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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. DavidA
    If you consider price I would take a woody SR-225e (plus dynamat, sorbothan and felt mods) or SennGrado over LCD-2, EL8 or HD-650.  I've never heard a t50rp but did get to hear the Alpha Dog and Prime which are modded t50rp unless I'm mistaken, they are not even close to a woody SR-225e which has faster tighter bass, goes just as low, mids like a HD-650 and the highs that get close to a HD-800/T1.  It doesn't have the sound stage of the HD-800/T1 and isn't quite as clean or resolving but at $275 its a much better bargain IMO.
  2. exsomnis
    Well, with headphones, the levels I listen at for long periods aren't quite that loud. I would say about as loud as a hotel lounge band plays or a wedding band maybe. Loud enough to definitely not be able to hear anything around me very well or at all. 
    At low levels I find that the LCD 2 and 3 really don't distinguish themselves all that much.
    Retail is $995, the LCD 2 is in a different league altogether... It would make more sense to compare it to the HE-560 and T1, with the reduced price the T1 now goes for. 
    Even with those and the HD800, I still choose the LCD 2 every time. 
    The EL8 at $700 is also not in the same ballpark as any sub $500 set of cans...seriously, and I've heard the cans worth listening to under $500, they just do not compare.....
  3. WilCox Contributor
    Suggest sending it back to Audeze for repair to make sure the fix is done correctly.  Be sure to ask them to not change the driver elements since early versions of the LCD2 are in high demand,
  4. cocolinho
    off topic: 2016 EL-8 open worth USD500 to me
  5. DavidA

    Your choice of the LCD-2 over the HE-560, T1 and HD-800 is the sound that you prefer, no one can argue with that.
    As for price, it doesn't mean that a $1000 will sound better than a $300 one, it comes down to what the individual likes.  Hope you get to try a good SennGrado or Ypsilon driver in a wood cup, it will show what is possible and that cost is not the only important factor in the sound quality.  I think there are a few headphones in the $500 range that better the EL8 and LCD-2, my HD-700, RS2e and modded HD-650 are all slightly better to my ears, I own all of these headphones so it doesn't make sense to favor one over the other but over time I just don't use the EL8 and LCD-2 as much as other headphones that I own.  Even my SR-009 doesn't get used much, the headphones with the most use are HD-650, HD-700, HE-560, Ypsilon Driver in walnut wood cup and SRH-1840.
  6. quan61092
    thank you for noticing my post :D i'm worry that my LCD2 is out of warranty and shipping from my country cost alot :frowning2: (i've mailed the Audeze support and waiting for answer though) Should i use a pair of pincers and try to plug it back in?
  7. WilCox Contributor
    I would wait until Audeze responds before trying to repair.  They likely have seen this before and may have a suggested fix that can be done without sending your LCD2 back to them.
  8. quan61092
    I've search (google, youtube...) and found out that not only me got this problem, much ppl got it too (especially comes along with cracked wood, mine doesnt have cracked wood problem) :) My LCD2 still serve good, but i'm.... kinda OCD :frowning2: and find it really hard to stand :frowning2:
    Thank you so much for answer my question ^^
    // I've found the authorized dealer of Audeze in my country, luckily they're very close to me. Can authorized dealer fix, or they should/have/must send back to Audeze? (i'm talking about the term, agreement, deal between company and authorized dealer, not about technical :D )
  9. DaemonSire
    Do you have a link to the SR225e mods you mentioned?
  10. marcan
    Mines have the mini xlr that get out of the plug easily if I pull the cable. While it can sometimes get out unexpectedly I see it more as a savior for my lcd. I would damage them the few time I stand up with the cable stuck somewhere under my foot, the table, ....
  11. marcan
    Nah, I'm in love with planar :)
  12. k4rstar
    Sure, whatever you want to call it they seem to have what I'm looking for that is different. I will certainly by auditioning them before I buy but I'm more concerned about long-term comfort which can't be derived from a short audition.
  13. Ampeezy
    I think the HD650 is a great phone but i wouldn't consider it a side grade. Some folks really dig the Hd650 though so I see where they're coming from
  14. Russian1
    Well, guys, I've just joined the club! 
    I mean I bought LCD-2 today.
    Non-Fazor, used, produced in 2012. But in perfect condition. 
    So far it seems that they're exactly what I wanted - a different sound signature in addition to my dearly loved HE-560, and to TH-600, and to PM-3 and some others. 
  15. Alchemist007
    Well hotel lounge is more reasonable. I'm not saying the LCDs don't sound different with different gear, I prefer the Ember over the O2 for most of what I listen to (not all though). What I was saying was the O2 definitely doesn't lack in power, I've never gone past 1 o'clock. It more comes down to what music I'm listening to when choosing which amp, rather than one lacking in power.
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