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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. Ampeezy
    just dont call someone an idiot...state your opinion as well, is what he's saying, not as to whether or not the cables actually make a difference.
  2. CanadianMaestro
    I agree, this is no place for insults. How someone chooses to spend their cash is nobody's business but their's.
  3. sludgeogre
    People can measure very very small differences sometimes. This argument assumes, though, that we know how to measure all sonic differences between materials, but we don't. There are certainly differences we cannot measure. Not all of science is know, or can be known, so it bothers me with all of the objectivists that constantly cry foul of subjective claims when they know they can't measure everything (not that this is you).
    My cable looks better, is far more durable, and I think it sounds better, so it's worth it to me.
  4. Koolpep

    Yep, I have plenty of aftermarket cables - none was purchased to increase the sound quality.
    But some stock cables are: 
    - too long
    - single ended when I need balanced
    - smell nasty
    - are rubbery 
    - too heavy
    and whatnot. So for me it's purely from an aesthetic and usability viewpoint. And I think some companies (looking at you Audeze) packing a cable that is not nice at all (for the price tag). Take a look at the Oppo PM-1 or PM-2 cable. Much better.
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  5. sludgeogre
    Yep, I never bought a cable just to get better SQ either. My Audeze cable was falling apart after a year and it was too long and rubbery to begin with.
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  6. floppiness

    Yeah, I've decided to stick with the stock cable. 
  7. chesebert
    Got my LCD2 back from service (original driver from LCD2.1.5 (2010-2011) failed). The new driver (Fazor 2016 revision) is better than the original driver in almost everyway. Mid range magic and bass slam are all there (bass is actually better with more sub bass texture and clarity). The downside is the new driver does not sound as intimate as the old. In that regard, the new driver is not as forgiving of badly recorded materials as the old.  Someone should compare the latest LCD2 driver with the original LCD3. I suspect the new LCD2 will best the old LCD3 in many areas.
    My amp is B22 and source is Linn Klimax DS. I would pair the new driver with analog-voiced sources. The MSB analog and Playback Designs dacs are good choices along with the Linn.
  8. Ampeezy
    have to agree...Michael mercer does compare the fazor LCD-2 to the OG lcd-3 and says they are very very similar. I like everything Fazor brings, less forgiving and all its the right step towards neutrality while retaining enough of the Audeze magic. Best of both worlds tbh.
    EDIT: re-reading the post Mercer actually essentially says Fazor lcd-2 is better then the original LCD-3 so hey there, bang on "almost-prediction" lol
  9. Lohb

    That is interesting that this new 2016 revision outdoes the low-end on the original 2.1 which I have.
    (Is the new revision a 2.3F or a 2.4F in terms of incremental changes ?) ...It helps when people are talking at impressions of various models across the LCD-2.
  10. CanadianMaestro
    Given the variations that can occur within a given model, I shall take these observations with a grain of salt. But time will tell whether this holds up consistently.
  11. Sort
    I have no impressions to offer - just that my pair will be arriving next weekend or so. These are pure indulgence - almost over the top, but I don't indulge in anything but music. These will be my work phones, where the more laid back sound while keeping slam and detail should be greatly appreciated.
    And unlike most headphones, the first listen should be delicious out of box. Only the hd650 gave me the magic first taste of, "That is so smooth..." on the first listen. Then comes the real pleasure of moving into a deeper understanding of the cans....
  12. CanadianMaestro
    For me, it's a deeper understanding of the music. Not the cans. [​IMG]
  13. bavinck
    This was uncalled for. Don't demean the guy for sharing his excitement with us. For most of us half the fun of this hobby is the gear, nothing unusual or wrong about that.
  14. PinkyPowers
    For once I agree with bavinick. There's a lot of fun to be had researching and exploring new gear, and especially listening to it. For me it was the gateway into finding some of my absolute favorite artists.

    Right now I'm basking in Creedence Clearwater Revival, a group I would never have found without the hobby.
  15. chesebert

    You may be disappointed. The new LCD2 is not laid back like hd650 anymore.
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