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Audeze LCD-2 rev. 2 Bamboo, Schiit Mjolnir AMP and Schiit Gungnir DAC - *MINT*

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  1. swich401
    For Sale
    Hello everyone, 
    I'm selling an almost brand new Audeze LCD-2 rev. 2 (less than 2 months old!) which is in perfect condition, and a Schiit Mjolnir/Gungnir stack, all in mint condition.
    The LCD-2's have less than 100 hours on them.
    The Gungnir has only the BNC and optical inputs. USB input can be added from Schiit for $100 if you install yourself, or $150 if you get them to install it (if you absolutely need the USB instead of just using optical).
    Included in this add:
    Audeze LCD-2 rev. 2 bamboo
    - Ruggedized LCD-2 Travel Case 
    - ADZ6 - Single Ended 1/4” Cable (2.5 meters length)
    Audeze Balanced Cable (2.5 meters length) - Re-terminated to two 3pin XLR connectors - Works perfect with the Mjolnir!
    - 1/4" to 1/8" adapter
    - Wood Care Kit
    - LCD-2 Frequency Response Graph
    - Warranty/Registration Documentation
    Schiit Gungnir (non-USB version)
    Schiit Mjolnir
    Pyst Balanced Interconnect Cables
    All of this for only $old! Gives you a full set-up matched to the amazing LCD-2's.
    Buyer pays shipping + Paypal fees (or use EMT or Paypal Gift to avoid paypal fees)
    Thanks for looking.
Thread Status:
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