. IMO, it is worth dollars.
  10. inmytaxi
    I think the LCD XC is so much better than the 2C. I sent back the 2C. Don't know if I can afford the XC. But can I afford to chase it? What's the alternative? A 2c and a TH-X00 is almost as much. And eventually that's what I would probably do ... maybe not the 2c specifically but some planar and the I really would like a x00 ... if you don't want a closed back in your collection, the LCD X is presently also on sale. yikes ..
  11. lentoviolento
    i ordered mine today... i was in trance when i did the order. my finger was disconnected from my brain
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  12. pwjazz
    Yup, what you describe is almost exactly what I expected. I'll chalk it up to my amp :)

  13. inmytaxi
    Actually I think the Valhalla is supposed to be a good match for the HD650, not so good for the LCD 2c due to imp issues.

    And there is a step in between you may have overlooked (on purpose?) ... I've been looking at the Lyr2 and a step above the Vali2 but I just don't see how I could get better sound than I have! Seriously, Jason himself said the Magni/Modi stack is all we need, except if you want tubes then Vali/Modi so there it is ...
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2018
  14. inmytaxi
    I feel that for acoustic bass the LCD 2c feels slightly ... slight. I was comparing to a Grado RS-2e (the wooden model, maybe it was the power of suggestion) some cello music and the Grado seemed to reproduce the resonance of the instrument much better.
  15. Voxata
    2C isn't for everyone. It's musical though and I may end up selling the 560 to a friend for the pure fact I've another set of detailed cans and the 2C is good for those relaxing listening sessions.
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