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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. Skylab Contributor
    I was a Magenpan guy for many years, starting with the SMG and ending with the 1.6, which I sold when I bought my big B&W's, feeling that the Maggies weren't terribly kid-friendly.  The B&W's are so good I have never looked back, but they were 10 times the price of the Maggies, which are an incredible bargain IMO.  I have been loving the new breed of planar orthos because I do think it provides a touch of that Maggie magic.
  2. Frank I
    I had the Revel F30 a 3700.00 speaker that I lived with for 9 years. I sold it and decided to try the Maggie MMG figuring I would upgrade to the 1.7 and my jaw dropped. I never heard a speaker so real that completely disappeared. It IMO with the Sub outperformed the Genesis V I was owned and sold because I never thought they were musical. The Maggie sound IMO is the best bag for buck speaker anywhere. I still have not ventured out to listen to the 1.7 because I am so happy with the sound of the MMG with the sub I see no reason to upgrade them. They are so open and in my room a perfect match in my 20.5 L X13.5W. I play them on the short wall and they are so three D and disappear. If the LCD2 can even come close to that sound then its a real treat. I find the T1 so transparent that I cannot imagine better but I look forward to getting the LCD2 for the comparison.
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  3. Jian
    Let's get back on track, shall we?[​IMG]
  4. Frank I


  5. AmanGeorge Contributor
    These are outstanding headphones without a doubt. Have had mine for a few days now, and as I've settled into the sound, these have astounded me. In many ways, they are the the best or among the best headphones I have had the privilege of hearing:
    -Dynamics (when these swing, they really swing)
    -Bass extension (I'm hearing bass lines I've never noticed before in many songs)
    -Bass detail, impact and decay
    -Midrange inner detail (Everything just sounds so right in the mids! I never miss anything!)
    -Imaging (Easily on par with the HD800. They're not as wide open as the Senns, lacking that huge headstage, but the pinpoint accuracy of the imaging is breathtaking)
    The standard line that people keep repeating - that these simply get out of the way of the music - is spot on. I can't think of a better way of saying it myself.
    My only slight nit is that they are a little on the dark side of things and don't always have the "sparkle" that I've gotten accustomed to - I've always been on the K701/HD800 side of things, and haven't enjoyed 'phones like the HD650 that sound to me overly warm. In this case, however, the LCD-2 really isn't missing any detail, it's just a little less emphasized than on the headphones I'm used to, and the warmer balance doesn't seem to be coming at the price of midrange recession (on the contrary it has a very forward midrange). Over the course of a few days, my ears have adjusted, and I don't really miss emphasized treble anymore - I'm really appreciating what these things can do. Thanks Sankar and Alex - you've really made a statement product that will be a fixture in this community for years to come.
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  6. AmanGeorge Contributor
    Man.... drums really sound like... drums....
    It's the little things

  7. Quote:

    Its posts like these that make me less patient as every day goes by.  AmanGeorge, I see in your sig a Rethm tube amp.  Wasn't able to find any info on it online, not on Rethm's website or anything (they make some amazing looking speakers!)  What's the deal with those, how do they pair with the LCD-2?
  8. AmanGeorge Contributor


    Hey- it's the only one that exists right now (Rethm is my father's company). It's a transformer-coupled SET amplifier with a choke-regulated power supply... sounds great to my ears, lots of power to spare (I'm at ~8 or 8:15 on the volume knob) with the Audez'e, but I don't have other amps in house to compare.

  9. Quote:

    Edit- off topic.  PM'ed  
  10. AmanGeorge Contributor


    PM-ing you - don't want to do too much posting on the subject in my "pseudo-commercial" role as an audio manufacturer's son....
  11. FauDrei


    Eh, if voltage swing would be the only thing that matter in driving headphones...
  12. Currawong Contributor
    It's definitely worth remembering that the volume position only relates to the gain setting on the amp, not the amount of power it has. [​IMG]
  13. AmanGeorge Contributor
    Fair point. Amp has plenty of gain, and to my ears the combo sounds very good - I'm using a dedicated low-impedance tap and don't feel like I'm missing anything in terms of bass depth or control, imaging, etc. relative to what I've heard at meets.
  14. oqvist
    The sheer size of the LCD-2 means I need more headphone stands... the one on my cockpit used to be able to host three. But due to the metal on the LCD-2 I can´t even have the ED 8 side by side with it. It doesn´t fit the SA5000 headphone stand at all either.
    Except for a good looking not to expensive stand I would want a stand that doesn´t press down on the padding so much. The headphones are so heavy it get quite compressed by the headphones weight.
  15. AmanGeorge Contributor
    Yeah, in an ideal world I guess you'd have a stand where some of the effort of keeping the LCD-2's up would come from the clamping of the earpads rather than letting gravity push on the headband padding. Might have to be a custom job though...
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