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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. exhale
    The Rooms ones are incredibly classy and might fit the all around wooden motif i have at my desk... thank you for the recommendations!
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
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  2. exhale
    In the end, i went for the AudioQuest Perch. Made this decision based on the fact that this stand seems to be the one which keeps the headphones the farthest from the main metal hinge and it's plenty high so the cable won't be making a mess. Price wise, it was the same as with the WooAudio i was recommended or several of the Rooms ones. Eagerly waiting for its arrival. Cheers!
  3. DavidA
    I know you settled on you headphone stand but if you are ever in the market again for a headphone stand some ideas for you.
    In the fore ground:
    Luxa2 from Amazon, added leather covered closed cell foam padding on top

    back ground: used a cheap camera tripod with a 1/8 section of 10" PVC covered with leather
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  4. ucan
    I just use materials that I have lying around: a couple of clips and some yoga mat material attaches my LCD-2 to the window sill in my music area (image 2 and 3). For my Nightowls and Nighthawks, I used some old bed legs, a piece of oak flooring, and some yoga mat (plus a cat thing that I found) (image 1). Total cost = nothing at all. Appearance? Works for me... IMG_20181207_095231.jpg IMG_20181207_094404.jpg IMG_20181207_094442.jpg
  5. exhale
    IMG_0174.JPG All the stands look gorgeous, thanks for posting guys! But the second i placed the headphones on the Perch, i knew it was meant to be mine :)))
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  6. Lohb
    Surprising its the same driver !
    Yes, the C and CB are exceptionally easy to drive. Have a small balanced amp on the way putting out 440mWatts per channel that should bring a decent and full sound for the price.
    I guess the "1.5 watts per channel" often quoted is headroom for the older models.
  7. blackdragon87
    @ ucan, nice cable on the lcd2. really like the colour of it
  8. ucan
    "@ ucan, nice cable on the lcd2. really like the colour of it"

    ...Custom Cans (UK). Price about $100 CDN. including shipping (after VAT deducted). Length = 1.5 meters.
  9. DefectiveAudioComponent

    I just never found a reason to upgrade these ( at the time, there was no other upgrade from Audeze, as this was the upgrade from the LCD-1 ).
    They still have that organic mids sound, with the deep bass and sparkly highs. (although it is not exactly the same set that I got initially, due to the exceptional audeze service a few parts were upgraded many years ago.).

    There are no shortcuts to the perfect sound. But this is it.
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  10. Lohb
    One seller in USA still had the 2.2 pre-fazors box fresh till about a year ago or so.
    Regret selling my 2.1s, 2C I had earlier this year a close second, but needed 2CB for practical reasons though the treble a bit more raised than the mellow 2.1/2.2 and 2Cs top-end.
  11. MDR30
    I agree, a very competent headphone. My LCD2 started to age, so I fixed the pads and the wood rings in this thread:

  12. DefectiveAudioComponent
    Looking closer at mine, I noticed that it was time for a wood treatment (but I am running out of it now). It's looking as new now. I did not notice any of that wear on the wood rings that you had on yours. I also got new ear pads some year(s) ago (the original pads have a much denser dust protector, making me think that they also were used to tune the sound, making them a bit darker sounding). I still have the old pads though, so I should fix them up as well. (Where did you buy that leather care that you used on yours? It is probably time to apply some of that.)

  13. MDR30
  14. DefectiveAudioComponent
    I think I'll buy that then.

    It seems that my LCD-2 is not quite as new after all, the wood seems to be darker and more red/gold than it was initially. Also, it appears that the newer LCD:s have a more polished finish. But I think that I prefer the finish of these older LCDs.
  15. ayobreezie
    How do the LCD-2F 2018 compare to the DT 1990 Pro/Focal Elex; have the DT 1990 Pro's.. looking to either compliment or replace the DT 1990's with a more relaxed set of cans for listening sessions/gaming. About 80% listening/20% gaming.

    Already have K7XX and HD58X, so if I get rid of the 1990's, I still have gaming cans.

    DAC - Geshelli Labs Enog2 Pro
    Amp - Massdrop x THX AAA 789
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2018
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