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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. DWbirdseye
    Well that's debatable, I judge my 2 Fs to offer at least twice the listening pleasure. If interested, check Adorama from time to time as you can find incredible deals. I got mine for a 25% discount in late November.
  2. PinkyPowers
    I also consider my LCD-2.2 Fazor a significant step up from the HD600. The Sennheiser sound like superb headphones, headphones I love, whereas the Audeze have an otherworldly quality. They don't sound like headphones at all, but pure audio, unadulterated by notions of tech or equipment.
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  3. fiascogarcia
    Get mine on Monday, but I don't think I will ever sell my HD600's. [​IMG]
  4. axtran
    I think I'm in for a real surprise, considering the past decade I've been one and only with some Audio-Technica ATH-AD2000's. Can't wait to see what this Audeze "house sound" is like!
  5. DivergeUnify
    Diminishing returns is the name of high end audio lol

    I don't find the HD650s anywhere near as enjoyable as LCD2s however
  6. mysticstryk

    I agree, the only thing I like better about the hd650 is the mids. Overall the LCD-2 is the better headphone to me.
  7. Music Path
    Agreed, though several say that the HD650 is overall better. Mostly because they like smoothness or less HP weight. What i admire the most about the LCD2F is the speed which really helps getting some "air" out of fast passed music. With the 650 or other dynamics the sound gets congested ( unless you have like super fast dynamic like T1 or HD800/S ). 
  8. sludgeogre
    Totally agree. I love technical death metal and nothing I've ever heard does it better than my LCD-2F, for me. Many people in the headphones for metal forum will say otherwise.
  9. Bonobo Loco
    The primary headphone I've been using for the last 4 years or so is the HD650 and I tested out the LCD2 and LCD3 recently in a shop using a $4500 MacIntosh amp. My impression of the LCD2 is that it's technically very good and yet I found it somehow... boring is I guess the best way to put it. Nothing about the experience grabbed me. It's not a headphone that makes me want to keep listening. The LCD3 was better but for the price I expected to fall in love and I didn't. I think they're very good but also overhyped.
  10. Music Path

    Yes, i luckly got the lcd2f at cheaper price, because otherwhise it would be quite expensive. Heard that the lcd3f is like a 15% increase compared to the lcd2f, so its a bit overpriced.
    The price/quality ratio of the 650 is very dificult to beat nowadays, so thats why many may think that 650 is overall better buy still.
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  11. kernel8888
    Has anyone been crazy enough to remove the fazor from their drivers and observe the differences and subbass extension? I don't have the lcd-2 right now, but when I had it last and removed the pads it looked like the fazor element could be removed easily without damaging the drivers, and possibly reattached using some adhesive.
    Could be a really bad idea, or a really good idea (lcd-2c & 2f in one?) :)
  12. Music Path
    For that it would be better to get a non-fazer version. I think the extension goes lower but the fazors are more precise and have more air, as i see and read around.  
  13. rs0cal
    I love my lcd 2f January 2016 build . After coming from the obnoxious build quality of the el-8open , Hifiman 400i, sennheiser momentums , and fidelio x2 ...I have found my endgame . Especially on an O2 amp on a budget , it still surpasses every expectation I have . The lcd 2's are the type of headphones that you want to replay every music in your collection . It's that good imho
  14. lvince95

    Sounds nice! And don't worry about the amp, the O2 powers the lcd2 just fine and quite well in fact. Audeze recommends people to use 1W-4W because they want people to use good amps with the lcd2. You don't need that much power especially with the fazors.
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  15. Lohb

    It is a new driver as well as Fazor....it would only probably affect the imaging, not the sub-bass...based on the DIY Fazor being fitted on an extended low-end 2.1 and not affecting the sub-bass but improving the imaging.
    You'd invalidate your warranty if you punctured the planar during removal by accident.
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