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Audeze LCD-24 LIMITED EDITION - now including impressions and comparisons

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by alexzogh, Sep 6, 2019.
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  1. metal571
    lol no. This goes way beyond amp and DAC differences. I tried them on my 789, an ifi Pro iCan, and the wonderful Hugo 2. Same result.
  2. alexzogh

    Just ignore the haters - honest reviews are more important than ever in our world of "sponsored" content.

    What I've found is our hearing is very subjective. A decent short article here: https://sound-au.com/articles/sound-illusion.htm - PM me if you would like some more scientific articles like this one: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/11/091125134655.htm . There are a group of people that have the same preferences as you, and those are the people you are doing reviews for. As a headphone buyer, I try and find reviewers that have had the same experiences I've had with different units, as I'm likely to agree with them when they review future headphones. If you start to pull your punches, or worse, or stop throwing them, it hurts all of us.

    I was contacted by a headphone manufacturer that I compared in this review to ask me to "clarify" - ie, "soften" my opinion. Not interested.

    One thing I was thinking about doing in the future was describing myself and the limits to my hearing, which would give the reader some context for my opinions.

    For example - I'm in my 40's which means I'm well past my "prime" hearing days. When I play a frequency sweep, like this one on tidal: https://tidal.com/browse/track/94976108 , I can't really hear anything above 16k. Since I'm a musician on the side, I get my ears checked regularly, which gives me a very good picture of my sensitivities to frequencies and SPL. The last thing I should mention is despite all of that, according to my audiologist, I'm am still well above average in my hearing. Likely because I'm an ex submariner and used to spend a lot of time in the sonar shack which is a great training ground for aural acuity.
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  3. metal571
    I tend to shy away from working with companies as much as possible because of stuff like that, but both ZMF and Audeze in particular have been very easy to work with. I always tell them my terms up front, and before these companies approached me for review I already knew I liked many of their models in the first place, but obviously not all of them. The minute any company tells me what I can and can't say is the minute I will never accept a review unit from them again. Honesty is the only way I get anything out of being a reviewer in the first place. I actively refuse to use affiliate links because they also cause an inherent mental bias towards wanting to "push" product. My purpose isn't to make money - it's to help people make informed purchase decisions. But given the pace at which I review, it seems a better use of my time to highlight the good than making a string of negative reviews.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2019
  4. mixman
    I see this thread is about dead. I wonder if Audeze is taking some of that feedback from the field as well as from reviewers like Metal and re-tuning these headphones? Ideally I would prefer somewhat neutral, leaning to a warm, not dark, tuning with great resolution, with the excellent bass impact and detail of the 4/4z. Am I asking too much here?
  5. metal571
    No idea. I give them a lot of honest feedback behind the scenes, but it's up to them whether they implement it in R&D.
  6. mixman
    Can we get a 4/4z with a better tonal balance? Was hoping the 24 was that but I guess not!
  7. metal571
    LCD4 detail, slam, and stage with the tuning and weight of LCD1 please
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  8. borrego
    Sure! The upcoming LCD-41 will be sold for $6,995 for limited time before returning to normal price of $7,650.
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  9. mixman
    Good luck with that..... I think there is a better chance at getting an LCD 5 with an even tonal balance, than drastically reduced weight. With that weight reduction will probably come bass reduction and maybe even sound reduction.....that’s the LCD 1. LOL!
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  10. ajreynol
    I'm going to have to make a phone call, then. I love my LCD-4's, but after a couple of years now of the weight...as my daily drivers (several hours/day)...I need to shed some grams or change brands. I'd prefer the former and if they can fit my 4 into a Z shell, that'll do.

    Side note: I had 4z's for a week while my 4's were in getting the pads replaced and I agree with your impressions completely. The sound stage was claustrophobic and the treble was often etched and sibilant in the most unexpected of places (random songs, NPC voices in games). The LCD-4 is just demonstrably better in those areas to my more sensitive ears. I wanted to love the 4z's for the reduced weight and flexibility (but mostly the reduced weight). In the end, though, the sibilance and huge loss in sound stage were too much for me to accept. Back they went.

    For the price...well if your ears aren't as sensitive to the occasionally sharp/painful highs and don't mind a sound stage that resembles what struck me as a close, flat wall (depth and texture weren't really there on my rig at all)...I think the ability to drive them off a phone + retention of the general sound signature and bass impact of the LCD-4 + significantly reduced weight makes for a good checklist of selling points. But definitely not for me.

    If Audeze can't do a transplant of my cans into a magnesium chassis, I'll probably have to sell them and see if something like the Abyss Diana V2 can give me a similar experience (at less than half the weight).
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  11. mixman
    Well I didn't find the 4Z sibilant or etched.....hell I still found them too dark. Then I guess I really should stay away from the 4 then! I find the soundstage loss that you mention a little more troubling. But honestly for the main reason you mention, the weight plus the hard to drive nature make the 4 a total non starter for me......Which is why I am here on the 24 thread hoping this headphone was the solution from Audeze. Seems like I am getting more no than yes answers to that.
  12. ajreynol
    Yea the sibilance was really only on a few audio tracks and some NPCs in some specific games. That became a big issue for me because those were the games I play the most so....yea that made it a bit of a deal-breaker. Doesn't matter how good something is in most cases if in your specific case it's a bad experience, you know?

    But generally it was the small, flat sound stage that was the bigger deal-breaker for me. I guess something had to be sacrificed to get those drivers to operate at such a low impedance while retaining all the darkness and warmth expected of the 4-series products. But it was too much sacrifice there for me. I would have preferred a higher impedance if it would have loosened the sound stage up a bit.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2019
  13. metal571
    I haven't compared them side by side but even though it's not the same FR, I'd be willing to wager that the LCD-X might actually out resolve the 4Z. Seriously not a fan of that thing. And to my ears the 24 is even more etched than the 4Z. Like most companies, some models are hits and some really aren't at all. I'm trying to review the LCD2CB right now but it keeps causing my neck to ache, which is the first Audeze to trigger that. Must be something about the way the weight is distributed, but yeah I totally hear you in terms of weight issues here now.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2019
  14. mixman
    Is the 24 etched in the upper midrange or more so the the upper treble freq?
  15. metal571
    What upper treble? lol that thing sounded really dead up there to me. There's a lot of etch in the mid treble peak it has though
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