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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. Floss99
    Hi everyone, I currently own the ZMF Blackwood, and the LCD-2F is often compared to the omni, and the omni is often called a "better LCD-2". Has anyone had the chance to compare the LCD-2 to the Blackwood's?
  2. Floss99
    Also, I'm considering upgrading from the blackwoods to the omni as well (basically upgrading to either the omni or the LCD-2's) and wanted to know if the LCD-2's sounded technically superior to the omni, especially considering the lower distortion. Do they sound "cleaner"? Also, how is the bass impact in comparison, as well as the seperation? Thanks!
  3. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I should have known it was too good to be true. Now when I look at the UPS tracking online it shows my LCD 2 being in Chicago. I have to assume the entry showing it here in Ottawa was a mistake. That was cruel UPS, not nice. How that happened is beyond me. Oh well, looks like Monday for arrival is back in play.
  4. DavidA

    feel sorry for you bud [​IMG]
  5. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Thanks, but real first world problem I guess. It is funny as the entry for Ottawa is still there and it shows the path as from the US, arriving in Canada and now back into the US! I'm sure it was just a tracking error, but really weird nonetheless. You never known, I might get very lucky and receive the parcel Friday, but Monday is more realistic. Cheers.
  6. quan61092
    About the pre fazor and post fazor, i ask one of dealers in my city (and he is a highend headphone user, too) he said that post fazor have better bass extend, bass detail, better soundstage than the pre fazor [​IMG] I havent heard the post fazor yet, but i still love my pre fazor LCD2 :D
  7. mwhals

    I have the same question.
  8. JBal4
    Just got a bamboo LCD2f , first thing impression was how strange that isolation was. It is like a closed can the way that is fully seals with the leather pads. Second thought was holy crap these pads are HUGE! It feels like Im wearing a helmet, thick padding that wraps all the way around. The weight is going to take some getting used to, have not been using heavy cans in a while and the quad hasn't been running in months so no helmet use either lol.

    So the sound... not really what I expected. This is what pains me about researching audio, it is so freaking subjective. One person hears a set of cans as ridiculously dark, and another hears the same set as neutral with bass emphasis, and a third says they are bass cannons. Ever since I started reading threads on head-fi I have always been drawn to the Audeze line. The style combine with what I had read about the sound seemed like the LCD-2 was my end game. Now that I got a pair I am very impressed but in different ways than I thought. The sound is much more neutral than I had expected after hearing so much talk about the dark sound sig. The bass has outstanding quality but I was expecting a bit more quantity. Mids are right on par with what I hoped for, AMAZING. The treble has more presence than I thought it would, but coming from my T90 this treble is quite calm. There is a nice balance of detail and smoothness across the spectrum. The isolation helps to minimize distractions from outside noise, this is the only set of cans that are fully open and offer some isolation I have heard. The soundstage is much better than I anticipated.

    I am waiting for the solid state amp I ordered to arrive so the majority of listening done so far has been
    Laptop(alac/flac) ==> Pangea(usb) ==> Onkyo Tx-Sr502(rca) ==> LCD-2(stock cable)
    Tv ==> Tx-sr502(optical) ==> LCD-2

    EDIT: sorry meant lcd 2 with fazor(not a second rev of fazor, i dont know if such even exists)
  9. Floss99
    Is the bass as impactful/visceral as you expected? I assume this is the new 2016 revision of the LCD2.2f...
  10. quan61092
    I've used the T90 before, believe me, when you find the right DAC, you will accept that LCD2 is not a dark headphone [​IMG]
  11. Sonic Defender Contributor
    He or she is saying that they find the LCD 2 not dark, but neutral, which is different from what they were expecting. I'm hoping for at least a little dark relative to my TH 600 as I want the different signature. Looking forward to some rich mids personally.
  12. fiascogarcia
    I have found the same thing, much more neutral than I would have expected going in.  Not a big believer in huge changes using different cable, but I did notice a significant difference in the tightening of bass and treble enhancement using a Toxic Cables SW22.
  13. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Damn, just confirmed with UPS that my LCD 2 won't arrive until Monday despite only being about 6 hours away from my location.
  14. TexasBuck

    We are hearing things very similarly.  Mine are 2016 LCD-2F.  I've had them for 3 months.  After about 30 hours of use, I found they are surprisingly neutral.  The bass is very full and satisfying but not overly emphasized.  The treble has sparkle but never harsh.  The mids are still very present in the mix. 
    The LCD-2F's are much more detailed and revealing than I was expecting.  Very fun to listen to.  I have had a couple pairs of neutral phones that I found boring.  The LCD-2F's are definitely not that.  I suspect I will have these for a long time unless I decided to go with LCD-XC at some point. (Just to get some isolation)
  15. Chris W Lee
    What is the opinion on the new revision? I bought a pair of BNIB LCD2F that were originally purchased by another member here on 3-3-16. I opened them they were brand new and they had a crack in the wood so I contacted Audeze and got them RMA'd but I did take the chance to listen to them for a couple days so I knew what those sounded like.... they were amazing so much better than my ZMF Omni's in my opinion. I just got the replacement set and they sound awful in comparison to the other pair. I was told I had an older driver and the one sent back is the newest driver. Just wonder other peoples opinion on this. Maybe they need to have some time to open up, not really sure. Audeze has offered to rma them again to verify nothing is wrong but I've only had the headphones maybe 4 days since I bought them while being gone to Audeze for a week and in shipment for three weeks. I don't want to waste Audeze's time if it is something that will resolve itself or if there might be something that Audeze really needs to look at to fix. The LCD-2F I now have seem muffled and vocals seem dim. I'm going to go home and listen to them again for another couple of hours but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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