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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. oqvist
    Haven´t posted in here for a while. But the LCD-2 still at this day continue to surprise me.
    Today I watched Inception. Source oppo BD83se downmixing the DTS 5.1 audio stream to the stereo outputs. I normally use my 5.1 setup for watching movies but I have disconnected the FR Speaker outputs and use the stock LCD-2 cable on it. However I watched the movie using my tube amp and then kept my speaker amp going to get a signal to my buttkicker LFE.  I don´t know why but with speakers disconnected all the other channels got muted? I still got slight sound from the center and surround but on whisper level so didn´t really interferr any with the headphones. My LFE worked better then ever in this configuration.
    It was simple put like listening to speakers.  Soundstaging is not on par but on the Ref9 I got it on a level where it doesn´t annoy me. It´s cohesive and steady at least and just on a higher level sonically over my speakers. As for the bass the LCD-2 doesn´t need much help but in combination with the LFE it does run circles around my speaker system unaided.
    Also spend a lot of time using the LCD-2 on my speaker taps. The RX-V663 is surprisingly tubey sounding. A bit exaggerated decay and mid range is pushed back a bit but very easy listening. No sense that the LCD-2 has any need for all that power though. Another plus for the LCD-2 in my book.
  2. PascalT
    My LCD-2s shipped... yay! :) Pre-ordered around Nov. 20th.
  3. Jimmy-Jack

    Consider yourself lucky!
    I pre-ordered on the 14th of November and have still heard nothing... I know they've got the order; when placing it I requested confirmation, which I received almost immediately.
    A couple weeks ago I sent an e-mail asking that a balanced cable be added and again requested that they confirm having received the updated order, but have thus far received no response.
    Is this really only a two-man operation? I can't imagine two guys doing all the assembly, packaging, shipping and order-taking while also trying to answer the phones and e-mails.
  4. SP Wild
    I built a 4 pin XLR to TRS adaptor cable of 60 cm in length out of CAT6 solid core copper cabling.  I don't believe in short adapters that lets the weight of 2 XLR (4 XLRs when using 3 pin) connectors pull against the amplifiers TRS jack.  A good length so I can coil it and place it on the desk, hence placing zero strain or load on the TRS jack.
    This is so I can check that TigzStudios's Norse Audio cable for functionality. 
    Well it works...that's a good thing.
    The best thing about this cable is that, even though I have bottlenecked Trevors workmaship (special solder, special UPOCC etc) with almost a metre of crappy computer cable with left over solder from cheap learn electronic kits.  It sounds...WOW.
    This is my first ever aftermarket headphone cable and I did not know how it could possibly "improve" the sound...but it does.  For me it is very noticeable.
    Compared to stock, the Norse Audio cable has a wider soundstage, more stable and precise imaging with better precision and separation.  Treble is smoother, cleaner and more precise, midrange is more fleshed out - instrument tone seems more realistic with the fleshed out mid range.  Bass goes lower and sounds tighter and cleaner.  At the moment...including the CAT6 in the way...I can't say that the tonal balance gets tipped up more towards the treble...it actually is tipped a little lower towards greater tone and bass precision...however the treble is still clearly superior.
    The stock cable now sounds a little grained, compressed in dynamics and soundstage.  Separation and imaging is more vague with the standard cable.  There is no way I will ever go back to the standard cable.  I can't wait to get a balanced amp so I don't have to have a cheap cable bottlenecking the unique OCC cable and finally hear the full potential of this cable.  I think this OCC copper thing is the real deal.
    Ergonomics is fantastic...the shorter mini XLRs are indespensible...I can look tilt my head down without the connector digging into me.  The OCC braids are about as pliable as the stock cable, however it feels like its lighter, because when you move around and the cable is dragging across your clothes there is no rubber and netting to grab on and add to the perceived weight.  The cable is smooth as silk and glides along clothing with zero microphonics.  I really cannot ask for more...this is a major bargain IMHO.
  5. SP Wild
    Enjoy this read from Srajaen's best of 2010.  His sentiments echo what I and few others here have been saying, and got blasted for, in the main LCD2 thread...learning from that experience, I thought I would post it here.
  6. grokit
    Thanks SP, that 6moons article looks like a good read. The thing that caught my eye immediately in it (besides the great Audeze/ALO shot) was the line in the first part of the third paragraph, "ALAC additions from the iTunes store"; I was under the impression that was impossible? Sorry to sidetrack once again.
  7. voodoohao
    I heard the LCD2s off a Leben CS300X amp and a generic Panasonic CD player as the source when I went to a friend's house, and holy crap I was floored. The mids are really so good it's indescribable, and all those raving reviews out there are not hype. Listened to Dido's Thank you and it really sounded as if she was right beside me. Got the 'oh my god' feeling straight when I heard them... I haven't heard any high end cans from other companies so I don't have a actual basis of comparison but the LCD2s are really something else. And they are now my next target just have to find them used, new ones cost a bomb :frowning2:
  8. BebopMcJiggy
    Just so you are aware, at least while there is still a month + waiting list, there is something like a 0% discount for used LCD2s :O
  9. voodoohao
    yeah aware of that from the searches I've done on the forums :frowning2: This sucks, in my country It's probably will be marked up like hell the pricing now is around $1300 usd
  10. leesure
    Just bought a pair from the F/S forum and should have them next week...I CANNOT WAIT.
  11. flohmann
    Yes, I pre-ordered on Nov. 11 and still have heard nothing, even after asking for an ETA at the end of December. I submitted a new order on Jan. 21, assuming they'd lost my earlier order. Based on this thread, maybe there's still hope for my Nov. 11 request. 
  12. XXII Contributor
    I (and a few others) preordered at the end of November/beginning of december and we have already received the headphones. I guess your order fell through the cracks. You should email Audeze saying this. Try email Sankar instead of Alex, I think he's better with emails.
  13. DefectiveAudioComponent
    I have had quite a few friends over over the months since I got the LCD-2. They all wanted to hear what an $1K headphone sound like.
    Fortunately for me, all of them instantly loved the sound. None of them have really good headphones at home though.
    Some have been very reluctant to take them off.
    I think part of it is that these do not have the usual "hi-fi" brightness, but are instead full bodied but still detailed and airy.
  14. flohmann
    Looks like my Nov. order did fall through the cracks, but Alex saw this thread, fixed it, and they're on their way. Excellent service and a testament to their attention to the Head-fi community. 
  15. Hero Kid
    So they do read these threads on here?
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