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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. narcispy
    I'm getting my LCD2's in the mail today.  So excited!
  2. mwhals
    Still deciding between the LCD-2 and LCD-3.
  3. sludgeogre
    Unless you're mixing and mastering, just go with the 2.
  4. torpedorag
    nice shedua man! I also got mine from the black friday sale last year.

    Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  5. RollinHard843

    Thanks man! Beautiful headphones, amazing sound, and thats coming from a big Grado fan. I love the detail these headphones deliver.

    I got a Deckard last week after demoing it in a store. Man...it made a huge difference. I figured the headphones werent showing all they could do with a Vali 2.
  6. torpedorag
    It definetly scales well with good source gear. I never thought it could sound any better with the iDSD alone but when I got my Burson Soloist SL, I was like "yes it could sound better".
    I have an Alessandro MS1i and it ain't got nothin' on the LCD-2 lol. 
  7. DavidA

    Vali2 is not exactly a good pairing with the LCD2, a little under powered IMO, but for Grado, pretty nice.
  8. wildwood88
    Hey guys, is lyr 1+bifrost non multibit good combo for lcd2.2 non fazor? Would like to pair then with pc, but what kind of cable should I buy to connect? am totally lost here....anyone help?
  9. DavidA

    Should be a pretty good match and I wouldn't worry about the cable, stock cable should do just fine.  Might want to find tubes that are detailed and extended, telefunken CCa or reflectors would be my suggestions.
  10. thefitz
    That's my exact rig. You won't turn the volume past half.

    I don't believe, nor have I found evidence, that cables that aren't extremely long have any, let alone positive, impact on sound. Triple that assertion for digital cables like USB.

    But, of course, the counter argument is "I believe my ears and I hear a difference", and since we're all unique butterflies that's okay.

    My advice is use stock cables, imagine a change you want to hear in the sound, and drop $1000 on cables. Doesn't matter which. You'll hear whatever difference you wanted to hear.
  11. narcispy
    I got my LCD2's in the mail yesterday and I'm pairing it with my Vali 1.0 and Modi 1.0 which is the only amp/dac I currently own.  Am I really driving these things to their full potential?  To me the bass seems a bit lacking compared to my other cans I own (although those are closed and easier to drive).  Do these sound better with a tube or solid state?
  12. obsidyen
    Is it new?..
  13. obzilla
    SS in my opinion. LCD2s are plenty lush and laid back enough without the help from tubes (not to say all tube amps are dark, but many are). I would keep life simple and get an Asgard 2 or a Deckard. 
  14. narcispy
    Used but manufacture date of early 2016 so it's a relatively new Fazor.  
  15. exsomnis
    Either is fine and depends on whether you prefer a more resolving sound (SS) or a warmer, euphonic sound (tubes), though high end tube amps tend to be just as resolving as SS.
    What is even more important is that you feed the LCD 2s betwen 1-4W at 70 ohms. The Vali outputs around 500mW or 0.5W or so into 70 ohms - this explains why there isn't as much body to the sound. So yes, you're not driving them to their full potential. 
    If you're staying with Schiit, the Lyr 2 and above will drive them nicely. Else, the usual amp recommendations apply - as long as you keep in the 1-4W range at 70 ohms.
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