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Audeze LCD-2 revision 2 Headphones: shipping to CONUS included

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  1. Timestretch
    For Sale
    Reopening this posting: I had made this listing last year when I thought I might suddenly absolutely need extra money, and at the last minute I was relieved to find that I did not need to sell the headphones and money wasn't a problem. Now however, I own a different set of headphones which I prefer to these, so it is finally time to actually sell these, not out of need but out of plain redundancy. The photos are from the first time I posted these - nothing's changed, but I'd be happy to post new pictures if you'd prefer that.
    EDIT: Reduced price after I looked up what a used LCD2 actually seems to go for. 
    Hi all, I am selling my Audeze LCD 2 revision 2 headphones.  
    big plastic heavy duty flight case to keep headphones safe, the one you can get from Audeze when you buy the headphones new
    Original cable (might be a bit loose/defective - it never held connectivity very well)
    New, Canare cable (I think a little superior, definitely thicker and hardier than the original cable: http://www.charlestoncablecompany.com/audeze.html)  
    Audeze LCD 2.2 headphones
    Wood care kit (came with the headphones when they were new I believe)  
    Unfortunately, as hard as I try to find the Audeze frequency response chart I am really at a loss. I know it was included when I bought them but it eludes me now. I have lost the original Audeze frequency response graph, so it's not included in the sale. Since I think this is a fun & useful document, I am charging a bit less for this sale than I otherwise would have, which is reflected in the listing's attractive price.  
    I originally bought this from a user named B0unce on this posting: http://www.head-fi.org/t/638551/burson-ha-160
    Condition is as you would expect. They have received a lot of use but never abuse. They have always been kept on a stand, never dropped, and I've taken care of them. I don't see any new scratches or anything like that, and the adjustable cup height relative to the headband, metal notch things, works perfectly and holds position properly. 
    $600 gets you all of this. I can take this to the local UPS or USPS store pretty quickly to get it shipped.  If you are in the continental USA I will pay for shipping myself. If you are not in the USA, we will discuss in PM how to handle shipping fees. 
    Please let me know if you have any questions. Hopefully this is an exciting sale!
  2. Cheeseman808
    PM Sent! :) Very interested.
  3. Timestretch
    Headphones sold. For real this time, too.  
    Thanks for all offers and requests for information. 
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