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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. sludgeogre
    Those certainly look like awesome cables and the price is great. Nice find.
  2. Lohb
    @PETEREK also worth a mention for cables.
  3. floppiness
    It tangles really easy...at least the one I have does. It's sounds fine. I heard a silver might improve the sq? I'm pretty new so I'm just wondering
  4. Lohb

    Members who have been on here a while tend to side-step the cable material effect on the sound presentation...it's a hot debate topic.
  5. mkarikom
    Before you spend big bucks, read what Tyll Herstens has to say here, keeping in mind that he has golden ears, decades of experience and at least a $30k testing rig.
  6. obsidyen
    If you want to waste your hard-earned money, yeah sure, go and buy some cables. I mean you won't hear any difference but some idiot will tell you there's a difference. YOLO right?..
  7. x RELIC x Contributor

    Not cool. A difference of opinion is all that it is.
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  8. Alchemist007
    Hmm if the difference really is a placebo effect and is all in your mind and not actually physically there, does it count as better sound? [​IMG] 
  9. x RELIC x Contributor

    A question for the Sound Science forum, not the LCD-2 thread.
  10. Alchemist007
    Is science shunned up here? I don't think it was cool of that other guy to call anyone an idiot but there is actual evidence (such as the link with Tyll) backing up that argument. Someone asked if getting a wire was worth it for sound quality, there's clearly two sides to that, one side of the argument is subjective while the other has numbers.
  11. x RELIC x Contributor

    It's a topic that is not relevant to the LCD-2, and more than likely will get heated with varied opinions. There are threads about cable differences specifically which would be more appropriate and fruitful to the question you posted is all.


    Edit: Yes it may be relevant if asking how the cable sounds with the LCD, but the general question asked is more geared toward the science of cables making audible changes, which is off topic.
  12. DavidA
    Not picking on you but some threads have been locked by the moderators if they remain off topic, the HD-600 thread was getting off topic so the moderator gave warnings
  13. Alchemist007
    Fair enough. I suppose all points have been made; all that's left is research for interested parties.
  14. CanadianMaestro
    Amping makes the biggest difference for LCD-2. Not cabling. A well-engineered HP (or electronic component) should not need cabling to enahnce its sound profile. imo.
  15. obsidyen

    Well, maybe. However, some people exaggerate the imaginary improvements so much that they cause people to waste their money. I would feel bad if floppiness spent his money in that way, instead of getting a better dac/amp or headphones. 99% of the time, reputable audio companies include high quality cables in the package. I would only understand buying a new cable if the stock one is too short/long for you.
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