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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. DavidA
    Just had a listen between my DT-990 premium and LCD-2f, at first it sounds like the DT-990 has more bass but doesn't go as low as the LCD-2, more like a mid/upper bass emphasis than the low rumble of the LCD-2, this is dependent on the music on where the bass frequency is on that particular song.  I have some modded Grado's that with some songs seem like they have more bass than the LCD-2 [​IMG]
  2. retskrad
    Oh well, its awesome that mid-fi cans still compete with the top of the line. I think the price does change your perception of a headphone.
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  3. marcan
    Yes the LCD2 doesn't have any coloration in the bass, it's just flat straight to the bottom.
    Lots of hps can't go as low but they compensate with a bump before the fall of the bass roll off. Moreover, being unable to reproduce very low frequencies they create harmonic distortions above those low frequencies.
    So the LCD2 is just perfectly accurate in the bass. If you want more bass, you can modify them with a warm amp/dac or by eq. 
  4. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Interesting thing I discovered listening last night to my LCD 2. It is amazing in the bass department, but there is a missing section in the sub bass. When I owned the HE 560 there was this one song from Phutureprimitive's album Kinetic called Ripple Effect. ​It is hard to describe, but there is this repeating bass effect, very short, but it repeats at least 10-15 times in the song so you can clearly experience it many times. So when I first listened to the song and heard the bass effect, it actually was kind of creepy. The effect was in the sub bass region and it sounded like a footstep behind you, and above. I am not joking, as it repeated itself I couldn't stop myself from turning around as that was an automatic reaction, that is how real the effect was, I really couldn't not turn to look.
    Eventually after listening to the song so often it lost the conditioned effect, but I could always hear the effect, I believe even my TH 600 and the 400i could reproduce it, but not as well as the HE 560, it was uncanny. Last night with the LCD 2F on the same rig it was missing, I couldn't hear it at all, maybe the very faintest flutter. So that suggest that the sub bass performance of the HE 560 is even deeper still, which is not surprising as the 560 is quite an accomplished headphone. That aside, I can already tell I like the LCD 2 quite a bit, and I think it is just the cable that is the problem. After starting out last night dead in the left again, after tapping and wiggling the cable gently at the left connector the sound came on and stayed on for a solid hour session so I did get to experience the signature. Very nice, although I did cut about 3db away at 3000hz which was better to my ears. I do find some areas in the midrange slightly fatiguing, but that might also go away after adjusting to the signature.
  5. bavinck
    I agree, I find the 560 to have deeper subbass extension too. 
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  6. marcan
    Even compare to the LCD2.2?
  7. crossfire
    is there a comparison between the 2016 lcd-2s with the lcd-3s? i've been looking at reviews and comparisons but they are using the old versions (i.e innerfidelity). don't really want to go through 500+ pages, hopefully there are some comparisons in this thread..
  8. retskrad
    When I was a meet, I felt the LCD-3F had more sparkle at the highest freqs but still kind of retains the dark signature of the audeze sound, but people there said it has "rougher" treble than without fazors if it makes sense. It's at most 10%-15% difference between my lcd-2 and 3, if you are generous. Its subjective if you like it or not.
    I feel after midfi headphones, the top ones are just flavours. Some prefer the hd800, some lcd-2 for its dark sound, and some want to pay double the price for more treble and potentially more midrange clarity on the lcd-3. 
    Remember, this is all just subjective, and you decide if the money is worth it.
  9. Sonic Defender Contributor
    The LCD 2F is very good. My faulty cable (I think it is just the cable) has been behaving and I have had a few solid hours really listening to the LCD 2F and it is pretty damn good. As was said by retskrad, it is just preferences at this level of sound quality and the absolute differences in technical ability between the LCD 3 and 2 will be very small. It will come down to tuning preferences. If money is tight and to get the 3 you would need to take on debt and pay compound interest I wouldn't do it, I would get the 2 and enjoy it. It is very good indeed. Last night when I was listening late at night when the house was quiet I was really, really impressed with what I was hearing. If the extra money isn't an issue then get the 3 as I'm quite sure it is also a very well done signature. Two great choices, one first world problem.
  10. crossfire
    money isn't really an issue but for an $1000 more for the LCD3s, it is a bit steep if it's only a little improvement from the LCD2. i wish there was a service like lumoid in canada so I can try with my own setup.
  11. DavidA
    While I haven't tried the new versions of the 2 & 3, I've listened to the original fazors of both and came away very un-impressed with the LCD-3f, for double the price it was better but to me it was maybe $2-300 more value, and to get the improvement your audio chain will have to able to take advantage of the LCD-3's better technical ability.
  12. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Bummer, but not surprising at the same time. Did you get the e-mail with the link mate?
  13. Ampeezy
    I did try the latest revisions of the LCD-2F and 3F but only with the Chord Hugo. Caveat here is that there was no additional amplification but the Hugo should not be terrible when talking bout power, ~350mw/300mw in the LCD-2 and 3 respectively. In that setup, the LCD-3 was not significantly better than the LCD-2. Sure it was a bit more detailed, but nothing that would make me want to spend the extra $1000. Who knows what might happen with proper amplification though so there is that..
    On another note how long does it take Audeze to repair headphones once they actually receive them?
  14. DivergeUnify
    I think the 3 is a solid step up
    More fleshed out midrange, better textured and detailed bass, and more resolving overall
    Not worth $1000 more, but LCD3s go for $1350 used, which is $600 more than a new LCD2
  15. DavidA

    Got the email, love the music and I'm very impressed with the Ypsilon driver, it goes almost as low as the HE-560 and makes the LCD-2f seem bass lite.  I know that sounds like I have too much to drink but I can see why the others are really hyped about the Ypsilon driver, there was one guy who used the housing from a LCD-3 and made a custom mount to use the Ypsilon driver and said he was very impressed: http://www.head-fi.org/t/793136/grado-modders-go-ypsilon-elleven-acoustica-drivers-and-builds-thread/255#post_12666254.
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