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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. thefitz
    Heh. I might start trolling a little bit, giving a percentage increase to how much more or less "holographic" the sound is during gear changes. "These new pads made the sound about 14% more holographic.
    Anyway, I'm going to use the EL-8 balanced through Pono, and the LCD-2.2 through my amp. Can't wait!!
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  2. meringo
    Thanks for the quick answer. So there is no news of any other changes? I didn't mean that in the sense of a new wood option, but more of is this new finish a sign of another incremental upgrade. It doesn't appear to be. 
  3. sludgeogre
    They never publicize what changes they make between versions. The only way you can tell is if any of the specs change, but then you don't even know why. Some people have called Audeze to ask, but they list a couple of things and not anything really specific, so who knows.
    All I know is that I have preferred their sound changes over time and I think they are absolutely improving over time.
  4. Monsterzero
    Funny stuff bro,very true too
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  5. ravid350
    From what I read here on the forum all LCD2's manufactured post Nov 15 received the driver upgrades.
    Audeze offered shedua cups for a short period of time when they ran out of bamboo cups in the past. Adorama seems to have aluminium cups on offer. Seems these cups offerings are purely based on availability of bamboo cups.
  6. PinkyPowers
    My Audeze is considered one of the worst of the bunch, LCD-2.2 Fazor from Nov 2014, and to my ears, it's simply breathtaking. I don't think they make anything other than exquisite products.
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  7. ph58
    I have no complain with mine from December 2015 , i don't know it is 2.2 or 2.3 Fazor .
  8. jodgey4
    A lot of the bad reputation for the EL-8 comes from the first batches that were sent out, I'm told the newer EL-8's are much much better. The Sine is apparently kick-butt too... I'd love to see some of the latest Fazor graphs put up. Unless there was a driver change, I don't think these would be "2.3"s - there's been constant revision. But it's still the same driver as the 2.2.
  9. Ampeezy
    Treble rough and harsh? damn I might say that for the older fazor models but my 2016 revision i just awesome with treble...very well extended with no obvious roughness, unless of course the song itself is badly mastered which are few and far between imo. Resolution on my pair is stellar, and i have heard my friend's HD650 so i honestly dont know what you're talking about. You must have a special set of ears really, otherwise you need to send your pair in for replacement.
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  10. meringo

    Welcome to headfi. Congrats on your 9th post!

    I don't know if that's so clear cut.. When I test drove in store, I didn't see them being noticeably inferior in any way.
  11. DavidA
    I don't perceive any roughened in the highs of my LCD-2, to me its smoother than my HD-650's.  Can you give an example of song that will show the roughness?  If might just be what I listen to that could be masking the roughness.
  12. marcan
    Yes LCD2 is not really legendary for his roughness but rather for is smoothness.
    So maybe it comes from source/dac/amp. Do you have enough power? It might make it anemic.
  13. Ampeezy
  14. sludgeogre
    This just isn't true at all. Look at the FR graphs and really listen, the treble is recessed compared to many headphones in this price class. If we were talking about the LCD-3 or 4 there is a bunch of talk about peakyness in the 6-10 kHz range, but the LCD-2 doesn't show this at all, and I certainly don't hear it at all.
    The LCD-2 is the smoothest headphone I've ever heard. You want to talk about harsh treble, compare the LCD-2 to a Grado. I own a 325is and there is a night and day difference between them. The Grado has some bitey attack and tone, but it really can be harsh as hell and will bother my tinnitus after a while. I've never, ever had that issue with my LCD-2. If there was roughness in the treble, my head would hurt.
    Look at Tyll's measurements for comparison. Treble is down below the bass and mids throughout the FR. This is what I hear as well. There is a raise at the 6-10 kHz range, but it doesn't come above the mids at all.
  15. sludgeogre
    I was just using the graph as a point of reference for what I am hearing. I understand that the graph must be taken with a grain of salt and can only be compared to other measurements by Tyll. The rough areas also depend on what smoothing and compensation they used, as well as the microphone and measurement head. Obviously the LCD-2 FR graphs that come from Audeze are absurdly smoothed, so much so that I didn't even care to get one from them.
    If you go back through this forum you won't find a lot of people calling the LCD-2 rough in the treble. It is a very perplexing stance to me.
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