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Audeze LCD-2C Classic - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 7, 2017.
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  1. franz12
    I don't understand why they still can't fix this driver failure issue.
  2. Mkoll
    What is the warranty period on these? Can't find any obvious info on their site.
  3. givemetacos
    That's a good point, it used to be 3 years and transferable to second hand owners. There isn't anything I could find on the product page that specifies the conditions for the LCD2C.
  4. gLer
    As we as I know it’s the same - 3 years, which resets in the event of a driver failure. So if your drivers fail on 3 years you get another three years from the date of repair. In fact even if they fail out of warranty and you have to pay for a replacement, you then get a 3 year warranty from that date. That’s not bad at all I would say - considering you also get a free upgrade to the latest version of the drivers at the time of repair. Not quite the same as ZMF’s lifetime warranty, but that’s not transferable.
  5. givemetacos
    Yeah 3 years transferable would be great, but it is strange that it isn't listed anywhere. Still, driver failures are always a bit worrisome. I know for LCD-2F the cost was $450 for driver repair out of warranty. As used LCD-2s go for around that same price it usually doesn't make sense to get the repair done.
  6. gLer
    I would say it does because your used LCD-2s could fail and then you’re out double the money. At least after repair you essentially have a “new” pair of LCDs under full warranty.
  7. MusicalParadise
    They’re a side step in the sense they’re a completely different type of sound. They have superior bass texture to the HD650 but they don’t have the treble refinement and mid range, vocal detail and emotion of the HD650. They’re both equally as resolving, I give the edge in detail to the HD650. They’re good compliments to each other.

    Really enjoying my 2Cs this is what the 2016 model should’ve been.
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  8. TokenGesture
    What do the LCD3s get you for more than double the money compared to the Cs?
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  9. weta
    I’m pretty new to all this, definitely not an audiophile but I do enjoy a decent set of speakers / headphones. Received mine a few days ago at vast expense here in NZ by the time I paid freight and tax, I wanted to listen to them for a few days before saying anything. Definitely not what I expected!! I thought they'd blow my mind but they do sound nice, I'm enjoying the amount of detail I'm getting from them, if that's the right word. Hearing things in my music I didn't hear before. Not too harsh treble which is great, decent bottom end but not overwhelming amounts of bass, as I said sounds nice. My HD600 really sound quite warm and mellow by comparison. I'm running them off a Bifrost (SD not multibit) and a Lyr 2. Changing the tubes for Mullard 6DJ8 I think it was, warmed the amp up with the HD600 but doesn't seem to have with the LCD as much. Does any of this make sense? As I say I'm not really versed in audiophile matters, when I was young I was the guy you'd hate with a car full of subs :)
  10. gLer
    Probably an extra 10-15% refinement (depending on your sources) and a slightly different sound signature. For some people that’s worth $1000+. For others not so much.
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  11. BB 808
    Kia Ora @weta. No hate for the subs, you would have been welcome to hang out with our "Hawaiian Cruisers" gang. Thanks for the HD600 comparison as I have the similar HD6XX.
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  12. lentoviolento
    do you guys think that it is worth having both atticus and lcd2c??
  13. MusicalParadise
    Theyre different so yes. Atticus is more impactful while the 2C is laid back.
  14. lentoviolento
    I have also fidelio x2hr that is easy to listen, with good treble extension and more laidback. i had an lcd2f and x2 is not so far behind lcd2f. i hope atticus will suit me :)
  15. bgbkt
    How the sound sig is different between 3 and 2C.
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