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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. auvgeek
    Yes, exactly. I don't have the headband as small as possible, but it's comfortable for my headsize. I'll try to tighten it up, though, and see if I can't get it to work without hurting my ears, etc. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. scizzro
    Have any of you guys been to a headphone meet before? Do the gear owners use any type of sanitary pad cover? Trying to figure out if I'm just being paranoid [​IMG]
  3. DeadEars
    Good etiquette is to bathe and clean your ears before attending a meet.  But if you're concerned, keep some sanitary wipes at your listening station.
    Have fun!
  4. austinfett
    Hey this screw on the side of the little black box where the yoke rods are... Can I tighten the rods with it? It's so small. Anyway, my left phone keeps dropping down a notch.
  5. abcd
    I use a tech deck tool to tighten those screws. They work perfectly as they're the exact size, although I doubt anyone has tech deck tools lying around. Also all the other screws on the lcd-2s can tighten with a tech deck tool. But to answer your question: no you can't tighten rods with it
  6. Lethe
    Hi everyone!
    I'm really REALLY late to the party here, but I'm very interested in the LCD-2 because I'm searching for a smooth, warm-sounding and somewhat laid back headphone as a step up from my Denon D5000, and many impressions here seem to point towards the LCDs.
    I found out that there have been quite a few revisions of the LCD-2, however the reviews/impression posts don't exactly clarify if it's the latest version sometimes so it's a bit difficult for me to find out more user impressions of the current version.
    Also, @ $999 how does the LCD-2 stack up against the LCD-3? Is it worth paying 2x more for the flagship? I have a Magni 2 amp, does anyone know if it pairs well with the LCD-2? Also, has anyone compared the El-8 vs. the LCD-2? 
    thank you
  7. HPiper
    Your Magni 2 is going to struggle with the LCD2. It will sound good but it is going to have to work hard to do so.You might find the sound a bit labored on some of the more dynamic content. It is one of those things that will sound fine to start but at some point down the line don't be surprised to find yourself thinking, "If I only had a little more power". The Lyr 2 is going to start looking better and better.
  8. linglingjr
    Don't fall victim to the EL8 hype!  
    I would recommend upgrading your amp now and then saving and getting the LCD-2s later.  I don't know if your D5000 will benefit from a more powerful amp, but it will make the upgrade so much more rewarding.  
    The current fazor version is a bit closer to neutral and has a better soundstage/imaging than the pre fazor which is darker and has the "signature audeze sound" as people say.  The best thing you can do is audition both models and see what you prefer but I know that's not possible for everyone.  
  9. Madeupword
    Folks, was there a citrus scent when you unbox your LCD-2f?
  10. BattousaiX26
    LCD 2-F will give you better soundstage and imaging while retaining the so called "Audeze sound". It is brighter than the older revisions but I would still not call it bright headphone. For me the LCD 2-F sounds like the LCD - 3 without fazor so just get LCD 2-F and use your remaining budget to get a better amp synergy.
  11. linglingjr
    Also you can get both pre fazor or fazor lcd-2s used for way less than $999 if you look in the b/s/t.
  12. sling5s

    With the LCD-2F (fazor), Magni 2 is more than enough. Even the Vali drives it fine.  The Fazor really makes a lot of difference.  The Lyr 2 will give you more bottom end bass but the Vali and Magni will give you more mid bass punch. But the LCD-2 will be fine. 
  13. PacoTaco
    What this guy said. The Fazor makes it so you could drive it off a phone if you wanted to (though I don't recommend...I believe the resistance of the headphones is too high for a phone.) The Magni 2 is just fine, but more power always helps.
    Also, when someone says "synergy" they're mostly meaning how well an amp's coloration does with a headphone's sound. It's not a humongous OMG difference, but hobby is about getting out that last 5% out of a headphone sometimes. You never want to spend more on a DAC and Amp combined then what the headphone is priced for. So my suggestion, if you want to keep a budget, is just keep the Magni 2.
    However, if you want to spend the exact amount as the headphone, Audeze is coming out with their Deckard amp and Audio-GD makes a NFB-28 that will do very well with it. The Lyr 2 + bifrost also does well.

  14. Lethe
    Thanks for the advice everyone! 
    I was wondering about that as well; on the Audeze website, it's recommended to have a 1-4W amp for driving the LCDs (non-X since that one is efficient), and the Magni 2 is 1.2W and there are quite a few posts on the Schiit threads from Magni 2 users that say that they can even drive 300 ohm Beyer Dynamic headphones properly.
    In terms of synergy, what amp would you guys recommend that's the most cost effective? I am on a budget but I'm also curious.
    Also, does anyone here have a first hand comparison of the LCD-2F vs. similarly priced or less expensive planars with a sound sig that's similar: warm-ish, slightly laidback and smooooooooooth[​IMG]? Asking because I want to know which headphones I'll want to focus on hunting down to get an audition session with in the future as not all hifi stores carry all brands (also, can't go to meets). 
    Thank you!
  15. PacoTaco
    If you want a headphone similar to the LCD 2 (but not quite, as it does its own thing while remaining very smooth,) the HE400i is awesome. If you go ebay, Razordog Audio sells them for $395 as B-stocks from immediate returns with no damages or he used them at meets to display them. Most of them don't even have the plastic off them. That'll save you some more money to upgrade a DAC and Amp for it. If you go on Audio-Gd's website, they have a amp/dac combo called the NFB-15 that will do really well with it. It's $250 before shipping and conversion rates: http://audio-gd.com/Pro/Headphoneamp/NFB1532/NFB15.32EN.htm
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